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This tree arises from a collaboration with Bernard Steele of the Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society. As a result of our contact I was able to identify that the Blackburn family he was researching was descended from one of the Slaidburn branches shown on this web site. After the first two generations, the information has been obtained by Bernard and I am grateful to him for permission to reproduce it here.

Footnote 1.

Merle Thornber has found the following details in the 1841 census for Blackburn at Holt Buildings which indicates that Anthony had more children than have been located so far in registers.

Name Age Description Born in County
Anthony Thornber 44 Ind. Y
Mary Thornber 22 carder Y
Alice Thornber 20 carder Y
Ann Thornber 18 carder Y
Anthony Thornber 14 carder Y
James Thornber 12   Y
Ellen Thornber 9   Y
Jane Thornber 6   Y

In addition Merle found the following details in the 1851 census for Holt Buildings in Blackburn which fit the other people in the grave in Blackburn cemetery. William Thornber, aged 35, a broker, born in Blackburn was with his wife Ann, aged 32, a housekeeper born in Blackburn. In the burial registers of St. Mary's, Merle found William son of Anthony, aged 45 years and of 74 Blakey Moor was buried on 23 May 1860 and Ann, widow of the late William Thornber aged 44 years, of 72 Blakey Moor, was buried on 12 April 1863.

William and Ann are probably those I found in a marriage certificate under the name of Thornborough as follows:

William Thornborough, of full age, bachelor and labourer, son of Anthony Thornboroug, labourer, married Ann Cunliff of full age, widow, daughter of James Cunliffe, weaver, on 2 July 1846 at the Parish Church, Blackburn. Both made their mark and the witnesses were James (X) Ashton and and John Pilkinton

This suggests that William, born about 1815, was probably the eldest son of Anthony, born when he was under 20. Merle also found a letter of administration which relates to William as the date of death fits the burial date quoted above.

Thornber, William - 4 June 1860 - Effects under 450 pounds: Letters of Administration of the Personal estate of William Thornber late of Blackburn in the County of Lancaster Furniture Broker deceased who died 19 May 1860 at Blackburn aforesaid were granted at Lancaster to Ann Thornber of Blackburn aforesaid Widow the relict of the said Deceased she having first been sworn.


Footnote 2.

There was considerable switching between the names of Thornber and Thornborough in Blackburn at this period as shown in some of the tree. As a result it is possible that the following marriage records relate to the daughters of William Thornber and Mary Ellison shown in generation 2 above. These marriage records were provided by Merle Thornber in Australia.

Alice baptised in 1799, assuming that she survived, could be:

Alice Thornborough, spinster, who married James Watkinson, nailmaker, bachelor, both made their marks in the presence of James Hutton and George Blackburn, on 18 December 1821 at Blackburn St. Mary.

Mary, baptised in 1804, assuming that she survived, could be either:

Mary Thornborough, spinster, who married Edward Yates, weaver, bachelor, both made their marks in the presence of Ralph X Almond and Jas. Bolton on 17 February 1824 at Blackburn St. Mary, or

Mary Thornber, spinster, who married John Almond, weaver and bachelor, he signed and she made her mark in the presence of Robert Yates and Richd. Maudsley on 22 November 1824 at Blackburn St. Mary, or

Mary Thornber, spinster, who married John Almond, husbandman, bachelor, he signed and she made her mark in the presence of Joseph Fairbrother and Thomas Walsh, on 15 February 1831 at Blackburn St. Mary.


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