Arranged in Family Groups


The Registers of St. Andrew's, Slaidburn

The Lancashire County Record Office has the registers for C. 1662-1885, M. 1654-1660 and 1712-1968, B. 1653-1852.  There are also copies C. 1662-1797, and B. 1653-1797.  Chris Spencer and Reg Postlethwaite published the registers privately as folows.  Volume I, published in April 1994 has C. 1600-1770, M. 1600-1770 and B. 1660-1770.  Volume II, produced in 1998 covers 1771-1837 for baptisms and marriages and 1771-1852 for burials. The I.G.I. has indexed C. 1631-1843, M. 1631-1837.  The information shown below was originally obtained from the I.G.I. and then checked against the published version.

Details of all the records have been abstracted for the Thornber families and are shown on a separate page.

This collection of data shown below has a few references to Clapham, Bentham and Houghton by Settle.  Records for Bentham are taken from the Lancashire Parish Register Society's volume 69, which covers 1666 to 1812.  The North Yorkshire County Record Office has a transcript covering up to 1837.  They also have a transcript for Clapham covering 1595 to 1837.  Records from Houghton by Settle are taken from my transcript.  Records for Gisburn are taken from the Yorkshire Parish Register Society transcript.

The Construction of the Family Groups

Starting from marriage records, plausible families are based on dates and parents names. Burials have been added to the family groups where the deceased is named as the child of the father, where ages match and when information from wills fits. All the burial records are appended at the end of the document.  Note that this grouping into families should be considered as preliminary at this stage but four detailed family trees of Thornber's in Slaidburn are shown on the Thornber Family Tree page where all the data available from wills and registers is combined.

The first four entries for Anthony, Ralph, William and Richard are of approximately the same generation and the first three are now believed to be the sons of Giles. The second Anthony, William, John and Ralph represent the following generation and some are known to be the sons of the first four from the wills of Anthony and Ralph. Note that Ralph born in the 1730s is known from his marriage and the baptism of his children but that the evidence for him being the son of Anthony comes from his father's will.

1. Egidus married Margreta Parker in Slaidburn in 1635. See also Waddington.

2. Egidius married Margretta Jackson on 6 Nov. 1703 at Waddington.

Margaret is known to be his wife from his will dated 26 March 1757 and he died before 20 June 1757 when Margaret was sworn executrix. Giles is mentioned in the will of his father-in-law, Robert Jackson. Children mentioned in the will of Egidius are Anthony, William and Ralph and also a grandson Ralph. In the baptism registers, for the first four children Egidius is said to be of Stephen Moor and for Maria as of Brookhouse Green. For the record of Sarah, Egidius is said to be a linarij (weaver).

Children of Egidius baptised at Slaidburn

Anthonius f. Egidij Thornber of Stephen Moor, 13 May 1705
Jennetta f. Egidij Thornber of Stephen Moor, 14 Sep 1707
Radulphus f. Egidij Thornber of Stephen Moor, 19 Feb 1710
Sarah f. Egidij Thornber of Stephen Moor, linarij 19 July 1713
Maria f. Egidij Thornber of Brookhouse Green 17 Mar 1720
Wm. (known only from Giles' will.)

Burials at Slaidburn that may relate to this family:

Jenetta d. Aegidij de Brookhouse Green, textor, 13 Jan 1729
Sarah d. Aegidij de Brookhouse Green, textor, 7 Feb 1729
Giles of Brookhouse Green, 22 May 1757

3.  Anthony Thornber married Hannah Booker, both of Slaidburn on 21 April 1733 P Lic.

On the marriage bond and allegation, dated 18 April 1733, it states that Anthony of Brookhouse Green, yeoman, above 27, and Hannah Bouker of Slaidburn, aged above 26, were licensed for a marriage at Slaidburn or Gisburn. Anthony was a bondsman as was Henry Isherwood of Gisburn, yeoman. This Anthony is probably the son of Egidius or Giles, baptised in 1705 as shown above.

Anthony's will of 17 April 1756 mentioned children Ralph, John, Giles, William, Anthony, Elizabeth and Margaret. He died before 26 October 1762 when administration of the will began. In the registers, Anthony was reported to be of Woodhouse for the baptisms of Giles, John, Elizabeth, Jennet, William, Margaret and Anthoney. Note that there is a gap in 1736 in Slaidburn registers and this probably accounts for there being no record for Ralph. Other evidence suggests that 1736 is the most likely date for him.

