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The following family tree has been put together from the parish register of Mitton, census returns and monumental inscriptions.  The work was done to try to identify the connections of various branches of the Eastham family in this area but is not the family from which I am descended. That is shown on a separate page. The Monumental Inscriptions at Mitton have been collected by the Lancashire Family History Society and a transcript is at Clitheroe Library.  Additional information has been obtained on MIs from Mrs. Anne Maudsley.  Information on Ann Clark, the wife of John Eastham, the solicitor, has come from Claire Duffy.  In addition, Mike McGlynn provided genealogical information shown at Clitheroe Castle at an exhibition of the works of the sculptress, Pauline Aitken in 2000.  This is shown with an asterisk.  I have been contacted by Marion Constance, the granddaughter of Pauline Aitken.  She informed me that her mother, Brenda Pauline Aitken, born in 1916, passed away in June 2006.

Since this page has been on the site, I have been contacted by Frank Lofhouse who has recently published a book called "Keepers of the House, - A Workhouse Saga". This is the history of the Clitheroe Union Workhouse.   John Eastham, in generation 3 in the tree below, was Clerk of the Board of Guardians of the Workhouse from 1865 to 1899.   He oversaw the building of the new workhouse and its management. The book was published by Hudson History of Settle.


MI        Monumental inscriptions, (unless otherwise stated they are at Mitton)
BC       Birth certificate
MC      Marriage certificate
DC       Death certificate
C51     Census of 1851
C61     Census of 1861
bapt.    Baptised
PR       Parish register

The Family of John Eastham and Ellen Kay in Mitton

(All baptisms and burials quoted are at Mitton for this family)

Footnote 1

The following is a newspaper clipping of unknown publication and date relating to Mr. John Eastham, solicitor, shown in the tree in generation 3.

John Eastham a native of Mytton. Son of a farmer. He came to Clitheroe in 1843 and was articled to Mr. Robert Trappers, then Town Clerk in 1852, was admitted a Solicitor and entered into partnership with Mr. Trappers. In 1862, he was appointed Town Clerk. He was clerk and Treasurer of Clitheroe Union, Clerk to Bowland and Clitheroe Rural District Council, Clerk to Boro. Justices, Registrar to County Court. In 1868 was the registration agent for the Liberal Party in N.E. Lancashire. In 1907 he was presented with the Freedom of the Borough for his long services to the town. He was present at 64 elections of the Mayor. Died 2 Feb 1909 aged 83. (should read aged 81 from his dates)

Monumental Inscriptions at Mitton All Hallows

This frail memorial covers the mouldering ashes of the following persons: James Eastham of Brookses in Aighton, departed this life 11th day of May 1787 in the 75th year of his age.
Also Ellen, wife of the said James Eastham, late of Thornley, who departed this life on Tuesday the 7th day of November 1815 in the 89th year of her age.
James, his son, departed this life the 13th day of May 1753 in the first year of his life.

Sacred to the memory of James Eastham of Bashall Hall, (the 5th son of James and Ellen Eastham of Brookses in Aighton), who departed this life the 7th day of February 1804 in the 36th year of his age. Also of Richard, the son of James and Grace Eastham, who departed this life the 15th day of March 1800 in the second year of his age. Also of Elizabeth Eastham of Clitheroe, born 10 June 1807, died 20 January 1900. In loving memory of Arthur Eastham Aitken, solicitor of Clitheroe,whoi departed this life 14 July 1939 in the 52nd year of his age. In affectionate remembrance of Mary Eastham, the beloved wife of Thomas Fisher of Hutton, who died 10 December 1884 aged 35 years.

In loving memory of Ada Mary, wife of Joseph Eastham Faulkner, born 28 February 1869, died 15 March 1927. Also the above named Joseph Eastham Faulkner, born 12 July 1864, died 26 October 1936

Sacred to the memory of John Eastham of Mitton who departed this life 23 November 1820 in the 67th year of his age. Also Ellen Eastham, his widow, who departed this life 25 April 1823 in the 67th year of her age.
Also of Edward, their son, who departed this life 12 December 1812 in the 24th year of his age.
Likewise of Ellen, their daughter, who departed this life 17 August 1815 in the 31st year of her age.
Also of John, their son, who departed this life 22 May 1818 in the 27th year of his age.
Also of James, their sone, who died at Chatham in Kent, 12 August 1818 and there interred in the 36th year of his age. Likewise Ann, their daughter, who departed this life 8 July 1819 in the 32nd year of her age.
Likewise Alice, their daughter, who departed this life 9 June 1835 in the 37th year of her age. (Picture below)


In loving memory of Annie, wife of John Eastham of Clitheroe, solicitor, who died 8 October 1883 aged 44 years. Also of the above named John Eastham, who died 2 February 1909, aged 81 years, for 46 years Town Clerk of Clitheroe.
Also of Thomas Eastham, solicitor of Clitheroe, son of the above, who died at Chester, 20 Dec 1922 aged 48 years.
Also of Maria Elizabeth, wife of the above named Thomas Eastham, who died 27 March 1943 aged 60 years.

This monument is erected by Thomas Eastham in affectionate remembrance of his uncle, William Eastham of Clitheroe, solicitor, who died 21 September 1902, aged 64 years.

(Damaged stone) In affectionate remembrance of John Eastham of Langho, born 12 August 1804, died 1 December 1878. Also of Ann ....died 1882, interred at the Bury Cemetery.

In memory of Thomas Eastham of Mitton who died 7 October 1876 aged 82 years.
Also of Margaret, his wife, who died 30 October 1879 aged 79 years.
Also of Ellen, their daughter, born 16 April 1828, died 14 July 1828.
And of Ellen, another daughter, born 29 October 1832, died 30 June 1844.
Also of Thomas, their son, born 10 April 1829, died 24 June 1899.
And of James Eastham their son, born 21 September 1834, died 13 November 1893.

