A snapshot of the Cheshire Gentry and Aristocracy in 1810 can be obtained from the Cheshire volume of 'Magna Britannia' by Daniel and Samuel Lysons, published in 1810. The following tables have been assembled from information in this source. Most of the families in the tables can be traced to the 13th century. However, as surnames were not then as permanent as today and younger branches of the family often took surnames from their place of abode, there are frequent difficulties in tracing some of the families to an earlier date. Those families that can be traced to the early 12th century are Davenport, Mainwaring, Grosvenor, Legh of East Hall, Warburton and Massie.

1.  Noblemen's Seats in Cheshire in 1810
Dunham Massey Earl of Stamford and Warrington
Cholmondeley Castle Earl of Cholmondeley
Eaton Earl Grosvenor
Poynton Viscount Bulkeley (through his wife the heiress of the Warrens)
Crewe Hall Lord Crewe
Newton Hall Owned by Viscount Kilmorey but rented to George Parker
Rock Savage Earls Rivers. Now demolished.
Frodsham Castle Earls Rivers. Destroyed by fire in 1654.
Woodhey Earl of Dysart a representative of the Wilbraham family. Demolished.
Beate (Bate) Hall Earl of Courtown. Converted to a public house (and still so in 2004. It is in Chestergate, Macclesfield.)
Peel Hall, Tarvin Earls of Plymouth. Now a farm house.


2.  Seats of Baronets in Cheshire in 1810
Agden Hall Sir John Chetwode
Alderley Park & Winnington Sir John T. Stanley
Arley Hall Sir Peter Warburton
Combermere Abbey Sir R. S. Cotton
Doddington Hall Rev. Sir Thomas Broughton
Hooton & Puddington Halls Sir T. S. M. Stanley
Norton Priory Sir Richard Brooke
Over Peover Sir Henry Mainwaring
Tabley House Sir John Fleming Leicester who inherited his baronetcy from the Byrnes of Timogue in Queen's County.


3.  Cheshire Baronetcies Extant and Extinct in 1810
Booth of Dunham Massey Created 1611, extinct 1797
Savage of Rock Savage afterwards Earl Rivers Created 1611, extinct 1728
Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley Created 1611, extinct 1659
Fitton of Gawsworth Created 1617, extinct 1643
Wilbraham of Woodhey Created 1620, extinct 1692
Delves of Doddington Created 1621, extinct 1727
Brereton of Handford Created 1627, extinct 1678
Powell of Birkenhead Created 1629.
Leycester of Tabley Created 1660, extinct 1742 on death of Sir Francis
Smith of Hatheron Created 1660.
Mainwaring of Over Peover Created 1660, extinct 1797, revived 1804
Pindar of Idenshaw Created 1662, extinct before 1708.
Bellot of Moreton Created 1663, extinct 1714
Werden of Chester Created 1671, extinct about 1750
Bridgman of Ridley Created 1673, extinct 1747.
Sir John Stanley of Alderley 1660
Sir Peter Warburton of Arley 1660
Sir Thomas Stanley Massey Stanley of Hooton 1661
Sir Richard Brooke of Norton 1662
Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton of Combermere 1677
The Rev. Sir Henry Poole of Poole Hall in Wirral 1677
Sir Henry Mainwaring Mainwaring Original title extinct in 1797, revived 1804 for son of the last Mainwaring's uterine half brother.
Sir John Chetwode of Oakley in Staffordshire Owner of Agden in Bowdon
Sir Thomas Egerton of Wilton, residing Lancs. 1617
Sir Willoughby Aston, not resident in Cheshire 1628
Sir Nathaniel Dukinfield, resident in Berkshire 1665
Sir Thomas Charles Bunbury, resident in Suffolk 1681
Rev. Sir Thomas Broughton, of Doddington Hall in Cheshire The baronetcy was created in 1661 for his ancestor of Broughton, Staffordshire.


