Lancashire Family History Sites


While there are literally thousands of genealogy sites now available, it is best for new starters to begin with the few that are likely to be most useful in their area. My collection starts with the counties of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cheshire in England, expands to United Kingdom sites and then to a few international sites of use to our cousins in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Lancashire Rose
Lancashire Genealogy (Within GENUKI)
Colne Section of GENUKI
Lancashire Family History and Heraldry Society
Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society
Lancashire Archives (County Record Office)
Lancashire Parish Register Society
Lancashire OnLine Parish Information
See Diane Waters' Croasdale Site for a neat way of presenting family trees on line

Other Lancashire Information

Lancashire Rose
John Rylands Library, Deansgate, Manchester
Information on the Pendle District
Colne Pages on the Pendle Site    
Manchester Central Library Archives

Yorkshire Family History Sites

Yorkshire Rose

Borthwick Institute of Historical Research
Croasdell of Bowland

Cheshire Family History

Family History Soc of Cheshire

Family History Society of Cheshire
Cheshire Parish Register Project

Essential UK Family History Sites

Union Jack

UK and Ireland Genealogy Information Service (GENUKI)
Office for National Statistics and Family Record Centre
Federation of Family History Societies
Institute of Heraldic Studies
National Archives
Society of Genealogists
Free BMD, Index to General Registration in England
The Genealogist

Ancestor Search

International Family History Sites

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites. (more than 300,000 links)
Family Search Site: Church of the Latter Day Saints
Eastman Genealogy Newsletter
Genealogy Gateway to the Web
Family Chronicle Magazine
Family Tree Maker Site
Genealogy Homepage
A History of of New York's Ellis Island (1)
Genealogy Resources by Veritas Prep (2)
Credit to Your Past (3)
Information on New York, the point of arrival for most immigrants
Passenger Lists for USA Immigrants (5)
History of Ellis Island (5)
Resource Guide (6)
Genealogical Proof Standard (7)

Researching Your Family's History from Ships Passenger Lists (8)
Genealogy for Kids: Building a Family Tree (8) A Guide to Genealogy and Family History Research (9)
CrosswordSolver Genealogy Resources (10)


1 During its peak years from 1892 to 1954, 12 million immigrants passed through Ellis Island in New York Harbour. An Estimated 100 million Americans
can now trace their ancestry to someone whose name was culled from a steamship passenger list in the Registry Room at Ellis Island.
2. Kindly suggested by Mrs. Davis' Genealogy Club of Seattle
3. Kindly suggested by Laura Pipitone for use by researchers in the USA
4. Kindly suggested by Keri Evans
5. Kindly suggested by Steve and Sarah Neale
6. Kindly suggested by Caroline Hampton. Appropriate for researchers in the USA
7. A useful checklist for the standard of proof in genealogical research, kindly suggested by Marc McDermott.
8. Kindly suggested by Charlene Stagle and her student Amanda in New Hampshire
9. A site designed for American users but including advice on the General Register Office in the UK, kindly suggested by Chloe Pedersen and Anna.
10. Collection of Resources kindly suggested by Katie Hylton.

Some Surname Searching Sites

Internet Surname Database (origins of names)

Further Suggestions from Natalie Kelly

Top 100 Genealogy Sites
Resources for Military Families
Genealogy and the Law
A Beginners Guide to Building a Family Tree Online
Military Indices

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