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I have been researching the Cragg family of Salterforth since the 1960s but failed to find the baptism of Matthew Cragg the younger, who must have been born about 1769/70. Searches were made in the parishes round Barnoldswick and also parishes in North Yorkshire around Horton in Ribblesdale. Without this piece of information the following deductions could be made.

Matthew Cragg (the elder), was buried at Ghyll Church, Barnoldswick, aged 83, in 1816. He was probably married to Ann, who was said at her burial at Ghyll in 1802, to be the wife of Matthew Cragg, shoemaker. The main evidence that they were the parents of Matthew Cragg (the younger) is as follows. Matthew the elder is described in some deed probate documents as a shoemaker or cordwainer and Matthew the younger was a cordwainer at his marriage and on the baptism of his first child. Some pieces of land occupied by a Matthew Cragg at a time when Matthew the younger was a boy, were still occupied by a Matthew Cragg after the death of Matthew the elder in 1816. There are no other Craggs in the parishes for several mile around Barnoldswick and Salterforth. Following extensive research in an ever widening circle in East Lancashire and West Yorkshire, it seems likely, but cannot yet be proved, that Matthew Cragg the elder came from Horton in Ribblesdale where there are baptisms of a Matthew Cragg son of Richard a labourer on 12 May 1734, a daughter Margret in 1732, a son Richard in 1736 and a further son Stephen in 1738. Moreover there is a marriage record for Richard Cragg and Agnes Walker at Horton-in-Ribblesdale on 9 May 1731.

In addition there is a record of a marriage of Matthew Cragg to Ann Stackhouse on 30 July 1759 in Clapham, North Yorkshire, which is not far from Horton in Ribblesdale.

It is possible that Matthew and Ann had all their children in the Horton area. There is a baptism of Richard the son of Matthew a shoemaker in Horton in Ribblesdale on 1 January 1764. The names and date could be consistent with Richard being an elder brother of Matthew the younger. The fact that the Christian names Richard, Matthew and Stephen occur at both Horton and Salterforth provides circumstantial evidence of connection.

In early 2011, my distant Cragg cousin, Steven Broadley, discovered the baptism of Matthew Cragg (the younger) in new data published by the LDS and I have now seen it also in the Lancashire Parish Register Society Volume 172 on Melling in Lonsdale. He was baptised at Melling on 13 November 1768 the son of Matthew and Ann Cragg of Cawood and the entry was made for the Arkholme district of Melling. It is interesting that at Hornby near Melling there is a board showing the vicars including Robert Cragg senior (1761-85) and junior (1785-95). A search for graduates of Cambridge revealed that at Trinity College on 7 September 1732 a Robert Cragg aged 20 matriculated and graduated B.A in 1736/7. He was said to to be educated at Heversham in Westmorland and there is a note "Perhaps vicar of Hornby in Lancashire, 1761. Currently there is no known connection between the Craggs shown below and Robert Cragg the vicar of Hornby.

From the information collected so far the family is as follows before Matthew Cragg the elder moves to Salterforth:


There are other records that could relate to the Richard Cragg as head of the family in generation 1.

In Chapel Le Dale we have:

Richard Cragg of Ingleton Fell married Agnes Shaw of Dent in the parish of Sedbergh, by Licence on 10 November 1723.

Hope, daughter of Richard Cragg was baptised at Horton in Ribblesdale on 10 Feb 1723 and was buried on 8 April. (note that at this time the New Year started on Lady Day, 25 March so 10 Feb 1723 is three months after 10 November 1723 and is a plausible record. If the child belongs to this couple and had been born before the marriage it would have been noted as the illegitimate daughter of Agnes Shaw.

Agnes daughter of Richard Cragg, baptised on 12 September 1724 at Chapel le Dale

Another intriguing entry at Horton is for the burial of a Margaret, wife of Richd. Cragg, labourer of Horton on 21 September 1730.

It is possible that the same Richard Cragg married first Agnes Shaw, then Margaret, some time between 1724 September 1730 and then Agnes Walker in 1731. However, to prove this we need a burial of Agnes Shaw some time between 1724 and 1730 and so far none has been found.

The following information has been derived from a variety of sources with most of the information on the Parkinson family and that of Richard Cragg in generation 3, provided by Steven Broadley, a descendant of Richard Cragg. I have also been contacted by Tom Parkinson in Lewiston, Idaho, with details of his ancestry, some of which are appended to the chart below.


BC Birth certificate
MC Marriage certificate
DC Death certificate
MI at SJ Monumental Inscription at St. John's Methodist Chapel, Colne, Lancashire.
SBC St. Bartholomew's, the Parish Church in Colne.
IGI International Genealogical Index. Used to indicate records not yet checked in the
original register and where full details may not have been given.