Children of Anthony baptised at Slaidburn

Giles s Anthony Thornber of Woodhouse, 21 Apr 1734
Ralph (known only from father's will but probably born about 1736)
John s. Anthony Thornber of Woodhouse, 27 Dec 1738
Elizabeth d. Anthony Thornber of Woodhouse, 9 Apr 1741
Jennet d. Anthony Thornber of Woodhouse, 30 Jan 1743
William s. Anthony Thornber of Woodhouse, 20 Oct 1745
Margaret d. Anthony Thornber of Woodhouse, 8 Mar 1747
Anthoney s. Anthony Thornber of Woodhouse, 12 Mar 1749

Burials at Slaidburn that appear ot relate to this family

Jennet d. of Anthony of Woodhouse, 29 Oct 1761
Anthony of Brookhouse Green, 28 Sept 1762 at Slaidburn (fits with will)
Hannah of Brookhouse Green, 4 October 1762. (wife of Anthony)
Elizabeth of Brookhouse Green, spinster, 6 June 1763.


4.  Ralph Thornber married Elizabeth Beecroft or Beecraft in Clapham on 27 November 1742 by licence.

The marriage bond was found in Vol. 100 of Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society for 27 November 1742, Ralph Thornborrow (signs Thormber) of Easington Slaydburn, yeo. 26 and Elizabeth Beecroft, 22. Bondsmen were William Thornborrow (signs Thormber) of Easington, yeo. at Clapham.  Ralph made a will on 17 September 1790, which named his wife Elizabeth, sons Gyles, Thomas and William and also Agnes a granddaughter.

A will has also been found for Gyles (4 February 1805), who had no children. Property was left to his brothers Thomas and William and to Thomas's son Ralph, who was under 21. Giles wrote a codicil only 6 days later to change the will in the light of Thomas's death. The executor was changed to Neddy Holden, the brother of Thomas' wife. Thomas' wife Isabella and her brother Neddy Holden were administrators for Thomas as he died intestate. This means that it was Thomas, son of Ralph who married Isabel Holden or Howden in Gisburn in 1798.

A Ralph Thornber is witness to the marriage of Edward Robinson and Elizabeth Standen at Slaidburn on 26 January 1760 and to the marriage of John Jackson and Agnes Harrison on 30 June 1755.

Children of Ralph baptised at Gisburn & Slaidburn

Gyles s. Ralph Thornber 22 Sep1745 Gisburn
Thomas s. Ralph Thornber 28 Jun 1747 Gisburn
Wm. s. Ralph Thornber of Lower Sandy Sike Gisborne Forest, 26 Nov 1749 Slaidburn

Burials at Tosside (also know as Houghton) Chapel that appear to relate to this family:

Ralph Thornber of Sandy Syke at Tosside on 1 May 1795
Elizabeth, widow of Ralph Thornber of Sandy Syke on 3 Dec 1798, Tosside.
Giles Thornber of Sandy Sike, Tosside, 3 March 1805
Thomas Thornber of Sandy Syke, husband of Isabella, 13 Feb 1805 Tosside
William Thornber of Middle Brawshaw, aged 74, Tosside, 15 May 1823.  (consistent with birth about 1749)

5. John and Margaret Thornber.   No marriage identified but there are baptism records as follows at Bentham.

Alice d. John & Margaret Thornber, bapt. 2 Dec 1744 Bentham,
William s. John and Margaret Thornber, bapt. 25 Jan 1752, Bentham.

Burials that could relate to this couple as the use of the title Mr. is fairly uncommon at this period in the register.

Margaret wife of Mr. Thornber, 6 Jan 1762, at Bentham
Mr. John Thornber of High Bentham, 11 Nov 1778

6.  Richard Thornber married Ann Geldard on 3 Nov. 1744, both of this parish at Slaidburn
     Richard Thornber married Margaret Leeming on 2 Dec. 1749, both of this parish at Slaidburn.

This is consistent with the death of the first wife Ann early in 1749. Richard is reported to be of Woodhouse, Woodhouse Lane, Slaidburn, and Woodhouse Lane respectively for the four children. Margaret must be the mother of all four children and dies shortly after the birth of William.

