Given that there are about 50 Thornber baptisms between 1617 and 1703, it is surprising that there is only two male Thornbers who marry at Waddington in this period - George in 1667 and Giles in 1703. Waddington was a parochial chapelry in the parish of Mitton. I believe that a marriage carried out in a parochial chapelry would incur fees to the chapelry and the parish church and that money could be saved by having the marriage conducted in the mother church. It is therefore relevant to consult the marriage records of Mitton too.

Calendar Changes

Note that the calendar formerly used to go from 25th March (Lady Day) to 24th March. Hence dates in January, February and March 1st to 24th are LATER than dates from 25 March to 31 December. The Gregorian Calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in October 1582 to rectify inaccuracies in the former Julian Calendar. However, it was not accepted in England until 1751.

In England, the year 1751 started on 25 March and ran only until 31 December. 1752 then started on 1 January and ran until 31 December as it does now. To bring the calendar back in sequence with astronomical events such as the equinox and soltice, 11 days had to be removed so 2nd September 1752 was followed by 14 September. This led to riots by people who thought they had been deprived of 11 days of life.

On the Julian Calendar, it was possible for a couple to marry on say 26 March 1630 and have a legitimate child on 26 February 1630, eleven months later!



Abbreviation Meaning
botc both of this chapelry
botp both of this parish
itpo in the presence of (for names of witnesses)
X made their mark instead of signing
colon used to signify a contraction as in officig: for officiating


Date Marriage Partners
19 Feb 1662 Anna Thornbar contraxit matrimoniu cu Joh'es Chapman
9 Apr 1667 Georgius Thornbar contraxit matrimoniu cu Margareta Chew
25 Mar 1667 Anna Thornbar contraxit matrimoniu cu Rogerus Fell
8 May 1676 Agneta Thornber contraxit matri: cu Henric: Ormerod
11 Feb 1677 Isabela Thornber contraxit matrimoniu cu Wilhelmus Baytson
17 Sept 1685 Margaretta Thornber contraxit matrim: cu: Jacobus Wood
14 July 1701 Elizabetha Thornbar contraxit matrimonium cum Johannes Green
6 Oct 1702 Jana Thornber contraxit matrimon: cu: Barnardus Farrand
6 Nov 1703 Egidius Thornber contraxit matrimon: cum Margreta Jackson
30 Dec 1708 Gulielmus Thornbar contraxit matrimonium cum Alicia Hanson
2 Aug 1714 Joh'es Thornber contraxit matrimoni: cum Alicia Marsden
1 May 1725 Thomas Thornber contraxit matrimonium cum Anna Calverley (Bannis legitime publicatis)
  From 1726 the register is in English
26 May 1730 Henry Thornber & Alice Parkinson of Waddington (note also 5 Dec 1769 burial of Alice wife of Henry Thornber of Waddington, burial of a Henry of Waddington on 20 May 1771
12 May 1739 John Thornber & Catherine Altham
  Julian Calendar started officially on 1 January 1752.
27 Dec 1753 Elizabeth Thornber & Thomas Smith
  The new style of marriage register was instituted in 1754 following Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act of 1753
23 Jun 1755

William Thornber & Mary Brisco botp of Mitton and this chapelry by banns by James Mount, itpo John Wilson and Thomas Croasdell

1762 John Calverley, parish of Mitton and Ann Thorber of this chapelry. Only banns mentioned for 9, 16 and 23 May by John Sedgwick, curate.
9 May 1763 George X Thornber & Martha X Tomlinson botc by banns by John Sedgewick, itpo Thomas Croasdell and Richd Wilson
30 Jul 1768 Anthony X Thornber & Alice X Clayton botp of Mitton, by banns, by M. Sedgewick officiating minister, itpo John Tomlinson & Thos Mercer
29 Dec 1768 Henry Thornber & Ellen X Crashaw botp by bans by Robt Smith, Curate
22 Jul 1771 Mary X Thornber & James Alston botp, by banns, by R. Brockbank, itpo John Pindar & Thos Croasdell
2 Mar 1772 William Thornber & Mary X Inskip, both of Bay Gate in the parochial chapelry of Waddington, by licence from the Revd Mr Richardson, by Robt Smith curate, itpo Richard Thornber & Thomas Croasdell
29 Dec 1775 Thomas Thornber & Mary X Place, botc, by banns, by Thos Wilson, Minister, itpo William Thornber & Thos Croasdell
26 Jul 1777 Catherine X Thornber & John X Place, botp, by banns, by Robt Smith, curate, itpo Henry Pilling & Thomas Croasdell
18 Feb 1781 Sarah X Thornber & William Hitchin, botp, by banns, by Robt Smith, curate, itpo Lawrence Clark and Thomas Croasdell
27 Aug 1791 Ellen X Thornber & Oliver X Ormerod, botp, by banns, by Robt Smith, Minister, itpo Edmund Pilling & James Marsden
1 Dec 1792 Betty X Thornber & Jonathan Boothman, botp, by banns, by Robt Smith, Minister, itpo Harris Parker & William Hartley
24 Feb 1798 Betty X Thornber of Grindleton & Robert Seed of parish of Bolton juxta Bowland, by banns, by Robert Smith, curate itpo of Henry Inskip and John Altham
2 May 1801 Henry Thornber otp & Betty X Wilson of Bradford, by banns, by Robt Smith, curate, itpo Robert Turner & James Kenyon
12 Jun 1802 Ann X Thornber of Bradford itc, & James X Cook of Newton, parish of Slaidburn, by banns, by Robt Smith, itpo Richard Place & William Jackson
20 Aug 1803 Richard Thornber & Alice Barns both of Bradford itc, by banns, by Robt Smith junr: itpo Thomas Barnes & William Clarkson
12 Jan 1808 James Thornber, parish of Gisburn, Ellen (signed Helin) Wood, chapelry of Gisburn, by licence, by Robt Smith, officiag: minister, itpo John Edgar & John Sanderson.
15 Aug 1808 Ellen (signed Ellin) Thornber of Bradford & William X Whitaker of Grindleton, by banns, by Robt Smith, officg: minister, itpo Lawrence Whitaker & Thos: Livesey.
3 Apr 1809 John X Thornber & Sarah X Duxbury both of Bradford itc, by banns, by Isaac Clarke, officig: minister, itpo Ralph Critchley & Henry Place.
3 Aug 1812 William X Thornber & Mary X Whitaker both of Bradford, by banns, by Robt Smith, officig: Minr: itpo Henry Robinson & John Wood





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