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Not yet included are Burnley St Andrew, Clitheroe, & Padiham.  The information is drawn from volumes of the Lancashire Parish Register Society transcripts, inspection of registers and microfilms at Lancashire County Record Office and the International Genealogical Index (IGI), which covers marriages but not burials.

BE WARNED!   This listing is not complete because many of the parish register transcripts go only to 1812.  The IGI sometimes indexes up to 1837, when general registration began, but in cases where it goes beyond 1837 I have included entries up to 1850.  The IGI is on average only 50% complete for England.  Even for registers that have been indexed, the IGI does not necessarily cover all time periods for which the registers exist.  In some cases the IGI is based on the bishops' transcripts not on the original register.  Cover for Blackburn St. Mary is particularly poor in the IGI.  In a few cases I have gone beyond 1850 where the records came readily to hand but after this period it is best to consult the General Registration Office index, where some Thornber entries are shown elsewhere on this site.

This table is intended to be only a signpost to further research. In particular, there may be missing entries for Thornber brides as my earliest work concentrated on the marriages of Thornber grooms. The table includes some entries from Tony Foster's listing of Blackburn St. Mary marriages in the 18th century as indicated by the initials GAF (George Anthony Foster).  Entries for Blackburn have also been checked on a website covering events from 1786 to 1812 at Blackburn St. Mary but the site is no longer available. However, there is now the Lancashire Online Parish Clerk site

Entries have been abstracted from the South Blackburn Marriage Index, 1837 to 1851, prepared by Melvyn Hirst, 1999 and available at the Lancashire County Record Office. Merle Thornber in Australia has kindly provided me with the Thornber records abstracted from LDS films #1278807 and 1278808 covering Blackburn St. Mary from 1789 to 1854 and for St. Pauls in Blackburn from 1854 to 1900. For these Merle provided full details of the witnesses. The records were identified initially using the Rev. Rishton's manuscript index which shows only surnames and years and then located in the appropriate year on the film of the register.

Thornborough variants are included here because of the frequent confusion of between the variants in different documents for the Blackburn area. It is known that in some cases the same family were noted under both variants. For example James Ellison Thornborough, marrying in 1827, is probably the son of James Thornber and Mary Ellison marrying in 1789.

Items abstracted from Boyd's Marriage Index for Lancashire, which gives only the year, are noted with the abbreviation Boyd. These normally give an abbreviated Christian name. Some marriages after 1850 have been culled from Vital Records Index, which does not always give the name of the church or chapel but they can be checked against the Registration records on Free BMD.

Marriages are sorted by place then by date but you can use the "find on this page" facility in Netscape, Firefox or Internet Explorer to find Christian names of interest. Note that an "x" between Christian and surname indicates that the person made their mark instead of signing their name in the register; such records come from my examination of the original register or film. Other abbreviations are otc. for of this chapelry and spr. for spinster. Where I have examined the original records, marriages are by banns unless stated to be by licence.


Thornber Spouse Place Date
John Thornber (check again possibly James) Margaret Pilkington Altham St. James 1832 08 19
Joshua Thornber, tailor, son of James of Clayton le Moors. Ann Sanderson, steam loom weaver, dau. of Richard, (deceased) farmer Altham St. James 1842 07 04
Margaret Thornber, of Burton in Thornton, Yks, dau. Edward, husbandman William Fryers, miner, Altham, son of William, husbandman Altham St. James 1847 03 01
John Thornber servant, Clayton le Moors, son of John, HL weaver Mary Dixon, winder in factory, dau. of John Dixon, tailor Altham St. James 1849 02 04
Priscilla Thornber, 27, sp, weaver, dau. John, shoemaker, deceased John Hargreaves, 26, bach, weaver of Barrowford, s. John, by licence, by AFS Studdy, itpo Richard Greenbank & Elizabeth Dyson. Barrowford, St. Thomas 1882 12 25
Margaret Jane Thornber, 19, dau. of John Thornber Herbert Brown, 21, son of John Brown (Vital Records Index, no place of worship given) Barrowford 1899 12 23
William Thornber Alice Banks Bispham with Norbreck 1831 12 13
Ann Thornber John Leakland Blackburn St. Mary 1762 04 28
