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1. Introduction to My Branch of the Stanworths of Extwistle.
2. The Family Tree So Far from Henry Stanworth and Mary Duerden
3. Footnotes A
4. Possible Earlier Generations

5. Some other Family Units identified from Registers.

There is a separate page of data collected from registers, monumental inscriptions and wills


The work on this family has been undertaken in collaboration with Joan Read, formerly of Burnley but now living in Toronto. To date most of the information comes from the registers of St. Peter's Burnley and Haggate Baptist Chapel, together with some census returns and monumental inscriptions. I am also grateful to Annette Joseph for details of Matthias Stanworth and for the information from a number of Stanworth wills. In addition I have been in correspondence with Sue Wells who is also interested in this family.

The Stanworth family in the Extwistle region near Burnley is complicated by the number of people with the same name. Not only are there several called Henry but at least two of them marry women called Mary. This has been a difficult problem to solve. It has been rendered more difficult by reference to some Ancestral Files shown on the FamilySearch site. Two pedigrees for Henry Stanworths are listed with different birth dates for Henry but with an overlap for the children in the two families. One of these families is shown with numerous children born over a 30 year period. Finally a record of an illegitimate child of Henry Stanworth and Mary Whitehead has been used to guess that this couple married when no record for the event exists. As always, the only way forward is to do some sound spadework, extracting details of baptisms, marriages and burials from original sources. In the course of our research, Joan Read and I have shared data and ideas and below I explain our reasoning before giving the best current attempt at a family tree. Further research is needed particularly to see if there are additional relevant wills.

I am grateful to Pat Wood for sending me in 2018, information about a marriage in Yorkshire of which I was unaware. Benjamin Stanworth married Mally Stansfield at Heptonstall on 21 June 1789. Not far from Heptonstall is the village of Eastwood where there was the Myrtle Grove Chapel. This new information has necessitated a reorganisation of the information that follows.

Starting Point

Joan Read and I were both interested in Joseph Stanworth born about 1799 or 1800 for whom we have good evidence from census records, together with his marriage. He was initially identified as Joseph son of Henry & Mary Stanworth of Extwistle, baptised on 14 Sept 1800 at Burnley St. Peter's. From Pat Wood's work, we now know of another Joseph Stanworth baptised at Myrtle Grove Chapel, Eastwood, near Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire. He was described as the son of Benjamin and Mally Stanworth of Extwistle, baptised on 25 December 1798. This latter date is the best fit for a man described as 42 in the 1841 census and 62 in the 1861 census which would put his birth date between June 1798 and April 1799. The story of this Joseph, who married Jennet Nichol is now the subject of a Footnote B5 below. Joseph son of Henry and Mary has been identified by Pat Wood as her ancestor and he married Elizabeth Pickles.

Note that these two Josephs are cousins as Benjamin Stanworth who married Molly Stansfield is the younger brother of Henry Stanworth who married Mary Duerden

To return to the Joseph son of Henry and Mary Stanworth, there was a problem in identifying his parents. There are two marriages for Henry and Mary that could fit at St. Peter's in Burnley.

Henry Stanworth & Mary x Duerden, botc, by banns, on 6 February 1783, by W. Halliwell, itpo William Stanworth & Thos. Crossley.

Henry Stanworth of Holden in Extwistle & Mary Whittam of Cliviger by LICENCE 8 Jan 1793, both signed itpo Henry Stanworth & Molly Whittam.

There is also a record of the the death of a Mary Stanworth in 1793.

Mary wife of Henry Stanworth of Holden in Extwistle, was buried on 19 Nov 1793 at St. Peter's Burnley.

There are many children of Henry or "of Henry and Mary" baptised at St. Peter's from the 1750s to 1806 and the problem was to sort out which parents were responsible. The key to the puzzle lay in a monumental inscription at Burnley St. Peter's obtained by Joan Read with the following records among others:

Mary Stanworth who died January 2nd, 1824, aged 58 Years.
Henry, her husband who died December 5th, 1826, aged 68 Years.
Elizabeth the daughter of Henry and Mary Stanworth of Clough Croft in Extwistle, who died February 5th, 1822, Aged 16 Years.
Henry the son of Levi and Ann Stanworth of Bottin within Worsthorne, who died June 22, 1826, in the 10th Year of his Age.
Also the above named Levi Stanworth who departed this Life, December 19th 1851 aged 62 Years.

From this we can conclude that the Mary married to this Henry lived until 1824 so she is not the one who died in 1793. This grave contains three generations and among Henry and Mary's children are Elizabeth, (born 1806) and Levi (born 1790) and one of Levi's children. This means that the Mary who died in 1793 must have been Mary Whittam who married in January 1793. She probably died as a consequence of childbirth as a John, son of Henry and Mary of Holden in Extwistle was baptised in January 1794 and was said to be born on 8 November, just ten days before Mary's death.

Joan Read draws attention to three burials at St. Peter's, Burnley that are of relevance at this point.

Henry Stanworth of Holden in Extwistle on 18 July 1802. (So he cannot be father of Henry and Elizabeth baptised in 1803 and 1806 respectively)
John, son of Henry and Mary of Extwistle on 16 March 1804
John son of the late Henry Stanworth of Holden in Extwistle, 6 January 1812. (This cannot be the Henry who died in 1824.)

