English Heritage organises its Festival of History every July at Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire. Hundreds of people take part in the re-enactments of various periods of British History from Roman times to the Second World War. Here is my tribute to them in a series of candid portraits.

kelmarsh2010_01_small.jpg kelmarsh2010_02_small.jpg kelmarsh2010_03_small.jpg kelmarsh2010_04_small.jpg
kelmarsh2010_05_small.jpg kelmarsh2010_06_small.jpg kelmarsh2010_07_small.jpg kelmarsh2010_08_small.jpg
kelmarsh2010_09_small.jpg kelmarsh2010_10_small.jpg kelmarsh2010_11_small.jpg kelmarsh2010_12_small.jpg
kelmarsh2010_13_small.jpg kelmarsh2010_14_small.jpg kelmarsh2010_15_small.jpg kelmarsh2010_16_small.jpg
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