Anthony Thornber Margaret Carter (licence) Blackburn St. Mary (GAF) 1762 05 20
George Thornber Ann Ward (licence) Blackburn St. Mary (GAF) 1778 06 11
Mary Thornber Richard Townley Blackburn St. Mary 1784 02 04
William Thornber, weaver of this parish Mary x Ellison, spinster of this parish Blackburn St. Mary 1789 08 17
Richard x Thornber, printer of this parish Rebecca x Vickers, spinster of this parish Blackburn St. Mary 1790 05 24
Thomas x Thornber, weaver of this parish Martha x Murray, spinster otp, itpo: John Ainsworth & John Margerison, by Banns by Thos: Exton, assist curate Blackburn St. Mary 1790 07 26
Thomas x Thornber, callico printer of this parish Alice x Casson, spinster of this parish (possibly Gregson) Blackburn St. Mary 1790 10 11
Joseph x Thornber, printer of the parish. of Blackburn Elizabeth x Berry, spinster of this parish Blackburn St. Mary 1792 10 01
Nancy x Thornber, spinster of this parish John Townley, calico printer of this parish Blackburn St. Mary 1795 04 21
Jane Thornber, spinster of Blackburn William Parke, warper of Blackburn Blackburn St. Mary 1800 09 03
Margaret x Thornborough (she signed as Thornber) of this parish James x Sailsbury, weaver of the parish of Blackburn Blackburn St. Mary 1801 02 09
Joseph Thornborough, widower (he signed as Thornber) of this parish Betty x Bradley, spinster of this parish Blackburn St. Mary 1807 06 29
Betty x Thornbury, spinster of Blackburn Thomas x Leaver, bachelor of this parish Blackburn St. Mary 1810 01 29
Richard Thornborough, wheelwright, bach. He signed name as Thornber Alice Yates, spr. Blackburn St. Mary 1813 02 08
Jane x Thornborough, spinster Ralph Fish, weaver Blackburn St. Mary 1813 04 11
Alice x Thornborough, spinster Joseph Bass, calendar workman, bachelor Blackburn St. Mary 1815 07 17
Thomas x Thornburrough, labourer, bach Nancy x Wright, spinster Blackburn St. Mary 1817 08 17
Alice x Thornborough, spinster James Watkinson, nailmaker, bachelor Blackburn St. Mary 1821 12 18
John Thornber, spinner, widower Anne x Snape, spinster Blackburn St. Mary 1823 07 09
Hannah Thornborough, spinster James x Mangam, cotton spinner, bach. Blackburn St. Mary 1823 12 05
Mary x Thornborough, spinster Edward x Yates, weaver, bachelor Blackburn St. Mary 1824 02 17
Livinia x Thornber, spinster James Abbott, weaver, bachelor Blackburn St. Mary 1824 11 08
Mary x Thornber, spinster John Almond, weaver, bachelor Blackburn St. Mary 1824 11 22
John x Thornber, confectioner, bachelor Elisabeth x Shorrock, spinster Blackburn St. Mary 1825 01 01
Alice x Thornborough, widow John Kay, mason, widower Blackburn St. Mary 1825 05 02
James Ellison x Thornborough, confectioner, bachelor Martha x Sargent, spinster Blackburn St. Mary 1827 09 23
Thomas x Thornber, carter, widower Alice x Barnes, widow Blackburn St. Mary 1828 03 10
Mary x Thornber, spinster John Almond, husbandman, bachelor Blackburn St. Mary 1831 02 15
Agnes x Thornber, spinster Joseph x McNeese, bachelor Blackburn St. Mary 1832 04 22
Joseph Thornber, cotton spinner, bach Elizabeth x Prockter, spinster Blackburn St. Mary 1832 07 23
Thornborough (found only in the Rev. Rishton's index) Ainsworth Blackburn St. Mary 1832 08 ??
Adam Proctor Thornbor Mary Ainsworth Blackburn St. Mary 1833 09 25
John x Thornbro', weaver, bachelor Mary x Duerden, widow Blackburn St. Mary 1834 06 24
James Thornber, printer, bachelor Mary x Oddie, spinster Blackburn St. Mary 1835 01 26
Thomas x Thornbro', labourer, bachelor Mary x Nuttall, spinster Blackburn St. Mary 1835 04 20
William Thornbro Mary Fish Blackburn St. Mary 1835 12 07
Maria Thornbro John Ormerod Blackburn St. Mary 1836 01 25
Margaret Thornbro John Marsden Blackburn St. Mary 1836 06 27
Ann x Thornbro', spinster Thomas Duxbury, labourer, bachelor Blackburn St. Mary 1838 01 01
Jane x Thornber, spinster, dau. of Joseph Thornber Anthony x Hadwin, saddler, bachelor, son of Anthony Blackburn St. Mary 1838 10 29
Molly x Thornber, spinster, dau. of Joseph John Warren, weaver, widower, son of Robert Warren Blackburn St. Mary 1839 02 10
Mary x Thornbrough, widower, by licence, dau. of James Pearson John x Walkden, watchmaker, widower, son of Peter Blackburn St. Mary 1839 12 25
Hannah Thornber, dau. of William James Almond, son of Cuthbert Blackburn St. Mary 1840 01 28
Henry x Thornber, tailor, widower, son of Thomas Margaret x Stanley, widow, dau. of Wm. Hodskinson Blackburn St. Mary 1840 02 23
Alice x Thornber, spinster, dau of William Adam Jackson, cordwainer, bachelor, son of John Blackburn St. Mary 1840 05 25
Richard x Thornber, labourer, bachelor, son of Joseph Ann x Leaver, spinster dau. of Henry Blackburn St. Mary 1840 08 22
Anthony x Thornborrow, coal dealer, bach, son William Margaret x Ward, widow, dau. of Henry Wilkinson Blackburn St. Mary 1841 11 01
