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Row of cottages
Cottages at Buckler's Hard


Bucklers Hard lies on the Beaulieu River in the New Forest in Hampshire. It was a ship building site in the 18th century. This is where three ships of the line in the Battle of Trafalgar (1805) were built - Nelson's favourite the Agamemnon, the Euralus, on which Admiral Collingwood wrote the official news of Nelson's death, and the Swiftsure which had to take HMS Victory in tow. At Buckler's Hard you can see the slipways at which the ships were built and launched and learn much about Nelson and his navy. This is a good family day out and I show a few pictures as a taster.

In the Second World War this was the site for construction of motor torpedo boats. Many of the vessels for the D-Day landings in June 1944 set out from the River Beaulieu. It is also where Francis Chichester started and ended his single-handed circumnavigation in the yacht, Gipsy Moth IV.


The official website of Buckler's Hard
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Cottages   River scene
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