Richard 16 Sept 1750, Slaid Robert12 Nov 1752, Slaid John 22 Sept 1754, Slaid William22 Aug 1756, Slaid


Ann wife of Richard of Woodhouse Lane, 19 May 1749, at Slaidburn.
Margaret wife of Richard of Woodhouse Lane, 20 Oct 1756, at Slaidburn.
Robert of Slaidburn, 14 May 1817, aged 66.
John son of Richard of Slaidburn, buried 14 April 1757 at Clapham.

7.  William Thornber (Estimated birth date of 1720 to 1730).

A William married Margaret Rudd on 23 Nov 1754 in Slaidburn, both of this parish by banns with witness Ralph Thornber. Ralph could be his elder brother if this is the William son of Giles and Margretta Jackson. William said to be from Hardin for John, Stephen Moor for Catherine, and Hardin for Mary. This marriage date is after first child below. A William also married Alice Parker in Whitewell in 1748 and a William married Mary Briscoe in 1755.

John 28 Oct 1753 Slaidburn, Catherine 27 Feb 1757, Slaidburn; Mary, 14 Oct 1759, Slaidburn

John Thornber married Elizabeth Sprote botp by licence itpo: Wm Thornton and Richard Cumberland on 27 November 1762 at Bentham.

8. John Thornber.

This could be the John, born in 1738, son of Anthony. A John married an Ann Wilson, by licence, both of this parish in Slaidburn on 9 July 1763, witnesses were Richard Bradley and Will Slaiter.  The marriage bond and allegation, dated 7 July 1763 states that John Thornber of Brookhouse Green, Slaidburn, farmer of 22 or over and Ann Wilson of Brookhouse Green, 21 or above, spinster were licensed to marry at Slaidburn. Bondsmen were John himself and Richard Bradley of Height, Farmer.

Baptisms at Slaidburn
Ann, 30 Jul 1763; Betty, 7 Oct 1764; William, 19 Nov 1769; John 30 Aug 1772; Anthony, 20 Aug 1775; Giles, 1778; Benjamin, 15 Jul 1781; and Hannah mentioned in will of William

John was said to be of Brookhouse Green for the baptisms of Ann, William, John, Anthony & Benjamin. The will of William, who died in 1799, mentions his brothers John, Anthony, Giles and Benjamin, a sister Hannah Richardson, and wife Hannah. There may be a further sister Jane as shown in the records of burials noted below.

Ann d. of John of Brookhouse Green, 31 Jul 1763, at Slaidburn.
Ann wife of John Thornber of Brookhouse Green 25 Apr 1791
Jane dau of Jno Thornber of Woodhouse interred in the church 9 June 1796
aged 28. Would make her birth about 1768.
John Thornber of Woodhouse, 16 Dec 1797 aged 58, fits birth 1738/9.
William Thornber of Woodhouse, 2 Apr 1799, aged 29 at Slaidburn.

(There is a will of a John who died in Bentham in 1820 which refers to a wife Ann, still living, and the following still living children Giles, Christopher, Ann and Hannah. This family has now been identified as one which originated in the Bentham area and moved to the Fylde. The baptisms of these children were at Tatham)

The will of William in 1799 does not mention a brother Christopher. Note also that a John Thornber married Elizabeth Sprote by licence on 27 November 1762 itpo Wm Thornton and Richard Cumberland at Bentham

9. Gyles Thornber

Gyles Thornber married Elizabeth Bleazard in Slaidburn on 4 Jan 1763, both of this parish, witnesses were John Thornber and Chris Weanman. There is an admon for a Gyles by a Betty in 1789.

10. Ralph & Mary Thornber

A Ralph Thornber married Mary Wilson in Slaidburn on 16 Feb 1764, both of this parish in the presence of Robert Coat and Wm. Wainwright. This is very probably the Ralph son of Anthony as mentioned above, who is mentioned in his father’s will of 1762. Note that Anthony died at Brookhouse Green. For the first seven children, Ralph is said to be of Brookhouse Green. For Edmund, Ralph is said to be of Woodhouse Lane and for Molly of Davisons.

