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Dates: 10 June 2012


A visit to the Black Country Museum at Dudley is a great day out. Set across 26 acres, there are shops, houses and industrial areas that represent the Black Country's story. Many of the exhibits and buildings have staff on hand dressed in period costume, to explain their role.

As the museum's own website explains:

"You'll learn how steam power, human ingenuity and an increasingly interconnected world transformed this region into a manufacturing powerhouse. You'll meet our historic characters who'll tell you stories of what it was really like to live and work during this revolutionary period of history. Most importantly, you'll see history brought to life before your eyes - you'll hear the clang of hammers; smell the smoke billowing from red brick chimneys; and maybe even taste the best fish and chips in the world."

My photographs illustrate the features of the museum for their graphic qualities rather than being a technical explanation of how things work. Even scrap metal can be seen as abstract art. I can vouch for the fish and chips.

Engine House   Pit Head
Engine House   Pit Head
Boiler   Boiler cover
Part of a boiler   Boiler cover
Pots   Fly wheel
What are they? Chimney pots?   Engine Flywheel
Petrol pumps   Institute
Petrol Pumps   Worker's Institute
Shop fronts   Wheels
Shop Fronts    
Row of shops   Barge
Row of shops over the bridge   Barge under the bridge
Hardware   General Store
Hardware   Hardware store with cash machine
Pharmacy   Toiletries
Pharmacy   Toiletries on offer, because you're worth it!
School   Anchor
Inside the school   Huge Anchor

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