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Date: 25 July 2009


On this site there are slide shows of the Festival of History organised by English Heritage in 2007 and 2010. Here are a further series of pictures of this event taken in 2009 from opposite ends of the time-line - The Ermine Street Guard and World War II and from the Medieval and Tudor periods. This event was a joy and attracted re-enactment groups from across the country. It is unfortunate that English Heritage has decided that it should be discontinued. Kelmarsh Hall has its own website.


The Ermine Street Guard

Ermine St. Guard spacer Ermine St. Guard
Ermine St. Guard   Ermine St. Guard
Ermine St. Guard   Ermine St. Guard

Word War II

WWII Soldiers spacer WWII Soldiers
"The Red Army"   "The Red Army"
WWII Soldiers   WWII Soldiers
Russian Troops - "The Red Army"   Looks like a German helmet on the back
WWII Soldiers   WWII Soldiers
The German Army   The German Army
WWII Soldiers   WWII Soldiers
German Soldiers   German Tank
WWII Soldiers   WWII Soldiers
German Camp   German Ambulance made by Opel


A Miscellaneous Collection ranging from Medieval to Tudor

Cooking spacer Camp
Cooking demonstration   Cooking demonstration
Kitchen   Cooking
Cauldrons and bellows   Cooking demonstration
Bread making   Fletcher
Home baking   Fletcher making arrows
Food display   Kitchen scene
Ingredients   Food Display
weapons   Baskets
Helmets   Basket making
stained glass   Stained glass
Making stained glass   Artist
Cooking pots   Music
Cooking pots   Music making

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