Kelmarsh Hall, Northamptonshire

Grid Ref: SP 735 795 at the Hall
Dates: 11 & 12 August 2007

What splendid event these re-enactment weekends were! They are no longer held because of the expense. This was very well organised with a great range of historical re-enactment groups from around the country, ranging from Roman Britain to World War II. In addition there were marquees for talks by authors about their books and demonstrations of conservation by English Heritage Staff. There were stalls where re-enactors could buy clothes and accessories for their chosen period and areas for demonstrations such as jousting. At the end of the afternoon there was a grand parade in which all the re-enactors proceeded in date order. There we saw employees of English Heritage riding horses that I think we have seen at Audley End in Essex - Queen Elizabeth on a dapple grey and the Duke of Wellington on a chestnut.

Tudor Village   Tableware
The Tudor Village   Tudor Tableware
Food   Tudor vessels
Bread and hearty pies   Tudor vessels
Blacksmith   Fulling cloth
Blacksmith with apprentice   Fulling cloth in stale urine
Assistant   Fish cook
Blacksmith's assistant   Fish being prepared
Roman Soldiers   Tudor Story Tellers
Ermine Street Guard   Tudor story tellers
Knight   Roman Soldiers
Knight preparing to joust   Off duty guardsmen
Triplane   Queen Elizabeth I
Fly-Boys of WW I, a demonstration of nine aeroplanes   "..but I have the heart and stomach of a king and
a king of England too.."

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