The first and third are significant in that they mention Holden in Extwistle. If the John, dying in early 1812 was the son of Henry and Mary nee Whitham, baptised in January 1794, he would have been about 18. A person dying in adulthood was not normally identified in the registers by giving a relationship to a parent. This assignment of John's parents is also consistent with the information from the will of a William Stanworth, son of John and Martha Stanworth, which was made on 21 September 1816. It refers only to Alice, natural daughter of his late brother Henry. This would be consistent with the fact that John son of Henry had died before the will was made in 1816. According to a Monumental Inscription, William was the son of John and Martha Stanworth, which means that Henry Stanworth father of John was their son also.

There is a will for Henry Stanworth made on 17 July 1802 mentioning his wife Ellen, natural daughter Alice born to this Ellen before they married and also son John and brother William. It is not stated if Ellen was a first or second wife. The John mentioned could be the one whose burial is shown above. (See Section 5.1 below)

The second burial entry shown above implies a child whose parents were both still alive. Since Mary Whitham died in 1793 it could not relate to her son and so this John may be a son of Henry Stanworth and Mary Duerden. In that case it is a mystery why he does not appear on the monumental inscription for this family.

This leaves to be explained the source of information leading to the Ancestral File pedigree containing Henry Stanworth and Mary Whitehead. No record of their marriage has been found but there is a baptism that refers to them.

John base son of Mary Whitehead of Worsthorn & Henry Stanworth of Briercliffe on 15 December 1776.

The child mentioned would be baptised as John Whitehead. Further inspection of the records shows that this was the fourth illegitimate child of Mary Whitehead and there was another illegitimate son of a Henry Stanworth in 1776. The Henry Stanworth mentioned in the Monumental Inscription shown above would have been 18 in 1776. We know that there was another Henry Stanworth born in 1752. He may be the one associated with Mary Whitehead and may be the one who married Mary Whitham as described above.

Ann, base daughter of Mary Crabtree and Henry Stanworth, both of Briercliffe, 7 July 1776.
Peggy base daughter of Mary Whitehead and James Whitehead both of Cliviger on 2 September 1776
Jenny base daughter of Mary Whitehead of Cliviger, 24 April 1774
John base son of Mary Whitehead of Cliviger and John Hall of Lincoln on 4 February 1770.


The family tree that can be put together so far is as follows: It may evolve as new finds are made and should not be taken as final.


BSP Burnley St. Peters.
HGB Haggate Baptist Chapel, which recorded birth dates.
itpo   "In the presence of"

Footnote A1: Levi Stanworth & Nanny Parker

Levi Stanworth is found in the 1841 Census, film 107/510, Worsthorne with Hurstwood, Enumeration district 28, Folio 5 page 2 at Bottin.

At this period the ages were normally rounded down to the nearest 5. We have the following all born in Lancashire. Leavi (sic), aged 50 a farmer, born in the county, Ann aged 50; Joseph, 15; Elizabeth, 15; Susay, 25, Mary, 4 and John 3. The reference to Susay aged 25 is out of age sequence and may indicate that Mary and John are children of Susay. Susay may be the daughter-in-law and the widow of Levi's deceased son, John. Joan Read notse that John Stanworth married Susannah Halstead on 18 January, 1836 at St. Peter's, Burnley with witnesses Richard Stanworth and Henry Stanworth. A John Stanworth of Bottin, Worsthorn was buried 28 December 1837 at St. Peter's.

Joan Read has also consulted the 1851 census and noted the following entries for a dwelling in Bottin. This was on 30 March 1851 and Levi, by now a widower, died in December.

Levi Stanworth head, widower 61 Foreman in stone quarry Born Worsthorn
Elizabeth Stanworth dau, unmarried 24   Born Worsthorn
Mary Ann Stanworth dau 14   Born Worsthorn
John Stanworth son 13   Born Worsthorn
Robert Parker uncle to children 62 Servant Born Worsthorn.

Mary Ann and John Stanworth are presumably the Mary and John shown in the 1841 cenuss. We know that Levi married Ann or Nanny Parker so Robert Parker may be her brother in which case he would be great uncle to Mary Ann and John.

A Levi Stanworth died on 19 December 1851 leaving a will made on 10 March 1847 in Burnley. This death date fits with that on the Monumental Inscription at Burnley and identifies him as the Levi in this family. Probate to Thomas Chaffer of Liverpool, stone merchant and Richard Stanworth of Worsthorn, farmer as the co-executor, Nanny Stanworth was then dead, indicating death between March 1847 and December 1852 when probate was obtained. Given the details in the 1851 census she must have died before 30 March 1851. She must therefore be:

Anne Standworth of Botton, Worsthorne aged 58, buried on 19 July 1849 at Burnley St. Peter's.

The will names the executors and states that on the death of his wife, Nanny, was to be divided into six part, five parts to go to his sons, Richard, William and Joseph Stanworth and his two daughters Mary Hargreaves and Elizabeth Stanworth. The sixth part was to be shared by his grandchildren, Mary Ann and John Stanworth, the children of his deceased son John Stanworth.

Footnote A2. Henry Stanworth and Isabella Whitehead

We have little information on this Henry beyond this marriage in 1824. He does not appear with his wife in the census returns of 1841 and 1851 and in the latter Isabella is described as a widow.

Henry Stanworth married Isabella Whitehead, spr., botc., By banns on 19 April 1824 at St. Peter's Burnley.

In the 1841census there is a grouping headed by Isabella Stanworth as follows. HO 107/508/02 Habergham Eaves, Burnley ED 13 Folio 5 page 2. Burnley Wood.

Isabella Stanworth 40   Born in County
Mary 16 Weaver Born in County
Elizabeth 15 Weaver Born in County
Hannah 12 Weaver Born in County
Henry 11   Born in County
Levi 9   Born in County
Anne 6   Born in County
Sarah 3   Born in County

Joan Read has found the same group in the 1851 census, showing that they are a family in which Isabella is a widow and giving further information on places of birth.