Baptisms at Slaidburn

Anthony, 23 Sep 1764; Wm. 27 Jul 1766; Jennet 5 Feb1769; Ralph, 19 Jun1771; Giles, 1 Jan 1774; John 19 May 1776; Christr, 10 Jun 1781, Edmund, 11 Jan 1784; Molly 14 May 1786

Burials at Slaidburn:
Jennet dau of Ralph Thornber of Woodhouse Lane, 4 Dec 1783 at Slaidburn.
Ralph Thornber of Mittons in Woodhouse 26 June 1793. Possibly the father.
Mary Thornber of Bridge End, 10 Sep 1821, aged 84, (plausible for wife.)

11.  Richard Thornber married Jane Heaton both of this parish by Licence, on 6 Jan. 1766, witnesses Robert Parker and Will Slaiter.

12. Margaret Thornber married Christopher Wilson in 17 May 1770, Slaidburn, witness Christopher Smythes.

13. William Thornber and Jane Brennand (see separate page for full details)

William Thornber married Jane X Brennand btp. by banns, by R Brockbank, curate, witn: Ralph Thornber and William Brennand 7 January 1772. This is almost certainly the William born in 1745, son of Anthony. The William born in 1749 son of Ralph has been positively identified as the one living at Brayshaw who marries first Mary Downham then Ann Proctor.

The will of William, who died in 1828 confirms the name of his wife as Jane, the children baptised at Slaidburn, and shows two additional children, Thomas and Ann. William was said to be from Stoney Bank for first five children but of Botham for Ellen in 1794

The son John was known initially only from being mentioned in the father's will but a record has been found in the Tosside Chapel registers for a baptism on 25 February 1795 son of Wm. and Jane Thornber of Stoney Bank. (The same event is down in the I.G.I for Houghten by Settle.) Of great importance also is the will of the son Anthony, born in 1778 and dying in 1858, who mentions all his nephews and nieces arising from his siblings. This will also shows the children Thomas and Ann whose married name was Todd.

Baptisms at Slaidburn

James, 8 Sep 1772; Hanna, 27 May 1775; Anthony 1 Jan1778; Phebe 18 Apr 1780; Willm 23 Sep 1781; Ellen 14 Dec 1794; John 25 Feb 1795 (Tosside and mentioned in will) Thomas, known from his father's will, Ann known from father's will

Phebe dau of Willm Thornber of Stonybank buried Slaidburn 27 July 1780 but note that a Phebe is still mentioned in William's will of 1826, when she is Phoebe Parker. Thus the first died in infancy in 1780 but the baptism of the second Phoebe is not known.
William of Stony Bank, 19 Feb 1828, aged 82. (fits birth in 1745/6)
Jane Thornber of Stoneybank, 10 June 1831, aged 82 (plausible for wife)

14.  Alice Thornber married James Wilson, botp. by banns itpo Richard Wilson, William Thornber and John Thornber on 19 June 1773 at Bentham.

15.   William Thornber married Deborah Rimington botp, itpo Isaac Melling and Thomas Threlfa on 22 Feb 1781 at Bentham.

There is one baptism and one burial that relates to this couple.  Margaret d. of William Thornber bapt. 18 Jan 1784 at Bentham.  Deborah Thornber aged 61, died 15 Feb buried 17 Feb 1812 at Bentham.

16.   Mary Thornber spr. married David Parker, labourer, both of Mewith in this parish, by banns itpo Wm. Dodgson on 18 May 1782 at Bentham.

17. Richard X Thornber married Catherine X Hayhurst, 21 April 1772, btp. by banns, by L Moore, witn: John Wilkinson and Henry Heaton.

18. Alice Thornber married Will Loynd in Slaidburn, 27 April 1773

19. Anthony Thornber

Anthony Thornber of this Parish, husbandman married Margaret X Fell of the same parish, spinster, by banns, on 5 February 1774 by Thos Wilson, curate, witn; Wm. Slaiter and Agnes Slaiter. This could be the Anthony born in 1749 son of an Anthony. Anthony was said to be of Champion for the baptism of Hannah, of Woodhouse for the baptism of Sarah and Anthony, and of Davisons for Betty.

Baptisms at Sladburn
Hannah, 23 May 1774; Sarah, 4 Nov 1775; Anthony 25 Jan 1778; Betty 13 Jul 1788

There is an Anthony who married Alice Clayton at Mitton whose children overlap these dates.