Alice x Thornborough, spinster, dau. of Anthony James x Ashton, weaver, bachelor, son of John Blackburn St. Mary 1841 11 01
James x Thornborrow, grinder, bach. son of William Rebecca x Hamer, spinster, dau. of Robert Blackburn St. Mary 1842 12 24
Richard x Thornborow, labourer, bach. son of William Margaret x Leaver, spinster, dau. of James Blackburn St. Mary 1844 08 03
Millicent x Parker Thornborough, spinster dau. of John James Kenyon, weaver, widower son of Thomas Blackburn St. Mary 1845 02 01
Ward x Thornborrow, warper, bachelor, son of William Mary x Almond, spinster, dau of Thomas Blackburn St. Mary 1845 07 07
William x Thornborough, labourer, bach. son of Anthony Ann x Cunliffe, widow, dau. of James Blackburn St. Mary 1846 07 02
Alice x Thornber, spinster, dau. of Richard John x Marsden, labourer, widower, son of Thomas Blackburn St. Mary 1847 01 01
Sarah x Thornber, spinster, dau. of John Joseph Jenkins, engineer, bachelor, son of Alexander Blackburn St. Mary 1848 07 05
Ellen x Thornber, spinster, dau. of John Thomas Rigby, engineer, bachelor, son of Thomas Blackburn St. Mary 1848 08 27
Rebecca x Thornber, spinster, dau of Thomas Robert Corby Jones Duckworth, webster, bachelor Blackburn St. Mary 1848 10 15
Ann x Thornber, spinster, dau of Anthony Robert x Grey, boatman, bachelor, son of Andrew Blackburn St. Mary 1848 12 23
Ann x Thornber, spinster, dau. of Ralph John Duxbury, weaver, bachelor, son of Ralph Blackburn St. Mary 1849 04 08
Sophia x Thornber, spinster, dau. of Richard John Entwistle, spinner, bachelor, son of Thomas Blackburn St. Mary 1850 05 20
Betty x Thornber, spinster, dau of Richard James Duxbury, labourer, widower, son of Thomas Blackburn St. Mary 1850 09 08
William Thornber, stone mason, widower, signs as Thorber, son of Richard Betty Hutchinson, spinster, dau. of William Hutchinson, By licence Blackburn St. Mary 1850 09 12
James x Thornber, weaver, bachelor, son of James Nancy x Yates, spinster, dau. of Joseph Blackburn St. Mary 1850 10 07
William x Thornber, spinner, bachelor, son of John Mary Ann x March, spinster, dau. of Edmund Blackburn St. Mary 1850 12 24
Ellen x Thornber, spinster, dau. of Thomas Thornber Anthony Green, warehouseman, bachelor, son of Richard Blackburn St. Mary 1851 02 07
Ruth x Thornber, spinster, dau of John Thornber Richard x Pickering, weaver, bachelor. Blackburn St. Mary 1851 10 25
David Thornber, printer, bachelor Mary Ann Parker, spinster. By certificate Blackburn St. Mary 1852 09 12
Willam Thornber, roller, bachelor Margaret Ellen x Walmesley, spinster Blackburn St. Mary 1852 10 15
Alice x Thornbro, spinster Thomas x Marsden, labourer, bachelor Blackburn St. Mary 1854 02 04
Jane x Thornber, spinster Thomas x Bennett, piecer, bachelor Blackburn St. Mary 1854 05 06
James x Thornber, brick-maker, bach. Elizabeth x Shackleton, spinster Blackburn St. Mary 1854 06 12.
Mary Thornber, 24, spr, Paul's St. dau of Ralph Thornber, Hay & stores (?) dealer John Haworth, 35, bach. farmer, Little Harwood, son of Dennis Haworth, farmer. Blackburn St. Paul 1859 02 10
Ellen Thornber, 23 (?) spr. weaver, St. Paul's St., dau. of Ralph Thornber, farmer Wm. Henry Sharples, 25, bach., joiner, New Park St., son of James K Sharples, joiner. Witnesses Ralph Thornber & Ann Hargreaves. Blackburn St. Paul 1862 03 02
Alice x Thornber, 21, spinster, weaver, St. Paul's St. dau. of Ralph Thornber, farmer William Henry Fielding, 21, bach., joiner, Whalley Range, son of Thomas Fielding, joiner Blackburn St. Paul 1865 06 03
Richard Ainsworth x Thornber, 22, bach., packer, Addison (?) St., son of Adam Proctor, shoemaker Martha x Hardwick (?) Yates, 28, spr., weaver, Frances Ann (?) St., dau. of Peter Yates, printer Blackburn St. Paul 1866 12 16
Matilda Thornbury, 50, widow, Portland St. Southport, dau. of William Arden, exciseman John Lucas, 59, widower, gentleman, Lower Bank, son of Lawrence Lucas, manufacturer of dye Blackburn St. Paul 1867 05 30
Margaret Thornber, dau. of Joseph Thornber, aged 24 James son of James Taylor, aged 25 (Vital Records Index) Blackburn St. Paul 1875 09 04
Virginia Thornber, 32, spinster, Barton St., dau. of David Thornber, printer, deceased. William Whittaker Walsh, 29, bach., iron founder, Montaugue St., son of William Walsh, iron founder Blackburn St. Paul 1885 10 22
Ralph Thornber, 21, bachelor, drawer of cotton twist, 21 St. Paul's St. son Ralph Thornber Ann Hargreaves, 20 yrs, spinster, Cotton Winder, 13 Eccles Street, Blackburn, dau. John Hargreaves, Spinner. Witn: Samuel Dickinson & Alice Thornber Blackburn James St. Chapel 1862 06 08
James Thornber, aged 25, son of William Thornber Emma Jane Hacking, 26, dau. of William Hacking Blackburn St. Thomas 1879 12 18