Isabella Stanworth head, widow 49 Housekeeper Briercliffe
Mary dau, unmarried 26 Cotton weaver by power ditto
Elizabeth dau, unmarried 24 ditto ditto
Hannah dau, unmarried 22 ditto ditto
Henry son, unmarried 20 Stonemason app. ditto
Levi son, unmarried 18 Corn miller ditto
Ann dau 16 Cotton weaver by power ditto
Sarah dau 13 ditto ditto

Joan Read has found the baptism of Sarah, daughter of Henry and Isabella Stanworth, labourer of Swinden Bottom on 12 November 1837 at St. Peter's, Burnley. This indicates that Henry died between this date and the census in June of 1841.

Footnote A3: John Stanworth and Nanny or Nancy Todd

This is a complicated story as we have a burial of John the son of Henry and Mary of Extwistle on 16 March 1804 as mentioned in the introduction. However, as he is not mentioned on the family monumental inscription, he may not be the son of Henry and Mary Duerden baptised 24 June 1787, BSP

However, there is a monumental inscription at Haggate Baptist Chapel that reads:

John Stanworth of Burnley, died 13 May 1859 aged 67, Ann his wife died 29 December 1877 aged 81.

This John must have been born about 1792 and Ann about 1796. He could be the son of Henry and Mary baptised in 1787. Ages at death are often inaccurate in burial records but there are also census records in this case too which indicate birth in 1793 so it might fit. A further small doubt comes in with John's place of birth. In 1841 he is said in the census to be born in Lancashire and then in 1851 in Yorkshire. The names of the children such as Henry, Martha and Benjamin are common among this family.

The names John and Ann suggest that this may be the following couple:

John Stanworth, weaver, bachelor, married Nanny Todd, spr., botc., by banns on 24 March 1816, itpo Henry Todd and James Hey, Burnley, St. Peter.

The following is from the 1841 census of Burnley HO 107/506/22 ED 10 Folio 14 page 25. Water (?) House. Given that ages were usually rounded down for adults, this record indicates a John born between 1787 and 1791.

John Stanworth 50 Weaver Born in County
Nancy 45   Born in County
Ruth 15   Born in County
Martha 14   Born in County
Fanny 12   Born in County
Benjamin 8   Born in County
Henry 5   Born in County
Nancy 20   Born in County

Joan Read has identified the following entry for a John and Ann in the 1851 census for Burnley, HO 107/2252 folio 227 page 21 at 2 Shaw Street. The age of John on this record suggests birth about 1793 which is a reasonable fit with the Monumental Inscription at Haggate.

John Stanworth head, married 58 Weaver, cotton Yorks, Eastwood?
Ann Stanworth wife, married 53   Briercliffe
Fanny Stanworth dau, unmarried 21 Weaver, cotton Extwistle
Benjamin Stanworth son, unmarried 18 Weaver, cotton Extwistle
Henry Stanworth son, unmarried 15 Cabinet maker apprentice Extwistle
Allen Edmondson son-in-law, married 25   Burnley
Ruth Edmondson dau, married 28 Weaver Extwistle


The following births recorded at Haggate Baptist Chapel correspond to the children in the census and show that the mother was named variously as Nanny or Nancy.

Mary daughter of John & Nanny Stanworth of Extwistle on 2 August 1816.
Ruth daughter of John & Nancy Stanworth of Netherwood in Extwistle on 30 August 1818.
Nanny daughter of John & Nanny Stanworth of Swindin Bottoms, Extwistle on 5 February 1821.
Ruth daughter of John & Nanny Stanworth of Swindin Bottoms, Extwistle on 20 March 1823.
Martha daughter of John & Nanny Stanworth of Swinden Bottoms, Extwistle on 18 February 1827.
Fanny daughter of John & Nanny Stanworth of Swinaringbottoms on 12 November 1829.
Benjamin son of John & Nanny Stanworth of Swindenbottom in Extwistle on 29 January 1832.
Henry son of John & Nanney Stanworth of Swindinbottom, Extwistle on 7 September 1835.

The first Ruth must have died before 1827 and there is a record of Ruth Stanworth, buried at Haggate Baptist Chapel on 31 October 1821.


The tree above may be extended back for several generations from the following tree which comes from my correspondent Bob Crossley of Somerset which includes the Henry Stanworth who married Mary Duerden.  Not all the records provided to me have full details of abode and place of worship attached but checking my own and Joan Read's records from 1732 onwards we have identified most of the events as being at Burnley St. Peter's. The full details of each event from the register have been added in the version below with the acronym BSP to indicate Burnley St. Peter's. A number of dates have been corrected. The registers for St. Peter's, Burnley from 1653 to 1690 were published by the Lancashire Parish Register Society as Volume 151 in March 2001.  As with all family trees for this period, where we have no help from census returns and civil registration, there is always some uncertainty when using mainly baptism, marriage and burial records, especially when common Christian names crop up generation after generations. However, this tree looks entirely reasonable from the data and some of the families had already been noted from earlier work.

The 12 children of Henry Stanworth and Ellen are not impossible but it is necessary to check if there were actually two Henrys having children baptised at this time and if they were all with the same mother.  This point does not affect the main argument for the branch above as the Henry who married Mary Duerden is the third child. The notes were accompanied by photocopied charts from John (Edwin) Stanworth of Chorley Wood, Herts.  The chart from which the following notes are taken also has an indication that some branches continue on another chart which was not supplied.

