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Date 18 April 2009 & 1 June 2021

St. Michaels, North Rode, June 2021


East End   Chancel
St. Michaels, East End   Screen and Chancel
Floor tiles   Daintry Hall
Tiles in the nave   The Daintry Hall


St. Michael's in North Rode was built in 1845 by C. & J. Trubshaw. The village hall, called the Daintry Hall was built in 1835 and presented to the parish of North Rode by Commander Michael Daintry in memory of his father, George Percival Daintry, the last squire of North Rode. It is now used by a playgroup. Arthur Mee notes that the panels of the altar with lilies, a vine and a cross were carved by a local (unnamed) lady.



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