John Thornber, aged 28, son of Anthony Thornber Esther Yates, 30, dau. of William Yates. Blackburn, St. Thomas 1881 04 14
Mary Thornber, 19, dau. of Anthony Thornbeer Bernard Smith, 19, son of Thomas Smith Blackburn, St. Thomas 1882 09 06
John Thomas Thornber, aged 26, son of Richard Thornber Ann Bent, aged 23, daughter of James Herman Blackburn, St. Thomas 1886 07 31
Vincent Thornber Hannah Wood Bolton Le Moors 1812 04 07
Richard Thornber Nancy Welsby Bolton Le Moors 1825 09 11
Thomas Thornber Betty Booth Bolton Le Moors, St. Peter 1822 10 27
John Thornber Hannah Ramsden Bolton Le Moors, St. Peter 1825 07 04
Norman Thornber, 22, (father's name not given) Sarah Jane Yoxall, 22, dau. of Peter Yoxall (Vital Records Index, place of worship not stated) Brierfield 1880 12 25
Wilfred Ernest Thornber, 22, son of John Thornber Emma Wilkinson, 24, dau. of David Wilkinson (Vital Records Index, place of worship not stated) Brierfield 1893 03 28
Mary Ellen Thornber, 22, dau. of William Thornber Howarth Bullock, 22, son of Christopher Bullock Burnley St. James 1882 11 04
Margaret Ann Thornber, 21, dau. of Luke Thornber Robert Stell, 21, son of John Stell Burnley St. Matthew 1881 04 14
Robert Thornburre Ann Horrabyne Burnley St Peter 1587 02 24
Roberte Thornburre Jennet Armistead Burnley St Peter 1602 10 11
John Thornber of Worsthorn Annis Leaver, both of this parish Burnley St. Peter 1665 07 23
Michael Thornber Ann Horobin, by banns Burnley St. Peter 1679 06 08
Anne Thornber John Leigh Burnley St. Peter 1685 07 18
William x Thornbour of Filly Close Susan x Roberts of Filly Close Burnley St. Peter 1761 11 10
Jenny x Thornber otc. James x Pollard otc. Burnley St. Peter 1786 12 28
Robert Thornber, otc. Grace Pollard, otc. Burnley St. Peter 1787 10 25
Thomas x Thornber, weaver, Newlaund Booth Alice Rigg, spr. of Reedley Hollows Burnley St. Peter 1807 03 30
Ellen Thornber, spr. of Filly Close John x Dean, farmer of Filly Close Burnley St. Peter 1811 12 26
Henry Thornber, weaver, widower Mary x Nichols, widow, both of this chapelry, by banns Burnley St. Peter 1821 09 13
Joshua Thornber, lab, bach. New Laund Booth Ann x Cunliffe, spr. of New Laund Booth Burnley St. Peter 1824 06 07
John x Thornber, lab, bach, otc. Mary x Spencer, spr. otc. Burnley St. Peter 1828 04 07
Henry Thornber Martha Kay (from index in Burnley Library only) Burnley St. Peter 1831 06 ??
William Thornber, mason, bach. otc. Elizabeth x Austin, spinster, otc. Burnley St. Peter 1831 10 31
Margaret x Thornber, spinster, otc. William x Procter, bach. otc. Burnley St. Peter 1834 12 25
Michael x Thornber, otc. Mary x Hirst, spr. otc. Burnley St. Peter 1834 12 25
William x Thornber, cotton spinner, bach. otc. Margaret x Coates, spinster, otc. Burnley St. Peter 1835 04 06
Hargreaves x Thornber, bach. otc. Sarah x Foulds, otc. Burnley St. Peter 1837 05 14
Cisly Thornber Jn Wharton Cartmell (Boyd) 1581
An Thornber Tho Preston Cartmell (Boyd) 1599
Jenet Thornber Jas Patton Cartmell (Boyd) 1599
Edw. Thornborrow Sarah Caddy Cartmell (Boyd) 1776
Roland Thornber Ann. Green Cartmell (Boyd) 1762
Edw. Thornborrow Jane Martin Cartmell (Boyd) 1800
Christopher Thornborrow Ann How Cartmell (Boyd) 1778
Edw Thornber Mary Fell Cartmel (Boyd) 1802
Anth. Thornber Ellen Arrowsmith Chorley (Boyd) 1787
Thomas Thornber, 38, sonof John Thornber Lydia Robinson, 37, dau. of Reuben Porter Robinson (Vital Records Index, no place of worship given) Chatburn 1897 12 23
Betty Thornber, d of William & Alice John Westwell, s. of John & Mary, both of Oswaldtwistle, by lic. Church Kirk 1786 10 02
Ann Thornber d. of Geo & Hannah John Almond, s. of Wm. & Lilley, by banns, witnesses Geo: Heyes & William Thornber Church Kirk 1797 08 17
Geo Thornber, s of Geo. & Ann Rachel Hollis, d. Rufus & Alice, by banns, witnesses, Geoe. Heyes & Richard Holden. Joseph Relph asst. curate Church Kirk 1802 07 08
Richard Thornber Ann Ramsbottom by banns, witnesses Richard Bentley & Henry X Hacking. J. Hopwood officiating minister Church Kirk 1812 12 07
Elizabeth Thornber Holden Haworth (from Family Search Site, no details of witnesses or if by banns or licence) Church Kirk 1833 01 01
Rebecca Thornber, spr. William Thompson, bachelor Church Kirk 1833 01 01
Mary Thornber, d. of Anthony, carter John Wm. Wood, son of John Wood, carter Church Kirk 1844 12 25
Ann Thornber Henry Foster Clitheroe, St. Mary 1814 11 21
John Thornber Susannah Robitshaw Clitheroe, St. Mary 1822 02 18
Henry Thornber Jane Picup Clitheroe, St. Mary 1830 07 18
Susannah Thornber John Sutton Clitheroe, St. Mary 1831 05 21
James Thornber Elizabeth Howarth Clitheroe, St. Mary 1831 01 29
Thomas Thornber Maria Kenyon Clitheroe, St. Mary 1831 04 25
John Thornber Diana Holt Clitheroe, St. Mary 1832 01 01