Beyond Generation 6, the tree follows only Benjamin and Mally's family. Note that Haggate Baptist Chapel recorded dates of birth, not baptism. Further details need to be obtained from birth and marriage certificates to consolidate this tree and there will be additional information on the census reurns for most of this period. Some Census information for James Stanworth and Betty Smith's family has been assembled as shown in footnote B6.


BSP Burnley St. Peters.
itpo: in the presence of
botc: both of this chapelry
X: signed marriage register with a cross
MI: Monumental Inscription
C41 Census of 1841
C51 Census of 1851

Footnote B1: Henry Stanworth and Ellen Butterworth

It is desirable to seek evidence for the death of Ellen in generation 5 and the burials for this period have not yet been fully examined. The last baptism, for Levi, indicates the recent death of a Henry Stanworth and there is a burial of Henry Stanworth of Extwistle on 29 June 1774 at St. Peter's Burnley. The dates of the first group are plausible in commencement and interval for a couple marrying in May 1754.

The administration of the estate of a Stephen Stanworth who died in 1838 aged 77 (indicating birth about 1761) mentions three brothers, William, Joseph and Levi Stanworth linking these four siblings as sons of the same Henry. Given that ages at death are often inaccurate by a year or two, this could mean that most if not all of the children shown in generation 6 were indeed of the same family.

The burials for this period have not been fully examined and in parts are very hard to read on the microfilm but Joan Read has looked at the records from 1778 to 1782 and found the following that may relate to the family, although we have no baptism record for a Mary at this stage.

Mary, daughter of Henry Stanworth of Extwistle buried on 6 August 1780 at Burnley St. Peter's.

There is also a record for the burial of an Ellen Stanworth of Extwistle, widow, 17 May 1768 at Burnley St. Peter's.. This Ellen's husband must have died before 1768, which is before the birth of Levi, so this Ellen could not be the mother of Stephen, William, Joseph and Levi, the four proven brothers.

Sue Wells has sent me the information on the family of Henry and Ellen that she has researched and where it is new I have added it to the tree. I have attached additional details from the registers for the marriages where I have them. This list matches that given above including Betty baptised on September 4, 1768 for whom Joan Read has found the details. We know that at this period there was also another William son of John and Martha, who was born about 1755 but who mentions no wife or children in his will of 1816.

A further complication is a marriage of a Henry Stanworth to Ann Bulcock at Newchurch-in-Pendle in 1778 who has to be distinguished from the Henry Stanworth who married Mary Duerden in 1783.

Footnote B2: John Stanworth and Mary Shackleton

John Stanworth married Mary Shackleton both of Extwistle, on 12 April 1748 at Burnley St. Peter's.

The IGI reports five children but at this period the register rarely mentions the mother's name. The only placename mentioned is Extwistle but there was no place of worship at Extwistle so the entries are assumed to be at St. Peter's Burnley. The two records that have been confirmed so far are for baptisms at St. Peter's Burnley and are for children of John Stanworth of Extwistle. The situation is complicated by the existence of a couple called John and Martha, whom we know had a daughter Mary in about 1756, a daughter Alice in 1763 a son William for whom there is no record and a son Henry. So John and Martha and John and Mary were contemporaries and their children easily confused by the fact that only the father's name is given at baptism. Some of the following born after 1 Feb 1755 may be children of John and Martha.

Henry Stanworth, son of John Stanworth of Extwistle, baptised 5 August 1750 at Burnley St. Peter's
John Stanworth son of John, baptised 5 July 1752 at Burnley St. Peter's. (found by Joan Read)
Robert Stanworth son of John, baptised 27 December 1755, Burnley St. Peter's. (found by Joan Read)

Footnote B3: William Stanworth and Betty Lawson

William Stanworth married Betty x Lawson, botc, by banns, on 27 February 1781, itpo Robert Duerden & Thos. Crossley, Burnley St. Peter.

There is another couple called William and Betty as shown below in section 5.8, with children running through from 1805 until 1824, mainly at Monk Hall. It is too long a period for only one couple but I have divided the children into two groups based on the marriage of the second couple in 1804. William as a son of Henry, baptised in 1756, fits roughly with the age given for a burial record of a William Stanworth of Monk Hall as shown below.

Baptisms that may be related to this family.

Henry s. William Stanworth of Briercliffe, 3 March 1782, BSP.
Nelly d. William Stanworth of Extwistle, 7 Jan 1787, BSP.
Levi, s. William & Betty Stanworth of Extwistle, 11 April 1790, BSP.
Nanny, d. William & Betty Stanworth of Extwistle, 10 Feb 1793, BSP.
Joseph s. William & Betty Stanworth of Extwistle, 28 June 1795, BSP.
Betty d. William & Betty Stanworth of Extwistle, 18 Jan 1798, BSP.

Burials that may relate to this family:

Grace daughter of William and Betty Stanworth of Extwistle, buried 16 Jan 1789, BSP
Nanny daughter of William and Betty Stanworth of Monk Hole, buried 6 June 1790, BSP
Joseph son of William and Beth Stanworth of Extwistle, 9 July 1798, BSP.

There are two candidates so far for the death of this William Stanworth.

William Stanworth of Monk Hall, Extwistle age 84, on 3 Jan 1841, BSP (putting birth about 1757, which would fit with the William son of Henry baptised in 1756, as in 4. 1 above.)

William Stanworth, of Holden, Extwistle, aged 65, 17 June 1820 at Burnley St. Peter's fitting a man born about 1755. This man is known to be the son of John and Martha Stanworth from a monumental inscription but no baptism has yet been identified. See 4.3 above. However, from his will, this William does not appear to have any (surviving) children by 1816. So this William can only be the father of the family above if all the children died before 1816, but there is no evidence of this at Burnley St. Peter's.