Footnote 1

In 1873 there was a survey of land ownership in England, published in 1875. It showed by county, each owner with the number of acres of land and the gross rental value. At that time Stephen Cragg of Salterforth had 16 acres with gross rental value of �48. The executors of Matthew Cragg of Barrowford had 18 acres valued at �70.

Footnote 2

In the 1901 Census, Albert Cragg and family were at 122, Lonsdale Street in Accrington. Elizabeth Ellen his wife is described as being a confectioner and baker, working on her own account at home, indicating that the house was a shop. The eldest daughter was at home helping the business.

Albert Cragg head, 44, married engine driver Barnoldswick, Yorkshire
Elizabeth E Cragg wife, 39, married confectioner, baker Barnoldswick, Yorkshire
Sarah dau, 19, single ditto Accrington
Richard son, 17, single apprentice joiner Accrington
Tom son, 9 school Accrington
Alice son, 5 school Accrington

Albert Cragg of 124, Harrowside, Blackpool, made a will on 10 January 1927 in which he appointed as executors his son Richard of Swain Fold, Great Harwood and his daughter Sarah of 124 Harrowside, Blackpool. He left all his property to his wife Elizabeth and if there be any remainder after her death it was to be divided equally between his four children or their issue. Probate was granted on 25 April 1933.

Footnote 3

In the 1901 census, Bolton Cragg was a border at the house of the Bunting family in Matlock where he was described as an engineer aged 53 born in Yorkshire. Isabella and five unmarried children were at 109 Burnley Road, Colne.

Isabella Cragg Head, 50, married
Clara dau, 23, single Cotton Weaver Colne
Albert son, 22, single Machine fitter, iron foundry Colne
Florence dau, 20, single Cotton Weaver Colne
Walter son, 19, single Plumber and glazier Colne
Lydia dau, 18, single Cotton Weaver Colne
Obituary of Bolton Cragg

I have a photocopy of a newspaper article showing the obituary of Bolton Cragg from the Colne and Nelson Times but the date is not visible beyond September. However, given that he is born on 8 Sept 1847 and the obituary states he was 83, it could be 1930 if his birthday had just passed.

An Old Colne Engineer: Death of Mr. Bolton Cragg

We regret to report the death of Mr. Bolton Cragg, of 118, Burnley Road Colne, which took place last Saturday. The deceased, who was 83 years of age was born in Thornton-in-Craven, and was the eldest son of the late Mr. Matthew Cragg, who afterwards was a farmer for many years at Booth-House Farm, Salterforth. Mr. Bolton Cragg had been resident in Colne for over half a century and was highly respected throughout the district. He was one of the best known men in the engineering trade, with which he had had an almost lifelong connection. He had lived in retirement for the last 15 years, being a superannuated member of the Amalgamated Engineering Union, his membershi of which extended over 58 years.

As a boy, he was apprenticed as a millwright and engineer under the late Mr. R. Ord, who ran a business in the Primet Bridge district of Colne - the same premises now occupied by Messrs. Rushworth Bros. Ltd. He served his apprenticeship with the late Mr. George Rushworth. In the early part of Mr. Cragg's career, the working hours were 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and until 4 p.m. on Saturdays and he was paid at the rate of 6 shillings per week as an apprentice, this being advanced by a shilling a week each year until he reached 21 years of age. In 1874, he started work at Burnley at the Meadow's Engineering Works - known as the "Old Shop". It was there that he joined the Burnley Steam Engine Makers' Society and remained a member until 1920, when it was merged into the A.E.U. Mr. Cragg then being transferred to the larger organisation. In 1876, Mr. Cragg became an employee of Messrs Rushworth Bros. Ltd. of Colne and worked for that firm for 48 years. He travelled extensively for them and supervised many big schemes. In 1890, he had charge of the erection of the cranes at Tower Bridge, London and over 30 years ago, erected the first crane at Liverpool Cathedral. Five years later he had charge of the erections at the Liverpool Post Office.

There were many manifestations of regret on Tuesday afternoon, when the deceased gentleman was interred at Nelson Cemetery. A short service was conducted at the house by the Vicar of Holy Trinity Church (the Rev. W. Whitehead), who also officiated at the service in Holy Trinity Church and at the graveside. Mr. A. Dowling, represented the A.E.U., and also acted as a bearer along with Councillor E. A. Foulds, Mr. Fred Alderson (former colleagues of the deceased) and Mr. Tom Robinson. Preceding the hearse was Dr. Jackson, in his private car, and another private car containing floral tributes.