4.  Ancient Cheshire Families, Extinct and Existing in 1810
Arden Harden, now Stockport
Aldersey Aldersey
Antrobus Antrobus
Barnston Churton
Baskervyle (now Glegg) Withington (?)
Brayne late of Aston in Mondrem
Brassey Bulkeley
Bulkeley Of Bulkeley but now of Poynton
Brooke Norton Priory
Brooke Mere
Cholmondeley (ennobled) Cholmondeley
Cholmondeley Vale Royal
Clutton Charlton in Malpas
Davenport Woodford and Bramall
Dod Edge
Downes Shrigley
Egerton Egerton and Oulton
Grosvenor (ennobled) Eaton
Glegg Irebye
Kelsall Formerly of Bradshaw, now Chester
Kinsey Formerly of Blackden now Knutsford
Lawton Lawton
Leche Carden
Legh East Hall in High Legh
Leversage Wheelock
Leycester Toft
Mainwaring Now of Bromborough
Massie Coddington
Stanley Alderley
Stanley Hooton
Tatton Wythenshawe
Thornycroft Thornycroft
Vawdrey Formerly of Riddings now Stanthorn
Venables (Anciently barons of Kinderton but see Legh in table below)
Walthall Wistaston
Warburton Warburton then of Arley
Wetenhall Changed name to Mainwaring of Over Peover
Wilbraham Delamere Lodge
Wilbraham Rode
Wright Formerly of Nantwich now of Mottram St. Andrew
Wyche Formerly of Davenham and later of Alderley


The Lysons provide a supplementary list of those families which changed their names as a result of inheriting estates from other families.

Booth Twemlow Griffin
Crewe Crewe Hall Ossley of Madeley Manor, Staffs.
Jodrell Henbury Bower
Legh West Hall Anciently Lymme
Legh Booths Anciently Venables
Leicester Tabley Byrne (from Sir John Byrne of Timogue, Ireland)
Shakerley Somerford Buckworth
Swettenham Somerford Booths Comberbach
Swettenham Swettenham Eaton