An Anthony of Wicongill in p. of Bolton made a will in 1786 in which he named his wife as Ellin. However he had children named Hannah, James and John and his wife was pregnant at the time the will was made. He died before March 1786 but one of the executors was John Thornber of Brookhouse Green. He could be the John who was born in 1738 son of Anthony who married Ann Wilson in 1763 in Slaidburn. The will does not seem to fit the family above although there could be other children between 1778 and 1788, because the last child is about two years after the death of the testator.

20. James Thornber

James Thornber of the Parish of Slaidburn, mason, married Jennet X Bleazard of the same Parish, on 16 June 1788, by banns by Joseph Bowman, curate, witn: Henry Hindle and Matthew Isherwood. James was said to be of Oxengill House for the baptism of Nancy and of Slaidburn for Ellen and John. He could be the son of John, baptised at Bolton by Bowland in 1757. If so then we know that his brother, William, was also a stone mason.

Baptisms at Slaidburn
Nancy 25 Apr 1790; Ellen, 10 Apr 1791; John 20 Jan 1793

Burial at Slaidburn
Jennet wife of James Thornber of Slaidburn, 13 Dec 1794.
James Thornber of Slaidburn, 11 Jan 1832 aged 74 (fits for birth 1757/8 which could be plausible for marriage in 1788)

21.  John Thornber

John Thornber of the Parish of Slaidburn married Jane Day, of the same parish, spinster, on 26 April 1794 by banns, by Frederick Harrison, witn: Jane Clapham and Anthony Thornber.

There is a baptism of Jane, daughter of John on, 7 June 1796 at Slaidburn and the burial of Jane, daughter of John & Jane Thornber of Woodhouse, an infant on 29 September 1796.

22. Mary Thornber of Easington.

Information on Mary is included in the page on Paul Thornber. John Blackwell Thornber spurious son of Mary Thornber was baptised on 14 Oct 1798 at Slaidburn and Ann Thornber, spurious daughter was baptised on 19 April, 1807 at Slaidburn

23. Ralph Thornber

Ralph Thornber of the Parish of Slaidburn, cotton weaver, married Alice X Banks, of the same parish, on 30 May 1801, by Licence, by Joseph Bowman, curate, witn: William Banks and Wm. Slaiter.

The marriage bond and allegation of 28 May 1801 states that Ralph Thornber of Slaidburn, cotton weaver, 21 or over, bachelor, was licensed to marry Alice Banks of Slaidburn, 17 or above, spinster at Slaidburn. Bondsmen were Ralph himself and John Banks, of Slaidburn, farrier. John Banks appeared personally to swear that he was the natural and lawful father of Alice Banks and that he agreed to the marriage.

This information puts Ralph's birth in 1780 or earlier. It is very likely that he is the Ralph son of Ralph baptised at Slaidburn in 1771.

Ralph was said to be of Burnside for the baptism of his first two children then of Woodhouse for third and of Under Burn for Mary Ann, Jennet and Elizabeth. Ralph is said to be a weaver of Woodhouse for Jane, a farmer of Veeping (sic) for William and then a farmer of Hey for the last two children. The children are all said to be of Ralph and Alice.

Baptisms at Slaidburn
Alice, 23 June 1805; Ralph 17 May 1807; John 12 June 1810; Mary Ann 25 Dec 1812; Jennet 2 Apr 1815
Elizabeth 6 Apr 1817; Jane 19 Sep 1819; William 2 Feb 1823; Hannah 26 Sep 1824; James 25 Feb, 1827

Marriages have been found as follows for three of these children where Peter Smith features as a groom and twice as a witness.