John Thornber Sarah Wilson Clitheroe, St. Mary 1836 06 12
Harriet Thornber, dau. Thomas
Thomas Dewhurst, son of Andrew Clitheroe, St. Mary 1838 05 05
Mary Thornber, dau. of Charles Oddie John Gregson, son of Thomas Clitheroe, St. Mary 1839 04 07
Mary Anne Thornber, dau of Thomas Smith Michael son of John Bastow Clitheroe, St. Mary 1843 07 08
Alice Thornber, dau. of John James Lambert, son of Thomas Clitheroe, St. Mary 1840 12 12
Jane Thornber dau. of James James Wolstanholm son of John Clitheroe, St. Mary 1844 04 07
Isaac Thornber, son of James Alice Barton, dau. of George Clitheroe, St. Mary 1851 02 08
Ellen Thornber, dau. of Christopher Wood Richard Walker, son of James Clitheroe, St. Mary 1851 03 15
Elijah Thornber son of Thomas Thornber, aged 40 Elizabeth Smith, daughter of James Altham, aged 38 (Vital Records Index, place of worship not stated) Clitheroe 1872 12 24
Mary Thornber dau. of James Thornber Willim. Whitaker son of James Whitaker (Vital Records Index, place of worship not stated) Clitheroe 1875 0907
James Thornber son of James Thornber, aged 31 Nancy Tomlinson dau. of Robert Tomlinson, aged 25 (Vital Records Index, St. James collection) Clitheroe 1878 02 16
Janet Thornber, 29, dau. of Richard Thornber John Hartley, 35, son of Edward Ingham (sic) (Vital Records Index entry, no place of worship given) Clitheroe 1880 09 27
Catherine Thornber, 43, dau. of Joseph Thornber Brooks Hacking, 50, son of Henry Hacking (Vital Records Index entry, no place of worship given) Clitheroe 1882 09 12
Thomas Thornber, 21, son of Edward Thornber Sarah Jane Gough, 20, dau. of Joseph Gough Clitheroe 1882 11 25
Mary Ann Thornber daughter of Edward Thornber aged 21 Joseph Sweeney son of William Sweeney, aged 23 (Vital Records Index, place of worship not stated) Clitheroe 1888 02 11
William Henry Thornber, son of Elisha Thornber, aged 29 Margreat (sic) Embley daughter of James Embley aged 29. (Vital Records Index, place of worship not stated) Clitheroe 1889 08 25
Margaret Ellen Thornber daughter of Edward Thornber, aged 19 Thomas Marshall son of William Marshall, aged 19 (Vital Records Index, place of worship not stated) Clitheroe 1890 02 12
Margaret Thornber, aged 27, dau. of Elijah Thornber John Lawson, 25, son of William Lawson (Vital Records Index, place of worship not stated) Clitheroe 1892 05 22
John Thornber, 35, son of Edward Thornber Janet Ormand Place, 42, dau. of Robert Place (Vital Records Index, no place of worship given) Clitheroe 1898 12 26
Mary Alice Thornber, 24, daughter of Richard Thornber Sydney Simpson Bannister, 26, son of Thomas Bannister Colne, Christ Church 1892 02 18
Frederick Thornber, 17, son of Richard Thornber Elizabeth Ridehalgh, 17, dau. of John Westwood Ridehalgh Colne, Christ Church 1893 09 30
Emily Thornber, aged 22, dau of Richard Thornber John William Hildrup, aged 24, son of John Hilldrup Colne, Christ Church 1896 03 12
Sarah Thornber, aged 25, dau. of Richard Thornber Harry Yeadon, aged 27, son of Thomas Yeadon` Colne, Christ Church 1897 09 21
Annie Thornber, aged, 23, dau. of Richard thornber Hugh Ellison, 24, son of Thomas Ellison Colne, Christ Church 1900 12 04
Ellen Thornber James Eastwood Colne St. Bartholomew 1791 12 01
Ellen Thornber John Stansfield Colne St. Bartholomew 1798 07 11
James Thornber Ann Hartley Colne St. Bartholomew 1798 10 28
James Thornber Mary Banks Colne St. Bartholomew 1800 06 01
Ellen Thornber Garth William Colne St. Bartholomew 1802 02 20
Mary Thornber Henry Spencer Colne St. Bartholomew 1807 02 17
Isabella Thornber Charles Laycock Colne St. Bartholomew 1807 09 20
Michael Thornber Mary Hargreaves Colne St. Bartholomew 1808 11 14
Thomas Thornber Martha Walton (check if 1807) Colne St. Bartholomew 1811 06 21
Thomas Thornber Hannah Ellis, spr. Colne St. Bartholomew 1816 04 14
Shackleton Thornber Mearcy Smith Colne St. Bartholomew 1817 05 19
John Thornber Ann Wilkinson, both of Colne Colne St. Bartholomew 1820 01 11
Ellen Thornber Nicholas England Colne St. Bartholomew 1820 06 15
Henry Thornber, widr. Sarah Binns, spr. Colne St. Bartholomew 1821 01 07
John Thornber, tailor of Colne Sarah Wood spr. of Gisburn Colne St. Bartholomew 1824 05 24
Betty Thornber Robert Railton Colne St. Bartholomew 1825 07 31
Fanny Thornber William Smith Colne St. Bartholomew 1827 05 28
Elizabeth Thornber Samuel Ellis Colne St. Bartholomew 1829 10 28
Mary Thornber Joseph Bell Colne St. Bartholomew 1830 07 06
Margaret Thornber Robert Watson Colne St. Bartholomew 1832 04 12
Rose Thornber Henry Mitchell Colne St. Bartholomew 1833 11 11
Alice Thornber Francis Whalley Colne St. Bartholomew 1834 11 20
John Thornber, weaver of Colne Sarah Driver, spr. of Colne Colne St. Bartholomew 1836 04 04
Henry Thornber, son of Henry Martha Greenwood, dau. of John Colne St. Bartholomew 1837 09 26
