Visit by the Alston Hall College course on 'Civic Pride'

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Date: 28 July 2011

A party on an adult education course at Alston Hall near Longridge, led by the tutor, David Brazendale, visited Bolton Town Hall. It is a sumpuous edifice and speaks of the wealth of the cotton industry that made it possible. It was completed in 1873. We were made very welcome by the Mayor Councillor Noel Spencer, MBE, and the lady mayoress, who showed us some of the main features. Over tea and biscuits in the Mayor's parlour we learned of the many duties and engagements involved in their roles. The original Albert Hall was destroyed by fire and the space it occupied was used to make the current hall and one with a much lower ceiling beneath. They are known as the Albert Halls. It was a really Lancashire "Grand Day Out."

Town Hall   Clock Tower
Shot on 8 March 2011   The Clock Tower


Rose emblem on the ceiling
Ceiling to anteroom to concert hall
Arms of Bolton
Arms of Bolton with elephant and castle above the shield
Columns and arches
Columns and arches
Wide angle view of arches and ceiling rose
Reception Room
Reception Room
A cluster of Corinthian Columns and Pilastres
Ceiling of Blue Reception Room
Ceiling of Blue Reception Room
Ceiling decoration in the concert hall.
Seats at the back of the Albert  Hall
Gallery in Albert Hall
State of the Albert  Hall
Seats at the back of the Albert Hall. Two Atlantes support the larger organ pipes on each side
Light Fitting in the Concert Hall
Light fitting in the concert hall
One of the four seasons tableaux in the Concert Hall
Group Photo
In the Council Chamber, with the mayor, Councillor Noel Spencer, MBE, and the lady mayoress, who made us very welcome.
Royal Arms
The Royal Arms in Minton Tiles
View to the main entrance through the bronze screen


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