5. Index of Seats by Surname of the Owner in 1810
Ackers George Ackers Great Moreton Hall, in occupation of James Ackers
Aldersey Samuel Aldersley Aldersley Hall
Antrobus Philip Antrobus Eton Hall
Ashton Nicholas Ashton Grange, vacant
Astley Francis Dukenfield Astley Dukenfield Lodge
Aston H. H. Aston, a minor Aston, in the occupation of Mrs. Aston.
Barry John Barry, a minor Marbury Hall, near Northwich
Boodee Mrs. Boodee (occupied by) Mock Beggars Hall near Wallasey.
Booth William Booth Twemlow Manor House
Bracebridge Abraham Bracebridge Brereton Hall
Broadhurst Samuel Broadhurst Bach Hall, in the occupation of Hugh Hughes
Bromley John Bromley Calveley Hall, in the occupation of Earl of Dysart
Brooke Thomas Langford Brooke Over Tabley Hall, occupied by Mrs. Brooke.
Brooke Thomas Langford Brooke Mere Hall
Cholmondeley Thomas Cholmondeley, MP Vale Royal
Clarke Henry Clarke Belmont
Clarke George Hyde Clark Hyde Hall
Congreve Richard Congreve Burton Hall (Wirral)
Corbet Heirs of late Thomas Corbet Dernhall
Cowper Mrs. Cowper Over-Legh
Daniel Walter Daniel Hassall Hall
Davenport William Davenport Bramall Hall
Davenport Davies Davenport, MP Capesthorne Hall
Dod Thomas Crewe Dod Edge Hall
Downes Edward Downes Shrigley Hall
Eaton George Eaton The Pole
Egerton Wilbraham Egerton Tatton
Egerton John Egerton Broxton Hall, in the occupation of Mrs. Hunter
Egerton John Egerton, MP Oulton Park
Elcock Mrs. Anne Elcock Poole Hall near Nantwich
Fielden John Fielden Mollington Hall
Finney Devisees of Peter Davenport Finney Fulshaw Hall, occupied by Thomas Tipping
Ford John Ford Abbey Field near Sandbach
France Thomas France Bostock Hall
Glegg John Glegg Gayton Hall, in occupation of John Stanislaus Townsend
Glegg Birkenhead Glegg Backford Hall in the occupation of Mrs. Egerton
Glegg John Glegg Old Withington
Green Joseph Green Poulton-Lancelyn
Grey Booth Grey Ashton Hayes
Hall Thomas Bailey Hall Hermitage
Harrison Mrs. Harrison Cranage Hall, in the occupation of George Proctor
Heron Rev. George Heron Daresbury Hall
Heron Major General Peter Heron, MP Moor Hall
Hibbert Robert Hibbert Birtles Hall
Hill Rev. Richard Hill Hough
Horton Eusebius Horton Davenport Hall, occupied by son-in-law Robt. Wilmot
Ince Townsend Ince Christelton
Isherwood John Isherwood Marple Hall
Jodrell Francis Jodrell Henbury Hall
Latham John Latham, MD Bradwall Hall
Lawton John Lawton Lawton
Leche William Leche Carden Hall
Leche John Leche Stretton Hall
Legh Richard Legh Adlington Hall
Legh Legh family Bonis Hall, in the occupation of Rev. J. Watson
Legh Willoughby Legh Booths Hall
Legh Richard Legh Prestbury Hall, in the occupation of Thomas Hope
Legh George John Legh East Hall, High Legh
Legh Thomas Legh, a minor Lyme Park
Leicester Sir John Fleming Leicester Tabley House
Leigh Egerton Leigh West Hall, High Legh
Leigh Egerton Leigh Twemlow Hall
Leycester George Leycester Toft Hall
Mainwaring James Mainwaring Bromborough Hall
Massey John Massey Moston Hall, vacant
Moore John Moore Sale Hall, in the occupation of John Mort
Moreton Rev. William Moreton Moreton Little Moreton Hall
Nuttall John Nuttall Norley Bank
Parker Thomas Parker Astle Park
Perryn Rev. Richard Perryn Trafford Hall, in the occuption of Edmund Yates
Pickering Henry Pickering Thelwall, in the occupation of Rev. Dr. Thomas Black
Poole Domville Poole Marbury, near Nantwich.
Price F. R. Price Birkenhead Priory, vacant
Ready John Ready Oakhanger Hall
Richards Joseph Richards Hankelow Hall, occupied by Richard Clarke
Richardson Richard Richardson Capenhurst Hall
Rigby William Rigby Oldfield Hall
Roylance John Roylance Sutton Manor Hall
Sedgwick James Sedgwick Statham, in the occupation of Edward Lloyd
Shakerley C. W. J. Shakerley Somerford-Radnor
Smith William Henry Asheton Smith Ashley Hall, in the occupation of John Arden
Snow Devisees of Peter Snow Lache Hall, vacant
Starkey Mrs. Starkey Wrenbury Hall
Swetenham Roger Swetenham Somerford-Booths
Swettenham Millington Eaton Swettenham Swettenham, occupied by Edward Smyth
Tarlton Thomas Tarlton Bolesworth Castle
Taylor Thomas Taylor Lymm Hall
Thornycroft Edward Thornycroft Thornycroft Hall
Tomkinson Henry Tomkinson Dorfold Hall
Topping James Topping Whatcroft Hall
Townsend Edward Townsend Wincham Hall, occupied by Edward Venables Townsend
Trafford Trafford Trafford Oughtrington
Vaudrey -- Vaudrey Ravencroft Hall, in the occupation of Peter Wetenhall
Walthall Peter Walthall Wistaston Hall
Wilbraham George Wilbraham Delamere Lodge
Wilbraham Randal Wilbraham Rode Hall
Wright Lawrence Wright Mottram St. Andrew


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