John Thornber, son of Ralph Susan Whitaker dau. of William Colne St. Bartholomew 1839 01 08
Mary Ann Thornber, dau. of Ralph Peter Smith son of William Colne St. Bartholomew 1840 07 14
Sarah Thornber, dau of Thomas John Dobson, son of William Colne St. Bartholomew 1841 07 04
Alice Thornber, dau. of Ralph Thomas Laycock son of Thomas Colne St. Bartholomew 1842 09 27
Richard Thornber, labr. Susan Tasker, sp. btc Downham, St. Leonard 1743 05 15
Jenet Thornber of Worston Thomas Hays, by licence Downham, St. Leonard 1752 09 27
Thomas Thornber of Clitheroe Jane Core of Dowham, witn. John Shay & John Core Downham, St. Leonard 1771 01 29
Richard Thornber Hannah x Laithom, btc. witn. Thomas Wilkinson & Henry Wilkinson Downham, St. Leonard 1803 09 04
William x Thornber of Gisburn Ann x Dickinson of Downham, witn. John Hartley & Edward Whipp Downham, St. Leonard 1815 10 14
Ellen x Thornber of Downham James x Fletcher of Colne, witn. Laurence Walker & Thomas Varley Downham, St. Leonard 1816 12 21
Mary x Thornber of Downham John Haighton of Chaisley (Chaigley) Mitton, witn. William Bulcock & Joseph Badger Downham, St. Leonard 1824 01 26
John Thornber Sarah x Slinger, btc. witn. William Preston & Susan Lonsdale Downham, St. Leonard 1835 06 11
Richard Thornber Mary Hartley (from IGI) Downham, St. Leonard 1841 01 --
Richard Thornber Elizabeth Merrick Flixton 1810 09 10
Caleb Thornber aged 23, son of Benjamin Thornber (from Vital Records Index) Martha Ingham, aged 26, daughter of William Ingham Habergham Eaves 1866 12 13
Margaret Thornber, aged 21, daughter of William Thornber (from Vital Records Index) Henry Jackson Dean, aged 22, son of Willliam Dean Habergham Eaves 1868 09 26
William Thornber, son of Richard Thornber (from Vital Records Index) Isabella Ormerod, daughter of John Pollard (ages and marital status not shown on the Vital Records Index) Habergham Eaves 1868 11 03
John Thornber, aged 27, son of William Thornber (from Vital Records Index) Hannah Fletcher, aged 25, daughter of John Fletcher Habergham Eaves 1872 07 27
Laban Thornber, aged 22 son of William Thornber (from Vital Records Index) Mary Preston, aged 27, daughter of Edward Preston Habergham Eaves 1873 04 12
John Thornber aged 19 son of Luke Thornber (from Vital Records Index) Jane Ann Watson aged 19, daughter of John Watson Habergham Eaves 1876 01 16
Elizabeth Thornber, 21, dau. of Luke Thornber John Walker, 23, son of William Wallker (Vital Records Index entry, no place of worship given) Habergham Eaves 1879 07 12
Clara Thornber, daughter of Cornelius Thornber aged 31 James Edward Metcalf son of William Metcalfe, aged 29 Habergham Eaves 1890 05 26
Alice Ann Thornber, daughter of Cornelius Thornber, aged 26 William Thomas Simpson, son of John Samuel Simpson, aged 22 Habergham Eaves, All Saints 1890 10 16
Richard Thornber, aged 30, son of Cornelius Thornber Jane Gray, aged 30, daughter of James Gray Habergham Eaves, All Saints 1891 06 09
Alice Thornber, aged 34, dau of Parker Thornber William Thornton, aged 38, son of Richard Thornton (Vital Records Index entry, no place of worship given) Habergham Eaves 1891 12 19
Mary Lizzie Thornber, aged 21, dau. of John Thornber John William Albert Hill, aged 26, son of Thomas Hill Habergham Eaves, All Saints 1893 07 13
Thomas Thornber, aged 18, son of Laban Thornber Elizabeth Alice Sharples, 23, dau. of Peter Sharples (Vital Records Index entry, no place of worship given) Habergham Eaves 1896 03 11
William Thornber, son of Ephraim Thornber Maggie Dusebury, dau. of John Dusebury Habergham Eaves, All Saints 1898 08 16
Mary Thornber John Jacking Haslingden, St. James 1792 05 06
Rachel Thornber James Holden Haslingden, St. James 1815 09 19
William Thornber Mary Pearson Haslingden, St. James 1825 01 30
Richard Thornber or Thornberry Maria Rothwell Haslingden, St. James 1831 10 16
Jn. Thornbro Elz or Jane Bownas Hawkshead (Boyd) 1755
Geo Thornber Elz Greg Lancaster (Boyd) 1749
Jn Thornborrow Isb. Wilson Lancaster (Boyd) 1792
Jn Thornborrow Han. Sandham Lancaster (Boyd) 1784
Giles Thornborrow Mgt. Brade Lancaster (Boyd) 1782
Benjamin Thornber Elizabeth Lea Liverpool St. Nicholas 1801 07 28
John Thornber Elizabeth Williams Liverpool St. Nicholas 1801 12 07
William Thornber Margaret Ormedey Liverpool St. Peter 1802 06 05
Jn. Thornbro Ann Nab Manchester (Boyd) 1769
John Thornber Ann Aldred Manchester Cathedral 1796 07 31
Giles Thornber Elizabeth Taylor Manchester Cathedral 1801 11 02
Anthony Thornber, husbandman* Alice Brownhill (spinster) by banns Manchester Cathedral 1802 02 14
John Thornber Jane Ainsworth Manchester Cathedral 1823 04 14
Anthony Thornber, widower, mechanic* Mary Oldham, spinster, by banns Manchester Cathedral 1824 09 26
