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Date: 21 April 2010


St. Thomas' church   nave
St. Thomas'   The Nave and East End
church from east   ceramic tile
Church from the east   Example of tiling in the sanctuary
Former brewery site   Bridge
New development on brewing site   Bridge across the Manchester Ship Canal
Saracen's Head pub   brewery
Saracen's Head   Greenall Whitley's Wilderspool Brewery, now offices
Red Lion pub   Mulberry Tree Hotel
The Red Lion dating from the early 19th century   Mulberry Tree Hotel dates from 1907
Stockton Heath Town Centre   Police Station
Town centre view with Mulberry Tree on left   Police Station


The church of St. Thomas at Stockton Heath was built in 1868 by E. G. Paley. In the sanctuary there are a number of tiles of which I show one example and the pale green panels visible on either side of the altar are tiles with yellow and green plant motifs. The town centre of Stockton Heath lies just south of the Manchester Ship Canal, on the other side of the canal are a number of large red-brick buildings formerly part of breweries. This site has now been redeveloped as offices.


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