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I am grateful to Barbara Fox for assembling the following family group in Great Harwood.  Note that Martha and Ellen were initially baptised at a Wesleyan Chapel but were baptised again on the same day in 1834 at Great Harwood, together with Rebecca, William & David.  This practice was not uncommon if people changed their denomination but is more commonly seen when people switched to Methodism from Anglicanism which was the general movement in the early 19th century.

Census records have been found showing two more children, Elizabeth and Maria Wesley, for whom no baptism records have been found so far.  Thomas and Betty/Elizabeth Thornber appear in the census returns from 1841 to 1871, always in Blackburn.  The census shows that Thomas was born in Blackburn but no suitable baptism record has been identified so far.

In the course of other work, I obtained a copy the following relating to a John Thornber in Great Harwood who has not yet been identified as part of one of the trees on this site. From this is appears that John did not have a wife or any living children.

The last will and testament of John Thornber of Great Harwood in the County of Lancaster, weaver. I appoint my sister Elizabeth Windle and my sister-in-law Jane Rushton executrixes. (Then the usual instructions to sell assets and pay expenses and debts.) And to divide the sum into four equal parts to be paid to my sister Elizabeth Windle, my sister Mary Marsden, my sister, Alice Mitchell and my sister-in-law, Jane Rushton. Will made on 15 Feb 1900. He signed with a cross. Witness was John Bradshaw Ingham.

The last will and testament of John Thornber of 13 Spring Street, Great Harwood, in the County of Lancaster, weaver, who died 17 February 1900 at Spring Gardens, was proved and the administration of all the estate devolves to the personal representative of the said deceased, Elizabeth Windle, wife of John Windle of Broadlands, Clitheroe, sister of the said deceased, and Jane Rushton of 13 Spring Street, aforesaid, widow, the Executrixes named in the will. Dated 20 March 1900. E & B Haworth, Solicitors, Great Harwood.

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