27 Sept. 1842 Thomas Laycock of full age, bachelor, labourer of Whycoller, son of Thomas Laycock, farmer, married Alice Thornber, of full age, spinster of Staple Oak, Parish of Slaidburn, Yorkshire, daughter of Ralph Thornber, farmer at the Parochial Chapelry of Colne. Both signed in the presence of Peter Smith and James Laycock and were married by Wm. Messenger, curate. (Added to Slaidburn family tree report)

8 Jan. 1839 John Thornber, of full age, bachelor, labourer, of Colne Moor, son of Ralph Thornber, farmer, married Susan Whitaker, minor, spinster, of Nar End, daughter of William Whitaker, farmer, at the Parochial Chapelry of Colne. John signed and Susan made her mark in the presence of Peter Smith and Ralph Thornber. By J. Henderson, incumbent. Registration in the District of Colne. (Added to Slaidburn family tree report)

14 July 1840 Peter Smith, of full age, bachelor, labourer of Cowling son of William Smith, labourer, married Mary Ann Thornber, of full age, spinster, of Colne Moor, daughter of Ralph Thornber, farmer at the Parochial Chapel of Colne. Both signed in the presence of James Smith and James Ellis. (Added to Slaidburn family tree report)

24.  James Thornber married Eliz Richardson in 1801 (Mrs J Thornber) I.G.I has 20 April 1801, Easingwold,

25. Hannah Thornber married Will Parker 23 February 1802, Slaidburn. This is the daughter of William Thornber and Jane Brennand baptised at Slaidburn in 1775. She is not mentioned in the will of her brother, Anthony, but in her father’s will she is described as Hannah the wife of William Parker.

25. William and Ann Thornber

Baptisms at Bentham
Betty d. William & Ann Thornber bapt. 9 Nov. 1800
Ann d. of William & Ann Thornber, born 10 Jan bapt. 6 Feb. 1803

26. William Thornber & Alice Isherwood

William Thornber of the Parish of Slaidburn, weaver, married Alice Isherwood of the same parish, spinster, on 23 February 1805, by banns, by Joseph Bowman, curate, witn: John Isherwood and James Thornber. The first son, Willm, was said to be of William of Stonybank and Alice. The I.G.I has the father, William, said to be born about 1780 in Bolton by Bowland, but there is no similar entry in that register. It could relate to information from an age at death. From the names of his children, we can identify this William to be the son of William and Jane Brennand. He was baptised at Slaidburn in 1781. Two sons, William and Matthew are mentioned in the will of their uncle, Anthony, in 1858. William was said to be a weaver and the mother said to be Alice Isherwood for Bolton by Bowland entries

Willm, 25 Aug 1805 Slaidburn; Matthew, born 7 Aug, bapt. 21 Sept 1806, Bolton by Bowland; Ellen, born 29 Feb and bapt 27 March 1808, Bolton by Bowland

27. Ellen Thornber of Slaidburn

Jennet, 1 July 1810 spurious daughter of Ellen, Slaidburn

28.  James Thornber & Elizabeth Wooler

James Thornber of the Parish of Slaidburn, husbandman, married Elizabeth X Wooler of the same parish, spinster, on 18 October 1806, by banns, by Joseph Bowman, curate, witn: William Thornber and William Brennand. We can identify him as the eldest son of William Thornber and Jane Brennand, baptised in 1772 as five of his children are mentioned in the will of his brother, Anthony, in 1858. These are William, Ann, Grace, Elizabeth and James.  The first daughter, Ann, was said to be dau of James Thornber of Brockthorn and Betty his wife. See separate page  Children baptised at Slaidburn, Houghton Chapel at Tosside and Mount Sion, Sandy Syke at Tosside.

29. Ann Thornber married James Todd, Lower Stoney Bank, on 10 May 1810, Slaidburn. This is the daughter of William Thornber and Jane Brennand. She is mentioned in the will of her brother, Anthony, as the wife of James Todd and had five children surviving by 1858.

30.  Alice Thornber

Alice Thornber of Handbridge, widow and cotton weaver. Could she be Alice formerly Isherwood the wife of William? Alice formerly Banks the wife of Ralph produces several children beyond this date..  She had a daughter Ann Walker, baptised on 23 Feb 1814, Slaidburn

30. Christopher & Margaret Thornber

This couple had the following children baptised at Bentham

John s. Christopher and Margaret Thornber of Bentham, born 7 Sept, bapt. 21 Oct 1804, Bentham
Mary d. of Christopher and Margaret Thornber of Lower Bentham, born 4 Apr, bapt. 8 June 1806.
William s. Christopher and Margaret, born 24 Oct and bapt. 2 Dec 1810, Bentham
Giles s. Christopher and Margaret Thornber, chandler, of Lower Bentham, bapt. 11 April 1813 at Bentham
Eleanor Lorimer Thornber d. of Christopher and Margaret Thornber, chandler of Lower Bentham, bapt. 3 Sept 1815 at Bentham.