Henry Hartley Thornber Hannah Towns Manchester Cathedral 1827 11 24
Edward Thornber Sarah Eaton Manchester Cathedral 1843 05 18
John Thornber Ann Spivey Manchester Cathedral 1845 11 20
Edward Thornber Harriet Harris Manchester Cathedral 1851 11 16
Robert Thornber Catherine Maria Rowland Manchester St. John, Deansgate 1833 04 14
Mary Thornber, spr. William Holland, bachelor, warehouseman Manchester St. Mary 1825 1102
Margaret Thornber, spr. David Rowen, bachelor, grocer Manchester St. Mary 1826 09 10
Priscilla Thornber, p. of Bentham, widow John Hothersall, bachelor, coachman, by licence. Manchester St. Mary 1836 09 01
William Edward Thornber, 21 son of John Thornber Florence Pollard, aged 21, dau. of Alfred Pollard (Vital Records Index, no place of worship given) Marsden, Lancashire 1897 01 12
Wilhelmus Thornborrow Agnes Sourbuts of Archolme Melling St. Wilfrid 1726 10 31
Rob Thornborrow Ann Grimshaw Melling (Boyd) 1787
Giles Thornber Hannah Wilson, botp Melling St. Wilfrid 1740 11 30
Jno Thornber of Botton  (see footnote 1 below) Margt. Dixon of Whittington Melling St. Wilfrid 1743 08 10
M. Thornber Hannah Remington Melling Chapel St. Thomas 1775 06 06
Anthony Thornber Alice ***** Newchurch in Pendle (Boyd) 1624
Michael Thornber Elizabeth Dugdale, both of this chapelry, itpo: Wm: Hartley & Roger Folds Newchurch in Pendle 1763 06 06
Hanhah Thornber John Kay of the Castle Parish, itpo: Wm: Dixon & Wm: Roberts Newchurch in Pendle 1803 07 07
Rebecca Thornber Henry Haworth, weaver, itpo: John Smith & Jas: Bowker Newchurch in Pendle 1810 03 05
John Thornborough, weaver  (named as Thornber for records of his children) Jane Clegg, spinster, itpo: Richard Hargreaves & James Bowker Newchurch in Pendle 1813 09 13.
Betty Thornber John Dixon Newchurch in Pendle 1816 09 09
Susan Thornber George Hargreaves Newchurch in Pendle 1821 09 16
Margaret Thornber Abraham Shaw Newchurch in Pendle 1829 08 30
George Thornber Fanny Smith Newchurch in Pendle 1832 11 18
George Thornber son of George Thornber, age 23 Alice Bentley dau of William Holden, age 30 (presumably her second marriage. Vital Records Index) Over Darwen, St. John's 1877 09 17
Enoch Thornber, aged 22, son of Jacob Thornber Louisa Oakes, aged 20, dau. of Joseph Oakes Over Darwen, St. John's 1894 07 14
Isabella Thornebar Robertus Whipp Padiham, St Leonards 1574 07 19
William Thornber Elizabeth Ormerod Padiham, St. Leonards 1834 03 31
Giles Thornber Eliz. Harrison Poulton (Boyd) 1803
Richard Thornber Ann Butcher Poulton (Boyd) 1829
Adam Thornber, son of Richard Thornber, agex 32 Mary Elizabeth Laycock, daughter of John Laycock, aged 30 Poulto le Sands, Holy Trinity 1889 10 10
Elz Thornber Ric Bilsborrow Preston St. John (Boyd) 1776
Mary Thornber Wm Wood Preston St. John (Boyd) 1785
Alice Thornber Rob Sandersoon Preston St. John (Boyd) 1799
Agnes Thornber Wm Leiland Preston St. John (Boyd) 1812
Joseph Thornber Jane Waddington Preston St. John 1833 02 05
Mary Thornber Henry Cook Preston St. John (Boyd) 1834
Sus Thornber Jas Dewhurst Preston St. John (Boyd) 1834
Joseph Thornber Cath Parker Preston (Boyd) 1835
George Thornber Ann Moor Preston St. John 1845 03 23
Richard Thornber Rachel Ramsden Preston St. John 1849 06 02
Samuel Thornber Anne Shepherd Prestwich 1756 11 25
Ellen Thornber, p. Mitton, spinster Henry Watson, calico wea, of this parish, itpo Richard Thornber & John Walton Ribchester St. Wilfrd 1791 09 20
Jane Thornber John Ashworth Rochdale, St. Chad 1832 10 15
John Thornber Mary Ann Garlick Rochdale, St. Chad 1837 06 06
Isaac Thornber son of William Mary Ann Cockroft dau of John Rochdale, St. Chad 1845 12 23
Ann Thornber, dau. of Joseph, aged 24 George Leach, son of William Rochdale, St. Chad 1848 12 10
Richard Thornber Sarah Parker St. Michael on Wyre 1776 05 08
Jane Thornborough of Ireby Thornton John Walker of Mealbank Tatham 1656 07 01
John Thornber of Melling, husbandman Ann Langstroth, by licence Tatham 1770 07 14
Christopher Thornber of Bentham, tallow chandler Margaret Garnett, by licence Tatham 1804 11 26
Rob Thornber Elz Batty Tunstall (Boyd) 1727
Jn Thornber Bridg Hutchinson Tunstall (Boyd) 1729
John Thornber, weaver Catharine Howarth, itpo Wm. Serjeant & Henry Gaskell Walton Le Dale 1788 04 01
Thomas Thornber, weaver Mary Bibby, itpo Hannah Mather & John Marsden Walton Le Dale 1791 11 07
Ellin Thornber James Betson Walton Le Dale 1795 09 20
Thomas Thornber, weaver Ellen Watson, itpo John Tomlinson & James Watson Walton Le Dale 1797 02 27
Richard Thornber, cotton spinner Margaret Dearden Walton Le Dale 1804 05 27
John Thornborrow, cotton spinner Hannah Croasdale Walton Le Dale 1805 04 01
Christopher Thornebar Agnes Farrand Whalley St. Mary & All Saints 1540 06 18