(In the list of mourners that follow, I have identified in brackets their relationship to the deceased)

The mourners were Mrs. Cragg (widow), Mr and Mrs. Albert Cragg and Mr and Mrs. Walter Cragg (the two sons), Mrs. Wardleworth (Ada the eldest daughter), Mr and Mrs. Vale (Clara Alice the second daughter and husband William); Mrs. Fletcher of Blackpool, (Florence May the third daughter); Miss Cragg (possibly one of Bolton Cragg's sisters); Mr and Mrs. P. W. Bury (Lydia, youngest daughter and her husband Peter William) Masters James A and Norman C Bury (sons of previous couple); Miss Hilda Cragg (niece, the daughter of Walter Cragg); Mr. Albert Cragg of Accrington (brother); Mr. Fred Cutler (nephew, son of Bolton's eldest sister, Mary) Mrs. Ireland, of Grindleton (niece, unidentified); Zack Walton of Nelson (cousin)

Footnote 4.

Steven Broadley found records from a family tree on the Internet for Betty Cragg and her husband John Greenwood in Manningham, Bradford. The information below is from the 1841 and 1851 census returns. The first is Lilly Croft Hill or Mill. I include this information to help researchers make a link to the Cragg family tree but have not included information on the later lives of John and Betty's children.

Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 1297; Book: 1; Civil Parish: Bradford; County: Yorkshire; Enumeration District: 2; Folio: 27; Page: 19; Line: 16; GSU roll: 464257.


John Greenwood Head, 50 Shop Keeper
Born Yorks
Betty Greenwood 45 Shop Keeper ditto
Margaret Greenwood 26 Stuff Weaver ditto
Matthewe Greenwood 25 ditto ditto
Susan Greenwood 20 ditto ditto
Ann Greenwood 17 ditto ditto
Luke Greenwood 14 ditto ditto
Barrett Greenwood 11 Spinner in factory ditto

There was also a John Greenwood, possibly in the same household who was 20. It is interesting to see Barrett being used as a Christian name, it is the maiden name of Betty's mother. By 1851 the family is a 48? Bavaria Place in Manningham, Bradford, when John is a widower. The family tree from which this information comes mentions the death of Betty in 1848. Born in 1794, she would have been about 54 at ther death.

Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 2310; Folio: 356; Page: 16; GSU roll: 87524-87525.

John Greenwood Head, 62, widower Butcher Born Barnoldswick, Yorkshire
Matthew Greenwood 35, son, unm Butcher ditto
Stephen Greenwood 26, son, unm Overlooker ditto
Luke Greenwood 24, son, unm Wool Sorter ditto
Barriet (sic) Greenwood 22, son, unm Butcher ditto
Parker Greenwood 10, grandson Scholar Bradford

Steven Broadley identified birth records for children of John and Betty Greenwood at the Bridge Street Baptist Chapel in Barnoldswick as follows. However, most are not seen in the 1841 census with the John and Betty Greenwood of current interest. They may have died in infancy or there may be more than one couple called John and Betty Greenwood

Matthew Greenwood 14 September 1815. This fits with him being 26 in 1841
Daniel  Greenwood  6 February 1817
James Greenwood    9 May 1819
Elizabeth Greenwood 22 October 1820
Grace Greenwood    23 March 1834

Footnote 5

Monumental Inscription at St. John's Methodist Chapel, Colne, Lancashire. The headstone had been broken into two pieces when viewed.

Wilkinson Parkinson who died 6 Oct 1844, 65 years of age
Also of Ann his wife, 15 Nov 1862, aged 71
Also of Cragg their son, 28 Sep 1836 aged 15 months
Also of Ann their daughter, 16 July 1844 aged 14
Also of Stephen their son, 5 Dec 1864, aged 36
Also of D Tom son of Thomas and Elizabeth Parkinson
grandson of Wilkinson and Ann, 14 Feb 1859 aged 3 years 7 months

A local directory for Colne for 1854 shows Ann Parksinson of Windy Bank as a shopkeeper.

The 1851 Census for Windy Bank in Colne shows Ann Parkinson aged 59 as head of household described as a grocer. She was born in Salterforth. The other residents at the property are Stephen Parkinson aged 22, a cabinet maker born in Colne and Margaret Cragg aged 22, farmer's daughter, born in Salterforth. Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 2254; Folio: 383; Page: 22; GSU roll: 87278. Margaret would be Ann Parkinson's neice.

Footnote 6

In the 1841 census at Salterforth, Yorkshire, Stephen Cragg, is found with children from his first wife, his second wife, Mary Baker, nee Cundal, and a new baby Mary.