31.  Thomas Thornber

Thomas Thornber of the Parish of Slaidburn, husbandman, married Betty X Whittle, of the same parish, spinster, on 30 Dec 1809 by banns, by Joseph Bowman, curate, witn: Wm. Lund and Ralph Thornber. He is now known to be the son of William Thornber and Jane Brennand and to be the same Thomas who later married Isabel Whittle in 1827. The information comes from the mention of Thomas and children from both these marriages in the will of Thomas’ brother Anthony in 1858. He is known to have been born about 1788 from his age at death (death certificate information from Mrs Jessie Thornber) but no baptism record is known.   See details on separate page.

32. Phoebe Thornber

Phoebe Thornber married Thomas Parker of Lower Stoney Bank on 8 October 1814 at Slaidburn. Known to be the daughter of William Thornber and Jane Brennand because of her mention in her brother Anthony's will. He lists, nephews, William and James Parker, nieces Ann Thornber wife of Matthew Thornber, Grace Robinson wife of Thomas Robinson and Ellen Robinson wife of Stephen Robinson, five of the children of my late sister, Phoebe Parker wife of William Parker.

I bequeath unto my nephews William Parker and James Parker and unto my nieces Ann Thornber wife of Matthew Thornber; Grace Robinson, wife of Thomas Robinson; and Ellen Robinson wife of Stephen Robinson, five of the children of my late Sister Phoebe Parker, wife of William Parker. I think that the latter reference is wrong as Phoebe married Thomas Parker; it was her sister Hannah who married William Parker.

33. Ellen Thornber married William Oddy on 24 June 1816 at Slaidburn. Daughter of William Thornber and Jane Brennand. (J.T.) She must have died without issue as there is no mention of her or her children in the will of her brother, Anthony, in 1858.

34. Alice Thornber married John Dickinson on 23 May 1820 at Slaidburn.

35. Edward and Jane Thornber in Bentham

Margery d. Edward and Jane, husbandman of Lower Bentham, bapt. 10 June 1821
Robert s. Edward and Jane of Lower Bentham, bapt. 9 March 1823
John s. Edward and Jane Thornber, labourer of Lower Bentham, bapt. 21 May 1826 at Bentham.

36. Thomas Thornber

Thomas Thornber married Jane Taylor on 4 September 1824 at Slaidburn. Ann and Thomas, are said to be children of Thomas, farmer, and Jane of Walkers. The records for John, Alice, Jane and Giles, seen only in the I.G.I so far, says children of Thomas and Jane. Note also William son of Thomas, husbandman of Grange Hall and Jane, 21 November 1824, bapt at Tosside. (Details also in Census of 1851 where Thomas’ age puts his birth in the period 1791 to 1796. The most likely candidate is Thomas son of William Thornber and Ann Proctor, baptised at Tosside (Houghton Chapel) in 1795, because of the names of the first two children.

Baptisms at Slaidburn and Tosside
William, 21 Nov 1824, Tosside; Ann, 17 Sept 1826, Slaidburn; Thomas, 24 Aug 1828, Slaidburn; Alice, 4 July 1830 Slaidburn;
Jane, 23 Dec 1832 Slaidburn; John, 8 February 1835 Slaidburn; Giles 22 Aug 1839 Slaidburn

Mary Thornber married Henry Fairclough on 4 May 1826 at Slaidburn.

37. Thomas Thornber, married Isabella Whittle on 19 June 1827 at Slaidburn. Benjamin is said to be the son of Thomas, farmer, and Isabella of Aniceland End. This is the same Thomas that married Elizabeth Whittle and lived at Aniceland (see item 31 above). Isabella was half sister to Elizabeth.

38. Margaret Thornborough married Robert Hyde itpo John Mason and Bridget Mason on 28 May 1828 at Bentham.

39. Margaret Thornber married Matthew French on 18 October 1828 at Slaidburn.

40. Ellen Thornber married Richard Walker on 14 February 1829 at Slaidburn.

41. William Thornber married Margaret Hopwood on 9 June 1829, at Slaidburn. John son of William and Margaret was baptised at Slaidburn on 16 May 1830.

