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Magpie Mine
View across the site
Engine House framed by supports for winding machine
Engine house and leaning chimney

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Engine house   Winding gear
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Winding gear   Outbuildings


Magpie Mine lies near Sheldon. Pevsner describes it as one of the most completely surviving sites of the Derbyshire lead-mining industry, with the remains of a Cornish engine house, chimney, ore-crushing circle. On my last visit it was apparent that restoration work was taking place to secure the ruins. It was taken into the care of the Peak District Mines Historical Society in 1962. According to a now defunct the Peak District Information site, the mine is at the junction of the Magpie vein, the Bole vein and the Butts vein, and was only one of several mines exploiting these veins - the Red Soil Mine and the Maypitts mine lay within only a few hundred metres of the Magpie. The mine is first recorded in 1795, though the workings are probably much older. It finally ceased operations in 1958, though the working in the 1950s mined little actual lead. The heyday of the mine was in the mid 19th Century. 


The Buildings of England, Derbyshire, by Niklaus Pevsner, revised by Elizabeth Williamson, Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 1978

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