The Parker family are significant in Colne because of their connection with Alkincoats Hall and in the Forest of Bolland because of their connection with Browsholme.  Genealogists and local historians in the Pendle area are likely to come across the family as landlords, members of parliament, magistrates, deputy lieutenants of the county, clergy and officers in the militia.  The tree below is provided to help researchers identify the individuals encountered.  It was taken initially from Burke's Landed Gentry, Volume ii, page 1232.  A more detailed account was found in Whitaker's History of Whalley, 6th edition of 1879, page 340 and the additional information has been included.  The family descent through Edward (generation 6), the first son of Thomas Paker and his wife Margaret Ashton, ended in generation 10 with Thomas Lister Parker who died without issue.   Although he had seven brothers, they either had no issue or their children died without issue.  The line was continued from the descendants of Edward's younger brother, Robert Parker, shown further down the page in generation 6.  The two branches, in addition to sharing common ancestry were llinked also by the marriage of this Robert Parker' grandson, also called Robert (generation 8) to Elizabeth the daughter of John Parker and Elizabeth Southouse.


The tree in Burke's Landed Gentry has some differences to that in Dr. Whitaker's work and I have favoured the latter on the grounds that he was in the locality and could consult the family and by the 6th revised and enlarged edition there was every possibility that any earlier mistakes had been rectified.

The Parker family at Browsholme had a connection with the Leicesters of Tabley near Knutsford in Cheshire.  Sir Peter Byrne Leicester  (1732-1770) married Katherine, daughter and co-heiress of Sir William Fleming (1656-1736), 1st Baronet of Rydal Hall, Westmorland.  Sir Peter was succeeded by his son Sir John Fleming Leicester who became 1st Lord de Tabley in 1826.  Katherine Fleming had two sisters, one of whom, Barbara, married Edward Parker of Browsholme in generation 8.  As a result of this connection, Thomas Lister Parker in generation 10 below, who eventually sold Browsholme, was appointed a guardian of the first Lord de Tabley's two sons on his death in 1827.

D.L. stands for Deputy Lieutenant of the County

Footnote 1.

Beatrix Lister of Gisburn Park was descended from Edward I through his daughter Elizabeth, who married Humphrey Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex.   The descent is shown in detail in Whitaker and goes through the female line on several occasions.  The tree involves an Earl  of Northampton, an Earl of Arundel, Thomas Lord Stanley, Sir John Savage of Clifton in Cheshire, Thomas Legh of Adlington in Cheshire and then the Hulton family, who, after several generations, had a daughter Beatrix Hulton who married Thomas Lister of Gisburn and had a daughter Beatrix Lister.

Footnote 2.

Information from John Parker-Toulson

John Parker assumed the surname TOULSON in 1789 on condition of an inheritance from his second cousin; Jane Walton; widow of Banastre Walton of Marsden Hall, and sole heiress of George Toulson and Elizabeth Toulson (nee Parker; she was sister of John Parker of Browsholme 1694-1754).

Footnote 3.

I have had correspondence with Jane Simpson who has been doing research into the ownership of a property. She has obtained a death certificate for an Elizabeth Agatha Parker who died aged 82 on the 10th February 1903 at Quintcliffe House in Ripon. (Jane wonders if this is a misinterpretation of Whitcliffe Lodge.) The death was in the Ripon Registration District. Elizabeth is described as of independent means. There is no indication on the certificate that the lady in question was a spinster, a widow or a married woman. The informant was Annie Fothergill, present at the death and she is not stated to be a relative.From this information Elizabeth was born about 1820/1821 according to whether she as just 82 or nearly 83.

The parents were married in 1816 and they had Ambrose in April 1817, Thomas in August 1818 and Edward in November 1821.  There were only 16 months between the first two so there is room 17 months later for Elizabeth Agatha in say March 1820, leaving another 17 months before Edward in November 1821. So it is just possible that the Elizabeth Agatha Parker reported in this death certificate is the one in the tree. She would have to be born about March 1820.


An History of the Original Parish of Whalley by Dr. Thomas Dunham Whitaker, 1st edition, 1801, 4th edition, revised and enlarged by John Gough Nichols and Revd: Ponsonby A. Lyons, 1872.
Burke's Landed Gentry, 6th edition of 1879, volume II, page 1516.

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