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These pages are not intended to be a comprehensive coverage of Wales or even to cover all the items of interest in each location. They are a scrapbook of my travels with the historical background that I have examined to understand a little more of each location. I share these pages for general interest with the hope that you might be stimulated to visit the sites or find more information about them. This is a work in progress, with ten more sites photographed.


Anglesey Erdigg Portmerion
Beaumaris Flint Powis Castle
Bodelwyddan Castle Harlech Raglan Castle
Caerphilly Llandudno St. David's
Chepstow Castle Machynlleth Tintern
Conway Plas Newydd Valley Crucis



In many cases I have consulted Wikipedia for a summary of the main features of a location but the books that I consult are:

1. The County Books Series. Wales Volume II, the Country by Maxwell Fraser, published Robert Hale, London, 1952.

This gives a general history of each town and village and mentions all the historic monuments. It is interesting in that it represents Wales as it was before the local government reorganisations of the 1970s and is truer to the history of the places. For example Flintshire became part of Clwydd before being reformed with different boundaries in recent years.

2. In Search of Wales by H. V. Morton, published by Methuen and Co. Ltd. in 1932.

This book is a travelogue, written by a writer who brings a personal and sometime poetic angle to his tale. It shows us Wales before the Second World War.


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