Name Age Occupation Born in Yorkshire
Steven (sic) Cragg 40 Farmer Yes
Mary Cragg 40   Yes
Matthew Cragg 15   Yes
Ann Cragg 15   Yes
Richard Cragg 15   Yes
Margaret Cragg 13   Yes
Barrett Cragg 12   Yes
Mary Cragg 4 days   Yes
Isabella Barker 12 farm servant No
Betty Walton 28 farm servant No
Abraham Robinson 50 agricultural labourer Yes


In the Census of 1851: Salterforth, folio 239 page 6, at Boothmans we find:

Name Age & Status Occupation Born
Stephen Cragg head 50 farmer of 180 acres with two labourers Salterforth
Mary Cragg wife, 51 farmer's wife Ripon
Richard Cragg son, 24, unmarried farmer's son Salterforth
Isabella Barker dau, 20 unmarried (this is daughter of wife Mary formerly Barker by her first husband) Colne, Lancashire
Elizabeth dau, 17 unmarried   Salterforth
Morris Whittaker 17 farm servant Lothersdale, Yorkshire

Footnote 7. Mary Cragg in generation 5 married Matthew Cutler

Steven Broadley has found the following record. Census of Foulridge 1881: Hill Top

Name Age & Status Occupation Born
Matthew Cutler head 31 or 37 labourer Foulridge
Mary Cutler wife, 36   Salterforth
Fred Cragg Cutler son, 12   Foulridge
Herbert George Cutler son, 9   Salterforth
Elizabeth Ann Cutler dau, 6   Foulridge
William Bolton Cutler 3 months   Foulridge

The census puts Mary's birth year as 1845/6 and the family bible at November 1844.  However the presence of a Fred Cutler as in Bolton Cragg's obituary, coupled with the fact that children have as second names Cragg and Bolton identify this family very clearly as that of Mary Cragg.  Given the ages of the parents it is likely that there are other children older than Fred.

This information fits well with that on a gravestone at Foulridge Parish Church, St Michael's and All Angels'.

In loving memory of Matthew Cutler of Whitemoor, died 11 May 1929, aged 85 years. Also Elizabeth Ann Cutler daughter of the above who died 9 January 1936, aged 60 years.  Also Mary Edith Cutler, 1885 to 1966, Tobias Martindale, 1882-1955, Sarah Alice Martindale, 1883-1975.  Also Mary Cutler wife of the above, died 1906 and interred at Colne Cemetery.

This allows us to construct the following family for the Cutlers:-


Name Dates
Matthew Cutler 1843/4 to 1929
Mary his wife  1844 to 1906
Fred born 1868/9
Herbert George born 1871/2
Elizabeth Ann  born 1874/5, died 1936.  Born 1875/6 from gravestone
William Bolton  born 1881.
Sarah Alice   1883-1975
Mary Edith  1885-1966
Footnote 8. Will of Isabella Cragg

There is an administration for the will of Isabella Cragg neé Hudson, wife of Stephen in Generation 3 above. It is the customary printed form with a few insertions in long hand.

Stephen Cragg of Salterforth in the Parish of Barnoldswick in the County of York, farmer, Thomas Hudson of Barnoldswick, Gentleman and George Howson of Giggleswick, Gentleman, do stand and are firmly obliged etc. etc. in the sum of £400, etc. etc. That if the above bounden Stephen Cragg, husband and administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels and credits of his wife, Isabella Cragg, (formerly Isabella Hudson) late of Salterforth, deceased etc. etc. They are required to make a full account of her estate by 13 Oct next.

The declaration was made on 13 October 1843 and signed by Stephen Cragg, Thos: Hudson and George Howson and the grant was made on 23 October 1843

Isabella had died on 16 Feb 1832. Stephen declared that the whole of the assets were worth less than £200.

Cragg Data from North Yorkshire

I have collected together parish register data from several parishes in North Yorkshire on another page.

Robert Cragg senior and Robert Cragg junior Vicars of Hornby

In the course of checking information about the baptism of Matthew Cragg at Melling on 13 November 1768 at Melling, I noticed that there had been two vicars called Robert Cragg. On a visit to the area in 2012 I saw the list of ministers at Hornby which includes the following dates for their ministries: Robert Cragg senior (1761-85) and Robert Cragg junior (1785-95). There is a plan of the churchyard at Hornby on a noticeboard in the church with an index of monumental inscriptions but none relate to the Cragg family. It may be pure coincidence that Matthew Cragg and his wife were in the area when Robert Cragg senior was the minister. I have looked at the lists of those who matriculated at Oxford and Cambridge during the appropriate period. There is a set of books covering Oxford and these are now digitised but there are no Robert Cragg entries. However, at Cambridge there is the entry shown below which mentions that he may be vicar of Hornby. If he matriculated aged 20 in 1732 he was born in 1712. No reference has been found for Robert Cragg junior.

Adm. sizar (age 20) at TRINITY, Sept. 7, 1732. S. of Robert, of Kendal, Westmorland.
School, Heversham, Westmorland.
Matric. 1732; B.A. 1736-7.
Perhaps V. of Hornby, Lancs., 1761.

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