42. Matthew & Ann Thornber

Matthew Thornber married Ann Parker on 15 February 1830 at Slaidburn. This is Matthew the son of William Thornber and Alice Isherwood. He is mentioned in the will of his uncle, Anthony Thornber in 1858 when he is said to be married to Ann Parker who is identified as the daughter of Phoebe Thornber and Thomas Parker. Thus, Matthew and Ann were cousins.  See the page on Thornber families in Slaidburn etc. where the family is discussed in more detail in the light of my full transcription of the records of Mount Sion, Sandy Syke, Tosside and some census information.

43. Jane Thornber widow, married Edward Camm, labourer, botp. by banns itpo: Mary Blezard and Martin Clark on 21 Nov 1833 at Bentham.

44. Ann Thornber married William Brennand on 6 February 1837 at Slaidburn.

Additional Burial Records

The burial records for Slaidburn are shown on a separate page

Tosside Burials. From Original Registers to 1812 and Bishops' Transcripts beyond.

16 Mar 1785 Elizabeth wife of Paul Thornber of Sidgwick.
1 May 1795 Ralph Thornber of Sandy Syke. (found in the Bishop's transcripts)
3 Dec 1798 Elizabeth widow of Ralph Thornber of Sandy Syke.
13 Feb 1805 Thomas Thornber of Sandy Syke, husband of Isabella Holden.
3 Mar 1805 Giles Thornber of Sandy Syke.
14 Jun 1807 Isabella dau of Thomas Thornber, deceased of Sandy Syke.
24 Jun 1807 Ralph 1st son of Thos Thornber, deceased of Sandy Syke.
7 Jul 1811 Adam 7th son of Wm. Thornber, farmer, Lower Brawshaw and Ann Proctor.
15 May 1823 William Thornber of Middle Brawshaw aged 74.

Clapham Registers, 1595 to 1837: Transcript at Northallerton.

01/03/1704 m. Elizabeth Thornborough and Julius Hugonson
11/08/1740 m. Elizabeth Thornber of Long Preston spr. and Roger Wellack by L.
27/11/1742 m. Ralph Thornber of Easington parish of Slaidburn, yeoman, and Eliz Beecraft of Austwick, i.t.p. spr. by Licence
14/04/1757 b. John Thornber son of Richard of the Parish of Slaidburn.
28/01/1776 c. John Bush Thornborough, son of John of Austwick.
23/08/1829 b. John aged 35 of Flatt

Elizabeth must be the daughter of Henry born in 1720 in Gisburn as he mentions his daughter Elizabeth Wellack in his will.

It seems very probable that the John Bush Thornborough son of John is the child of John Thornber and Jane Bush married on 29 November 1775 at Thornton in Lonsdale with banns with record at Ingleton. He is therefore a candidate for the John Thornber we seek and the date of birth is probably early 1776, fitting reasonably with the target date. However, according to the Yorkshire I.G.I., John Bush Thornborough married an Elizabeth Atkin at Ingleton on 22 March 1841. By this time he would have been 65 unless it is his son who marries in 1841.

The I.G.I. is confusing on the marriage of John Thornber to Jane Bush. It has the following entries and the first two may be banns.
John Thornber married Jane Bush on 29 November 1775 at Ingleton
John Thornborough married Jane Bush on 24 September 1775 at Ingleton.
John Thornbrough married Jane Bush on 30 September 1775 in Thornton in Lonsdale.

One of the assistants at Northallerton carried out a search after a telephone enquiry and found the following in the originals:

John Thorborough, husbandman, of Bentham, married Jane Bush, spr. o.t.p. on 30 September 1775 by Banns at Thornton in Lonsdale.

Banns were read for the above marriage for John Thornborough of Chapelry of Ingleton and Jane Bush of Thornton at Ingleton on 10, 17, 24 September 1775. There is no record at Ingleton for a marriage on 29 November.

Bentham Burials

Margaret Thornber wife of Mr. Thornber, buried 6 Jan 1762
Mr. John Thornber of High Bentham, buried 11 Nov 1778
William Thornber, pauper, buried 18 Dec 1785
Elizabeth Thornber buried 14 Jan 1799, Bentham
Deborah Thornber, aged 61 years, died 15 Feb buried 17 Feb 1812, Bentham

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