Colne Arms


Who's he, that with triumphant voice,
So loudly sings in praise
Of his dear native hills and vales, -
His home, his early days?
More loud by far than he I'll sing,
In praise shout higher still,
Of native home most dear to me,
Old Colne upon the hill.

Frank Slater, May 1873



1.    Thornber Family Research

This section contains all the Thornber family trees assembled so far, in 18 sections.

Thornber Family Trees

A large archive of Thornber data is presented including information from parish registers, general registration, wills and trade directories.

Thornber Data Archive

2.    Other Family Trees 

BARRIT(T)/BARRET(T) of Foulridge, Lancashire
BENSON of Aughton, Town Green & Ormskirk in Lancashire
BOLTON Family in Colne and Fouldridge, Lancashire and Thornton in Craven in Yorkshire
Family in Burnley, Lancashire
CRABTREE Family in Mythomroyd, Yorkshire
CRAGG Family of Barnoldswick and Salterforth, Lancashire & Yorkshire
EASTHAM Family in Mitton & Clitheroe, Lancashire
EASTHAM Family in Dilworth and Dutton, Ribchester, Lancashire.
INSKIP Family of Bolton by Bowland, formerly Yorkshire, now Lancashire
ISHERWOOD Family in Clitheroe area of Lancashire.
LANCASTER Family in Gisburn and Colne, Lancashire.
PRIESTLEY Family in Mythomroyd, Wadsworth and Ovenden near Halifax
SEED Family in Clitheroe area of Lancashire
SMITH Family in the 19th century in Colne and Marsden
STANWORTH family around Briercliffe and Extwistle near Burnley
STACKHOUSE in Clapham and the upper Ribble valley, Yorkshire
STOTT of Liverpool and Birkenhead, Cheshire

Other Family Names of Interest

3.    Chapels and Churches Around Clitheroe

Details of my transcriptions of the registers of five Anglican Churches and five Nonconformist C'hapels.  Details on some other churches around Clitheroe

Transcription of Church and Chapel Registers
Churches and Chapels near Clitheroe and their Registers

4.    Some Information Sources on Bowland, Craven and Pendle

Topographical Notes
Select Bibliography
Some notes on the history of the area around Pendle       

The information I show on the landed gentry families in East Lancashire in this section is taken only from 19th century county histories.  If you need more information on these families you will need to do your own research.

5.    Help for New Starters in Family History

How to Start Researching Your Family back to 1837 
Tips for Proving Ancestry for research going prior to 1837
Visitations of the Heralds in Lancashire by Lieu. Col. Fishwick

6.    Useful Web Links
7.    My Publications

Copyright Note:  Readers are welcome to use any information gleaned from this site as part of their own research. However, those sections of the family trees and collections of data shown here that are a result of my own research, may not be published by any means, electronic or otherwise or submitted to databases without my permission. Permission will be granted provided that my work is acknowledged in the publication or database and provided that my comments on all the uncertainties in the assignment of family relationships are included. The incorporation of my research data into family trees or gedcom files for submission to Internet genealogy sites, in order to obtain search credits or other membership benefits, is not allowed, and will be readily detected from my regular scanning of Genealogy sites.  



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