Monumental Inscription at St. Peter's.

Betty the wife of William Stanworth of Monk Hall who departed this Life August 8th 1812 in the 53rd year of her age."

This Betty must have been born about 1759, consistent with marriage in 1781 but the abode of Monk Hall is given in only one of the baptism records of the children.

Footnote B4: James Stanworth and Nanny Smith

James Stanworth & Nanny x Smith, botc, by banns, 7 Oct 1790, itpo Henry Stanworth & Richd Clough at BSP

Nanny is a diminutive for Ann and she may also be down as Ann and/or Nancy.

Baptisms that appear to relate to this couple:

Mary d. James & Nanny Stanworth of Extwistle, 29 April 1792, BSP.
Peggy d. James & Nanny Stanworth of Extwistle, 6 Sept 1795, BSP.
James, s. James & Nanny Stanworth of Extwistle, 17 Nov 1799, BSP.
Henry s. James & Nanny Stanworth of Extwistle, 25 July 1802, BSP.
William s. James & Nanny Stanworth of Rogramgate in Extwistle, 25 November 1804, BSP.
John s. James & Nanny Stanworth of Extwistle, victualler, 30 August 1807, BSP.

Possibly also:

Ann d. James & Ann Stanworth of Extwistle, farmer, born 10 Apr 1810, bapt. 6 May 1810, BSP.

Burials that may relate this family:

Henry son of James and Nancy Stanworth of Extwistle, 9 May 1810, BSP

Footnote B5: Benjamin Stanworth and Malley and their son Joseph

A burial that may relate to this family. No age given but may be relevant. Note Benjamin son of Benjamin married in 1824 and had children at least until 1836 so the burial could relate to either.

Benjamin Stanworth of Extwistle on 22 August 1839, at Haggate Baptists.

It is possible that James, son of Benjamin and Malley is the one for whom there is a Monumental Inscription at Haggate Baptist Chapel. See under section for Monumental Inscriptions.

Joseph Stanworth and Jennet Nicholl

Joseph Stanworth and Jennet Nicholl in the 1841 census at Wall Nook: Folio 43 page 7. ED 27.

This record is unusual in that contrary to the expected practice, the ages do not seem to have been rounded down to the nearest five. The occupants of the property were as follows and all were born in Lancashire.

Joseph Stanworth, 42 Farmer
Jennet Stanworth 42 -
Mary 21 Weaver
Margaret 20 Weaver
Martha 18 Weaver
Adam 15 Weaver
Benjamin 13 Weaver
Catherine 11 -
Jennet 8 -
Ellen 6 -
Joseph 3 -
William 5 months. -

By 1861 there is a further daughter Ann and also a grandchild. Census of 1861: Briercliffe with Extwistle, ED 50, At Wall Nook

Joseph Stanworth head 62 Labourer in quarry Born Extwistle
Janet Stanworth   62   Scotland
Ellen dau, unm 25 Cotton weaver Extwistle
Joseph son, unm 23 Blind Extwistle
William son, unm 21 Mason Extwistle
Ann dau, unm 18 Cotton weaver Extwistle
Emma grand dau 3   Extwistle


By 1881, in the census of Briercliffe Cum Extwistle, Lancashire, at Mustyhalgh. (4155-57-1) Joseph was dead and Jennet was head of household, a widow of 82, and a farmer, born in Scotland. With her were Joseph, unmarried son aged 43, who was a blind former quarryman and Emma, an unmarried granddaughter who was 23 and a general servant, born in Extwistle.

Footnote B6. James Stanworth and Betty Smith

A Monumental Inscription at Haggate Baptist Chapel had the following information. I believe that all the gravestone on the site have been removed in recent years.

Richard son of James and Betty Stanworth of Clough Croft, Extwistle, died 22 April 1840, aged 2 years. Betty, daughter died 12 March 1863, aged 17 years. Elizabeth wife of Benjamin Stanworth died 6 May 1869 aged 41. Betty their daughter died 23 July 1870 aged 17. Betsy wife of James Stanworth of Burnley died 5 November 1871 aged 39. Elizabeth their daughter, died 12 November 1871 aged 14. Above James Stanworth of Clough Croft, died 20 June 1880, aged 72. Betty his wife died 31 October 1884, aged 78. Benjamin their son died 1 October 1889, aged 62. Joseph their son-in-law and husband of Martha Robinson, died 22 April 1908 aged 68. Above Martha died 2 March 1917 aged 76. Elizabeth, daughter of James and Betty died aged 10 months.

The following deductions had already been made before the tree above came to light.

From this MI we can conclude that James Stanworth must have been born about 1808 and is therefore probably the James son of Benjamin & Mally Stanworth of Holden in Extwistle born on 3 April 1808 as reported in the register of Haggate Baptists. As he married a Betty it is likely that they are the James Stanworth, labourer, bachelor & Elizabeth x Smith, spinster, botc., By banns on 25 December 1826, itpo James Hey & Benjamin Chaffer at Burnley St. Peter's. (Marriage was not possible at a Nonconformist Chapel until 1837)

The monument has some slightly confusing references to children and grandchildren but it would appear that the children of James and Betty include Betty, Benjamin and Martha. There is also a mention of Betsy the wife of James Stanworth of Burnley and as the first James is stated twice to be of Clough Croft this probably refers to James and Betty's daughter-in-law so we also have a son James. There is also the Betty who died in 1870 aged 17 who must have been the daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Stanworth.

