Included on these pages are details of some Cheshire gentry families who were neighbours of the Leicesters of Tabley House in the 18th and early 19th centuries. These are being compiled as part of an adult education class Fine Arts and Society in the Late Georgian House, run by Lesley Edwards under the aegis of Keele University Department of Continuing Education. The intention is to build up a picture of the circle of Sir Peter Byrne Leicester and his son, Sir John Fleming Leicester, in Cheshire and the intermarriages between the families. These pages continue to be updated and should be regarded as "work in progress". The topics included so far are:

General Introduction Cheshire Families in 1810
The Social Circle of the Leicester Family Politics and Religion


Some Family Trees of Cheshire Gentry in the 18th Century and Early 19th Century

Families such as Tatton of Wythenshawe and Trafford of Trafford, although based in Lancashire, are included because of their extensive Cheshire connections and interests. The Savage family died out in the 18th century but is included to complement the description of the Savage Chapel at St. Michael's, Macclesfield.

A Word of Warning. I have not carried out my own research on the families listed below with the exception of the Langford Brookes of Mere. The information shown is mainly from two sources: Ormerod's History of Cheshire and Earwaker's East Cheshire Past and Present, published in 1877. The first work was published almost 200 years ago in 1819 and there was a revised and enlarged edition by other authors in 1882. Ormerod took much of his information on early pedigrees from the work of Sir Peter Leicester, whose Historical Antiquities were published in 1673. Earwaker is probably the most reliable source for East Cheshire and he frequently points out mistakes and confusions in previously published pedigrees. Doubtless much new research has been carried out in the last 130 years so these family trees should not be regarded as the most complete or reliable sources on the subject. I include them for general historical interest, to show how the families were related, to put into context people who built houses, married heiresses to enlarge their estates, fought in battles, achieved high office or left behind some monument to their passing.

Those interested in the detailed genealogy of these families should first consult Ormerod and Earwaker's works for themselves. They can now be obtained on CD from the Family History Society of Cheshire. Next I would advise that they look at the most recent editions of Burke's Landed Gentry, Burke's Peerage, and Debrett's Peerage. After that they will need to examine original source material.

Antrobus of Eaton Legh of Adlington
Arderne of Alvanley and Harden (Stockport connections) Legh of Booths, Knutsford
Armitstead of Cranage Legh of East Hall and Leigh of West Hall, High Legh
Booth and Grey of Dunham Massey Legh of Lyme
Brereton of Brereton  (until line ended in 1722 ) Leicester of Tabley
Brereton of Shocklach and Malpas (mainly 16th & 17th C) Mainwaring of Peover
Bulkeley of Cheadle and Beaumaris Mallory of Mobberley
Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley Mosley of Manchester
Cholmondeley of Vale Royal Savage of Rock Savage
Cotton of Combermere Stanley family (connections with Aldford)
Davenport of Bramall Stanley of Alderley
Davenport and Bromley Davenport of Capesthorne Shakerley of Hulme
Dixon of Astle Park Tatton of Wythenshawe in Lancashire
Downes of Pott Shrigley and Downes of Taxal Tomkinson of Dorfold and Willington
Egerton of Oulton Trafford of Oughtrington
Egerton of Tatton Park Trafford of Trafford and of Croston in Lancashire
Grosvenor of Hulme Tollemache of Peckforton
Holford and Cholmondeley of Holford Townshend of Wincham
Langford Brooke of Mere Venables of Kinderton
  Warren of Poynton and Stockport


Sources Used:

1. Historical Antiquities by Sir Peter Leicester, printed in 1673 is very rare. It is frequently quoted in standard histories of the county. This is a useful source for information on the earlier history of Cheshire landed families. It is based on documents examined by Sir Peter Leicester, including Domesday. The information is incorporated into Ormerod's work as described below.

2a. The History of the County Palatine and City of Chester, by George Ormerod, London, 1819, (Wilmslow, Knutsford, Congleton and Alderley FHS).

2b. The History of the County Palatine and City of Chester, incorporated with a republication of King's Vale Royal and Leycester's Cheshire Antiquities, 2nd Ed., by George Ormerod, revised and enlarged by Thomas Helsby, Esq., published by George Routledge and sons, Ludgate Hill, London, 1882. This is now available from the Family History Society of Cheshire on CD ROM. A reprint of the work was published by Eric Morten of Didsbury.

3. East Cheshire Past and Present by J.P. Earwaker, London, 1877 (CRO, Knutsford) This is widely regarded as the best work on East Cheshire of the 19th century. It is useful for family trees of landed families. Now available from the Family History Society of Cheshire on CD ROM .


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