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I have interests in the following families in the late 18th and early 19th centuries in Lancashire and West Yorkshire, England. However, I have not had time so far to do sufficient research to justify writing a page for these families. However, I have some data that may allow me to connect to any readers interested in these names.

ALTHAM around Slaidburn and Waddington area, mid 18th century and earlier
BUCKLEY in Thurstonland near Huddersfield, Yorkshire
LAKELAND in Ribchester and Mitton, both in Lancashire
SWIFT in Thurstonland near Huddersfield, Yorkshire
WALTON in Thurstonland near Huddersfield, Yorkshire

Please E-mail me at Craig Thornber with your enquiries but bear in mind that 99% of my data relates to England


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Helpful note for North American readers:

ENGLAND is a country on a small island off the north west coast of Europe. I mention this as I was once in Dallas and having mentioned that I was from England I was asked if I had driven all the way.  By way of explanation I added that I had come from the UK.  "Oh yes, the University of Kentucky", said the Texan.  Two of England's counties are Lancashire and Yorkshire.  In older documents the names "County of Lancaster" and "County of York" occur.  The expressions "Lancaster County" and "York County" are unknown in England, being based on American usage.  The abbreviation for Yorkshire is Yks. not York, which appears incorrectly on the CD ROM version of the 1881 census produced by the LDS and is therefore easily confused with York, an ancient city in Yorkshire, which was known as Eboracum in Roman times.  The name "Lancastershire" is an American invention and is an abomination to true Lancastrians. 

The title of Duke of Lancaster has been held by the monarch since the the time of Henry IV (reigned 1399-1414). In Shakespeare's play of that name he is usually called by his nickname, Bollingbroke, as he was born at Bollingbroke Castle. He was the son of John of Gaunt, who was made Duke of Lancaster by his father, Edward III (reigned 1377-1399). We Lancastrians have the right to give the loyal toast as "The Duke of Lancaster!"

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