Joan Read has found a record fitting this family in the 1841 census at Clough Croft in Briercliffe with Extwistle, ED 25. I have entered a further column of approximate birth years but note that it was usual in the 1841 census to round down the ages of adults to the nearest five and this has not been done in James' case. This record does not include the Betty who died aged 17 in 1863 and so was born about 1846. The 1841 census was taken on 6 June so Martha, the youngest child was born roughly between 6 March and 6 April 1840 to be ten months old.

Name Age   Born in County Approx Birth Year
James Stanworth
Elizabeth Stanworth
10 months

Joan Read has found the same family in the 1851 census of Briercliffe, LDS film 0087273, at Clough Croft as shown below. By this stage some of the older children have left home and we have three new children mentioned - Stephen, Elizabeth, and Smith. It appears that the latter was named from his mother's maiden name.

The death of James and Betty's daughter Betty, 12 March, 1863, aged 17, places her birth in 1846. This fits with the 5-year-old Elizabeth in the 1851 census.

Name Status Age Occupation Place of Birth
James Stanworth head, M 49 Quarry Lab. Extwistle
Elizabeth wife, M 45   ditto
John son 18 Quarry Lab. ditto
James son 15 Quarry Lab ditto
Martha dau 10 Errand girl ditto
Stephen son 8 Scholar ditto, born c. 1843
Elizabeth dau 5 Scholar ditto, born c. 1846
Smith son 4 or 2   ditto. born 1847-39

Some of the older children may have been married by 1851 and Joan has found a Benjamin Stanworth and his wife Elizabeth whose birth years fit with the ones shown on the monumental inscription, as he was born about 1827. The daughter Elizabeth, born about 1846, may be Betty Stanworth of Clough Croft, who died aged 17 years, and was buried on 17 March 1863 at Haggate Baptist Chapel.

Census of 1851 at Worsthorn:

Benjamin Stanworth head, M 24 Lab in stone quarry Extwistle
Elizabeth wife, M 23   Worthorn
James son 8 months   Worsthorn




5.1   John and Martha Stanworth

John Stanworth married Martha x Hartley, both of this chapelry, itpo Jonathan Ingham and Joseph Chaffer, on 1 February 1755 at St. Peter's Burnley. (LDS film 1517692)

(Note that in the IGI it is indexed for both Burnley and "Pendle" without mentioning St. Peter's)

The information on this family comes mainly from a Monumental Inscription at Burnley St. Peter's identified by Joan Read.

"Here lieth the Body of Mary, daughter of John and Martha Stanworth of Munkhall who departed this Life August 8th 1776 in the 20th year of her Age. Also the Body of Alice the daughter of the above named John and Martha Stanworth who departed this Life August 2nd 1777 in the 15th year of her age. Also William son of the above named John and Martha Stanworth who departed this Life June 3rd 1820 in the 65th year of his age."

The William mentioned in the inscription has the same death date as the William who left a will, made in 1816, mentioning no family beyond his late brother Henry and Henry's illegitimate daughter. William must have been born about 1755. It may be that William's brother Henry was actually baptised as Harry.

Alice Stanworth, daughter of John Stanworth of Extwistle, baptised 3 January 1763 at Burnley St. Peter's.
Harry Stanworth, son of John Stanworth of Extwistle, baptised 22 February 1767, Burnley St. Peter's

Henry may be the one who married Mary Whittam in 1793 when he was about 26. However, from his own will we know that his wife in 1802 was Ellen and she was the mother of his natural daughter Alice. In 1802 he also had a son John.

Henry Stanworth of Holden in Extwistle & Mary Whittam of Cliviger by LICENCE 8 Jan 1793, both signed itpo Henry Stanworth & Molly Whittam.

Burials that relate to this group:

Alice daughter of John Stanworth of Extwistle was buried at Burnley St. Peter on 5 August 1777 (This date fits the information on the MI above of Alice daughter of John and Martha who died 2 Aug 1777.)
Mary Stanworth of Extwistle, 12 August 1776, Burnley St. Peter's. (It would be normal to state this was wife of someone if she was married.)
Henry Stanworth of Holden in Extwistle on 18 July 1802, at Burnley St. Peter.

5.2.   Robert and Martha Stanworth

Robert Stanworth is probably the eldest son of the John and Martha mentioned above in section 5.1. He was born at the end of the year they married:

Robert, son of John Stanworth of Extwistle, baptised on 27 December 1755 at St. Peter's, Burnley

Robert Stanworth married Martha x Nutter, botc, by banns, on 3 March 1783, itpo John Briearley & Thos. Crossley at Burnley St. Peters.

Burials that may be related to this family:

William son of Robert and Martha Stanworth of Haggate, 30 Nov 1791, BSP
John son of Robert & Martha Stanworth of Briercliffe, 11 Sept 1794, BSP
Martha wife of Robert Stanworth of Briercliffe, 25 DEC 1803, BSP

5.3.   Mathias & Margaret.

There is no known baptism for a Matthias at this stage. We have two records, one for his marriage and one for a baptism of his son Henry.

Mathias x Stanworth married Peggy x Harrison, botc, by banns 10 June 1802, itpo Joseph Heap & Thos Crossley. BSP

Baptism that probably relates to this couple.

Henry s. Mathias & Margaret Stanworth of Hurstwood (?), 8 January 1804, BSP.

This group differs from the those discussed at length in the family trees in Sections 2 and 4 in that not all the events are at St. Peter's, Burnley or at Haggate Baptist Chapel. While the occupation of slating continues the families move over a slightly wider area such as Newchurch-in-Pendle, Higham, Barrowford, Colne and Goldshaw Booth in the Forest of Pendle.

