Grid Ref: SK 160 636
Date 9 August 2006 & 27 March 2015


Panorama showing Arbour Low, March 2015


Overview Earth Bank
View across the site with stones on the raised platform    Closer view of earth bank
Stone circle Arbour Low, Ditch and Bank
View in March 2015 Showing ditch and earth bank


Arbour Low, lies a short way off the A515 south of Buxton near Parsley Hay in an area rich in tumuli and cairns.  It is the most impressive henge monument in the north and is believed to date from about 2,500 BC.  The monument has a circular bank and ditch and is about 76 metres in diameter.   The central platform has a 46 large and 13 small stones, all lying flat but it is not known if they were originally upright.  Nearby is a burial mound known as Gib Hill.  The site is under the protection of English Heritage.   Those visiting because of their interest in history may be surprised to find that others are there to worship and leave offerings.


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