John Thornber, of Whalley Mary x Shakleton, otp, banns, itpo Nicholas Isherwood & Robert Isherwood Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1757 06 25
Joseph Thornber, otp Susan Hartley, otp, licence, itpo William Hall & Jon: Tomlinson Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1769 04 06
Ellin Thornber, otp Ellis Nutter, otp, banns, itpo James Ashworth & William Thornber Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1783 01 28
William Thornber of Whalley Mary x Ashworth of Thornely, Parish of Chipping, banns, itpo Edmund Dugdale & Richard Thornber Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1792 11 29
Sarah x Thornberry of Pendleton Nicholas x Singleton, of Pendleton, itpo John Townley, Oliver Preston & Geo: x Thornberry Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1799 04 02
Margaret x Thornber Thomas Whitehead, both of Read, banns, itpo Robert Whitehead & James Whitehead Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1801 05 25
John Thornber of Chapelry of Clitheroe Alice x Briggs of Cold-Coats, banns, itpo Robt: Wilkinson & John Read Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1802 11 06
Anthony Thornber Hannah Spencer, both of Pendleton, licence, itpo Laurance Coulthurst & Jas: Ingham Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1804 01 03
Mary x Thornber of Pendleton John Pollard of Padiham, itpo William Carr & Jas: Ingham Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1806 06 07
Isabella Thornber of Wiswell George x Burton of Wiswell, itpo James Speak & George Foster Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1809 10 02
Margaret x Thornber of Pendleton John x Strickland of Pendleton, itpo Wm: Thornber & Rid: Hitchon Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1814 01 03
Henry Thornber of Whalley Alice Watson of Whalley, itpo Richard Riley & Jas: Ingham Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1816 02 05
Elizabeth x Thornber of Whalley James x Scott of Clapham, Yorkshire, itpo Jas: Ingham & John Pickles Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1822 06 23
Ellen x Thornber of Whalley John Eatough of Whalley, itpo Anthony Read & James Eatough Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1823 01 02
Alice x Thornber of Whalley William Martin of Whalley, itpo Henry Dewhurst & James Martin Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1823 05 21
Mary x Thornber of Pendleton William x Mitchell of Pendleton, itpo William Walton & Jas: Ingham Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1826 12 28
William Thornber, bach, of Newton in the parish of Manchester Esther x Hargreaves sp of Wiswell itpo Henry Parsons & Roger Hargreaves Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1827 10 08
Margaret x Thornber, sp of Whalley Edward x Edmundson bach of Whalley, itpo Mary Duerden & Jas: Ingham Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1828 05 26
Catherine x Thornber sp of Pendleton Thomas Peel, bach of Pendleton itpo William Walton & Elizabeth x Leeming Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1831 01 29
James Thornber, bach of Pendleton Alice x Parker, sp of Wiswell, itpo John Schofield & Mary x Parker Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1831 01 29
Mary x Thornber sp of Whalley John Dean of Billington itpo George Pollard & Adam Dewhurst Whalley, St. Mary & All Saints 1831 05 23
John Thornber of full age, bach, lab, of Pendleton, son of John Thornber, mason Margaret x Dawson, of full age, sp, weaver, dau. Henry Nutter, lab, by Henry Jones, itpo George Preston & Jas: Ingham Whalley St. Mary & All Saints 1839 12 21
Manasseth Thornber, 22, bach, printer of Sabden, son of Rd: Thornber, printer Elizabth x Sherburne, 21, sp, weaver, of Simonstone, dau. Thos: Sherburne, weaver, by Js: Knox Scott, itpo James Ingham & James Noble Whalley St. Mary & All Saints 1845 06 14
Richard Thornber, 32, bach, lab of Pendleton, son of John Thornber, mason Martha x Stanworth, 26, sp, servant of Pendleton Hall, dau. Joseph Stanworth, lab, by S W King itpo Thomas Thornber & James Ingham Whalley St. Mary & All Saints 1848 09 12
Thomas Thornber of full age, bach, farmer of Pendleton, son of John Thornber, mason Joanna x Bulcock of full age, sp, servant of Tithe Barn, dau Thomas Bulcock, sawyer, by lic by W H Bla***, itpo Thomas Peel & John Mitchell Whalley St. Mary & All Saints 1855 04 19
Henry Thornborrow Mary Barrow Wigan (Boyd) 1797
Robert Thornborrow Dorothe Moyses Whittington, St. Michael 1591 10 20
Edward Thornborrow Eliz Yates Whittington, St. Michael 1632 11 13
Edward Thornbergs of Whittington Jane Howten or Houghton Whittington (IGI) 1743 11 29

* The full details from the register were provided by Bernard Steele


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