Annette Joseph is researching this family and has sent me the following information. A Henry Stanworth married Ann Bulcock at St. Mary's Newchurch in Pendle on 31 December 1778 and Annette considers these are probably the parents of Matthias. Matthias and Margaret had a second son, William, born about 1805 or 1806 who is Annette's direct ancestor. He married three times, had a large family and is buried at Fence. Annette has obtained marriage certificates for two of William's marriages and they show that his father's name was Matthias. A Matthias married Mary Atkinson in 1810 and they had several children. Annette believes that the family must have moved around for a time resulting in records being spread over a few parishes.

Sue Wells has also collected some information on Matthias Stanworth and his marriage to Margaret (Peggy) Harrison in 1802 and Mary Atkinson at Colne in 1810. Matthias was described as a Slater. He had two sons, Henry, a farmer born 1804, died in 1854 and William, master slater and farmer born 1805/6, died 1886 at Cock Hill, Colne.

I have received in correspondence from Bob Crossley of Somerset, some note prepared by John Edwin Stanworth of Chorleywood, Herts, prepared some years ago in which he mentions his ancestor as Matthias Stanworth. Few details are given but the tree matches the information given by Annette Joseph and Sue Wells with the two children arising from Henry's first marriage. Some census data has been added to find more children and fill in some details. Note that William and Prudence Stanworth call a son Robinson and one Martin which may give clues to Prudence's maiden name or father's name.

Howard Stanworth in South Africa has also been researching this branch of the family. He sent me a chart which also indicates that Henry Stanworth of Extwistle married Ann Bulcock at Newchurch-in-Pendle and suggests that this Henry might have been the son of Henry Stanworth of Monk Hall, baptised in 1734 who married Ellen Butterworth in 1754 and died in 1774. He shows the children with names as on my chart but then has the son Henry marry Ann Bulcock in 1778 rather than Mary Duerden in 1783. Clearly there are two Henrys marrying within five years and we don't have the answer to this at the moment.


C41 Census of 1841
C51 Census of 1851
C81 Census of 1881
HS: Additional information from Howard Stanworth


Note 1: Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 2254; Folio: 741; Page: 11; GSU roll: 87278.
Note 2: Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 508; Book: 10; Civil Parish: Whalley; County: Lancashire; Enumeration District: 8; Folio: 21; Page: 7; Line: 3; GSU roll: 306897
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Note 5. Source Citation: Class: RG 9; Piece: 3076; Folio: 31; Page: 17; GSU roll: 543074.


5.4.   William & Betty Stanworth (Second Couple with these names)

William x Stanworth married Betty x Holgate, by banns, botc on 22 November 1804, itpo John Berry & James Stanworth, at St. Peter's, Burnley.

(There is also William Stanworth married an Elizabeth Miners on 18 March 1805 at Wrockwardine, Shropshire, IGI entry)

At the moment we have a cluster of baptisms that seem to be for the same couple with only one abode different from the rest..

While we have two couples called William and Betty there is as yet only one baptism record for a William 18 or more years earlier than the first child recorded below and that is William son of Henry baptised in 1756. However we also know of William son of John and Martha as indicated in item 5.1 above. He died in 1820, so he cannot be the father of the children below at least not beyond 1820 and his will did not indicate a widow or any children when it was made in 1816 when Betty was still alive.

As noted in item 4.5 there was the burial of William Stanworth of Monk Hall, Extwistle age 84, on 3 Jan 1841, at Burnley St. Peters, indicating a man born about 1757. The abode of Monk Hall is the one given below for most of the children. The William and Betty in this section used Haggate Baptist Chapel so it appears inconsistent that he would chose burial at St. Peter's. This probably means that a third William is responsible for this family. There was a William son of Henry Stanworth of Briercliffe baptised 10 April 1785 at Burnley St. Peter's and depending on his age at baptism he would have been about 19 at the time of the marriage mentioned above.

James son of William & Betty Stanworth of Monk Hall in Extwistle on 6 June 1805. Haggate Bapt.
Betty daughter of William & Betty Stanworth of Monk Hall in Extwistle on 7 January 1807. Haggate Bapt.
Ann daughter of William & Betty Stanworth of Monk Hall in Extwistle on 26 February 1809. Haggate Bapt.
William son of William & Betty Stanworth of Monk Hall in Extwistle on 13 August 1811. Haggate Bapt.
Ellin daughter of William & Betty Stanworth of Monkhall in Extwistle on 21 December 1813. Haggate Bapt.
Mary daughter of William & Betty Stanworth of Monkhall in Extwistle on 23 March 1817. Haggate Bapt.
Henry son of William & Betty Stanworth of Monk Hall in Extwistle on 7 March 1819. Haggate Bapt.
Sophia daughter of William & Betty Stanworth of Monk Hall, Extwistle on 23 October 1821. Haggate Bapt.
Benjamin son of William & Betty Stanworth of Swindin Bottoms, Extwistle on 11 January 1824. Haggate Bapt.

Burial almost certainly for this family given the unusual name:

Sophia Stanworth of Park, Burnley aged 21, on 11 Mar 1843 at Burnley St Peters.

Possible Burials relating to the family.

Betty Stanworth, buried 21 June 1826 at Haggate Baptist Chapel.
Betty Stanworth of Extwistle buried on 10 September 1839, Haggate Baptist Chapel

There is an MI at Burnley St. Peter's for a Mary wife of William Stanworth of Monk Hall who could be the mother of this family but the St. Peter's connection is less likely given the family's use of Haggate Baptist Chapel.

# 649
"Here lieth the Remains of Betty the wife of William Stanworth of Monk Hall who departed this Life August 8th 1812 in the 53rd year of her age."