Census Data

I am grateful to Phil Renshaw for the following information from the census of 1851 Ref: 107/2244, page 40 for Butterworth (Rochdale) at Wildhouse

Ralph Eastham, Head, Mar, Aged 29, farmer of 27 acres, employing 1 man, born Yorkshire, Mitton
Margaret Eastham, wife Aged 25, farmer's wife, born Lancashire, Pendleton
Jonathan Eastham, son, Aged 1, born Yorkshire, Mitton
Elizabeth Eatham, neice, Aged 10, Nurse, born Lancashire, Billington
Jonathan Eastham, nephew, aged 20, Farm servant, ag. lab. born Yorkshire, Mitton.

This Ralph must have been born about 1822 and may be the Ralph son of Betty Eastham of Little Mitton, widow, 24 Mar 1822.

I am also grateful to Paul Sutcliffe who points out that this Ralph Eastham could be the one who married Margaret Sutcliffe at Mitton in 1848.  A Margaret Sutcliffe was born in 1826 in Pendleton according to the census of 1841.  Paul has found the Sutcliffes in the 1841 census where there is the father, Isaac, sons James & William and daughters Margaret and Mary living in Mitton.   

Paul obtained a copy of the marriage certificate which tells us that Ralph Eastham & Margaret Sutcliffe were married on November 13 1848 in the Parish church in the Parish of Mitton in the County of York.  Ralph Eastham of full age, was a bachelor and farmer in Mitton. His mother´s name was Elizabeth Eastham, farmer.  Margaret Sutcliffe of full age, was a spinster and a servant in Mitton. Her father´s name was Isaac Sutcliffe, farmer.  The marriage was in the presence of Edward Eastham and Hannah Burley by Michael Edwards , vicar.  The fact that Ralph's father's is not given is significant.

After further research with the 1861 and 1871 census returns shown below, Paul followed the clue of Elizabeth Scholfield, noted as "mother".  Starting with the John Eastham and Betty Whitaker, who married at Mitton on 2 October 1813, they had Edward, baptised 24 Apr 1814 at Mitton; William born 19 Jan, bapt 21 Apr 1816 at Mitton. John Eastham must have died before the birth of Ralph leading to the baptism entry for Ralph as "son of Betty Eastham of Little Mitton, widow on 24 Mar 1822".  However, there is no burial record at Mitton for him in the previous 9 months.  The only burial record of a John young enough to be the father at Mitton is John Eastham of Henthorn, 24 May 1818, aged 26.  So on current evidence it seems likely that Ralph was the illegitimate son of Betty Eastham, widow.  We know from Mitton registers that an Elizabeth Eastham married Michael Bailey on 23 October 1824 by banns but further examination of the records is needed to ascertain if she was stated to be a spinster or a a widow.  A Michael Bailey died in the Sept quarter of 1844 in the Clitheroe Registration district and an Elizabeth Bailey married a John Schofield in Clitheroe in 1846.  In the 1851 census a John Schofield aged 80 was living with his wife Elizabeth, aged 60, at 297 Long Row.  (HO 107/2256/9).  This could account for the 1861 census entry below in which an Elizabeth Schofield is named as mother of the head of household, Ralph Eastham.   If this is the same Elizabeth, her surnames had been successively Whitaker, Eastham, Bailey and Schofield.

Paul has provided the following information from census returns:

1861 Census taken in Civil Parish of Wuerdle & Wardle, ecclesiastical parish or Littleborough Holy Trinity, in the Registration District of Rochdale (RC 9/3047

Ralph Eastham, publican and farmer of 13 acres, born Mitton
Margaret Eastham, 35, born Pendleton
John Eastham (not Jonathan) aged 11, the only one of the children born in Mitton
Elizabeth Eastham aged 9
Robert, aged 7
Margaret, aged 3
Mary Alice, aged 1
Elizabeth Schofield, aged 71, mother, born Mitton.

In the same location Feathershall, the family are found in the 1871 census (RC 10/4128)

Margaret Eastham, 45, publican with 13 acres
John, aged 21
Elizabeth aged 19
Robert, aged 17
Margaret aged 13
Susannah, aged 7
Ralph aged 5
Jane aged 4
Frank Bailey aged 55, boarder, a carter.

So it appears that Ralph Eastham died somewhere between about 1867 and 1871.  Paul Sutcliffe notes the death record of a Ralph Eastham aged 46 in the June quarter of 1868 in the Rochdale registration district. The name of the lodger may also be significant as Margaret's sister, Mary, married a William Bailey in Mitton in 1843, and Margaret's mother-in-law's second husband was a Bailey. Easthams, Sutcliffes and Baileys lived fairly close together in the census of 1841 in Mitton.

A Monumental Inscription at Ribchester

Plot C281

In affectionate remembrance of
Thomas Eastham,
died 29 January 1883 aged 62
also Susannah wife of the above
who died 9 September 1859 aged 29
also Thomas his son, died 3 Feb 1864 aged 7
also Jane their daughter
who died 11 June 1903 aged 49
also Margaret Ann Crossland their daughter
who died 24 Nov 1927 aged 78


Estimated birth years are Thomas, 1821; Susannah, 1830; Thomas junior, 1857; Jane, 1854; and Margaret Ann, 1849.  Note the register has Susannah as aged 31 and Thomas of Fulwood as 61.  The register also has a Thomas died in 1865 aged 6 who could correspond to Thomas junior.  The stone may have been made well after the deaths and the details of dates of death are more likely to be correct in the register.


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