Joan Read has identified the following information in the census of 1851 that probably relates to Henry the son of William and Betty who was baptised on 7 March 1819 as the age fits. The fact that Henry called a daughter Sophia is also of interest in that he had a sister of that name who died aged 21.

In St. Peter's Ward, Burnley # 91, Parker Court # 3 and a half.

Henry Stanworth head, married 32 slater Monk Hall
Sunna (sic) wife, married 27   Barrowford
Benjiman son 6 scholar Worsthorne
Elizabeth dau 3   Burnley
Sophia dau 1   Burnley


5.5.  Jonathan & Alice Stanworth

No baptism of a Jonathan has been found so far.

Jonathan x Stanworth & Alice x Catlow, botc, by banns 7 June 1804, itpo Richd. Clough & John Berry at Burnley St. Peter.

Birth records for this couple's children:

John son of Jonathan & Alce (sic) Stanworth of Hurstwood on 4 December 1804. Haggate Bapt.
Ann daughter of Jonathan & Alice Stanworth of Hurstwood on 27 January 1807. Haggate Bapt.
Mary daughter of Jonathan & Alice Stanworth of Haggate on 22 February 1809. Haggate Bapt.
Henry son of Jonathan & Alice Stanworth of Haggate on 22 January 1811. Haggate Bapt.
Alice daughter of Jonathan & Alice Stanworth of Haggate on 18 March 1813. Haggate Bapt.
Elisabeth daughter of Jonathan & Alice Stanworth of Haggate on 25 August 1815. Haggate Bapt.
William son of Jonathan & Alice Stanworth of Hagate on 28 July 1818. Haggate Bapt.
Jonathan son of Jonathan & Alice Stanworth of Haggate on 20 February 1822. Haggate Bapt.
Robert son of Jonathan & Alice Stanworth of Haggate in Briercliffe on 15 April 1825. Haggate Bapt.

5.6.  Robert & Grace Stanworth

Robert x Stanworth, worsted manufacturer & Grace x Rawson, widow, both of Briercliffe by banns, 8 Feb 1808, itpo John Berry & Richd. Clough. Burnley St. Peter.

Birth Record for this couple's child.

Ellin daughter of Robert & Grace Stanworth of Haggate on 24 January 1810. Haggate Baptist record.

5.7 Bannister Stanworth

Bannister x Stanworth, weaver, bachelor married Martha x Clough, widow, botc., By banns on 18 September 1820, itpo James Hey and James Hargreaves at Burnley St. Peter's.

This is an unusual Christian name and a group turns up in the 1841 census as follows under HO 107/506/21. Burnley Enumeration District 9, Folio 31 page 4. The abode is illegible.

Banestre Stanworth 41 Weaver Born in the County
Martha 45 Ditto Born in the County
Robert 19 Ditto Born in the County

In the 1851 census the same three people turn up (folio 574, page 30) at Cop Row. It is interesting that Robert is said to be a lodger not a relative, whereas from the 1841 census it would be easy to assume that Robert was the son of Banestre and Martha.

From the entry in the 1841 census, it's easy to assume that Robert is a son. I don't have any record of a Robert baptized at St. Peter's but there is one recorded at Haggate on 20 January 1821. If this is the one he should be recorded as 30 in the census.

Bannister Stanworth head, married 49 hand loom weaver Burnley
Martha Stanworth wife, married 55 oat cake maker Trawden
Robert Stanworth lodger, ummarried 29 labourer Burnley

At Haggate Baptist Chapel the following burial is recorded.

Bannester Stanworth of Coprow, aged 58 years, 15 may 1858

5.8 Joseph Stanworth of Bottin, Worsthorn and his wife Elizabeth formerly Pickles

There is a burial record at St. John the Evangelist at Worsthorn for a Joseph Stanworth aged 51 of Bottin on 13 April 1852. In the course of searching for a different Joseph, I obtained a copy of the death certificate which shows that he died on 9 April. He was a quarryman aged 51 and the informant was Peter Holgate, present at the death. The cause of death was unknown and the length of illness was put as ten minutes with no medical attendant.

Looking at the 1851 census for Worsthorn it was possible to identify this Joseph aged 50 with wife Elizabeth, 50; James aged 21, Ann aged 16, Levi aged 14 and Joseph aged 1. Joseph was described as a labourer born in Worsthorn as were all the others. Elizabeth was a weaver, James a labourer, Ann a weaver and Levi a labourer. Joseph is described as a son but it is surprising that he is only aged 1 with Elizabeth aged 50 unless she is a second wife. Peter Holgate, present at the death, lived next door. (Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 2251; Folio: 68; Page: 11; GSU roll: 87273-87274.)

If Elizabeth was Joseph's first wife they must have married at least 21 years earlier. They could be the following couple married at St. Peter's Burnley.

Joseph x Stanworth, labourer, bachelor and Elizabeth x Pickles, spr., botc., By banns, 28 Aug 1825, itpo James Hey and William Shackleton.

In the 1841 census when ages were rounded down to the nearest five, Joseph and Elizabeth are said to be aged 35 and living at Bottin. The children are listed as Henry or Henney aged 13, Ann aged 6 and Levi aged 4. Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 510; Book: 8; Civil Parish: Whalley; County: Lancashire; Enumeration District: 28; Folio: 5; Page: 2; Line: 14; GSU roll: 306899.

There are no baptisms of children of Joseph and Elizabeth at St. Peter's or records of birth at Haggate Baptist Chapel in the right period althought there are several records for children of Joseph and Jennet who are treated elsewhere on this page.



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