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The following family tree has been put together from the parish registers of Ribchester, general registration records, census returns and monumental inscriptions.  Some information on the children of John Eastham and Ellen Seed has come from my third cousin, Colin Brown.

If you are interested in the Easthams of Ribchester note that there are also Catholic families. Some of their records are in the Anglican churches such as Ribchester and its daughter chapel at Longridge and are identified as "Papist". There are also records in the "Catholic Record Society" series of books, to be found at the Lancashire County Record Office. Baptisms were recorded from 1783.

I am grateful to Diane Waddington who provided the information that William Eastham and Margaret Lakeland were her GG Grandparents from their daughter, Ellen.  See generation 3 below and footnote 2.

On a separate page I include information on the family of Ellen Seed who married John Eastham in generation 3.


MI        Monumental inscriptions, (unless otherwise stated they are at Mitton)
BC       Birth certificate
MC      Marriage certificate
DC       Death certificate
C51     Census of 1851
C61     Census of 1861
bapt.    Baptised
PR       Parish register

Footnote 1.

It was important to distinguish between William Eastham, baptised at Mitton on 24 April 1796 the 5th son of  John Eastham, and William Eastham, baptised 4 June 1797 at Longridge.  The 1851 census shows the two William Easthams and their families as follows:

Census of 1851 Great Mitton in the Clitheroe District.
HO 107/2256, Enumeration Districts 4 & 5, folio 462 page 9.  At High House

William Eastham head 55 farmer of 6 acres Born at Mitton
Mary Eastham wife 49 farmer's wife Chaigley
Alice Eastham dau. 14 farmer's daughter Mitton 
Sarah Eastham dau. 11 scholar Mitton
Peter William Eastham son 9 scholar Mitton
Edward Eastham son 7 scholar Mitton
Mary Eastham grandau 1   Mitton

Census of Ribchester area, Township of Dutton
HO 107/2268, Enumeration District 6, folio 353, page 18

At property number 59, Lane Ends

William Eastham head 54 farmer of 15 acres Born Dutton
Margaret wife 50 farmer's wife Dutton
Ann dau. unm. 31 hand loom weaver Dutton
Thomas son unm 29 HLW Dutton
George son unm 27 HLW Dutton
William son unm 24 HLW Dutton
Martha dau. unm 17 HLW Dutton
Ellen dau. unm 16 HLW Dutton
James son 12 HLW Dutton
Margaret dau. 10   Dutton
Margaret granddau. 1   Dutton


Footnote 2.   Information from Diane Waddington

Diane Waddington provided the following information from sources including a family bible, & LDS microfilms of St. Bartholomew's at Colne and the churches at Great Harwood and Ribchester.

Ellen Eastham was born at Dutton on 18 March 1835 and married James Robinson on 6 May 1862 at Ribchester. He was the son of Richard & Ellen Robinson and was born in Dutton on 3 February 1843 and Christened the same day. 

They had a son, William Robinson, born at Dutton on 27 November 1863 and who died on 30 November 1943.  He was buried at Great Harwood.  William was a blacksmith, then had a taxi and founded William Robinson and Sons Coaches of Great Harwood.  He married Alice Holden who was the daughter of George and Isabella Holden.  She was born 25 October 1867 and Christened 7 November 1867 at Ribchester.  She died on 28 March 1949 and was buried at Great Harwood.  William and Alice's had twelve children and their son, George Robinson, born in Great Harwood, was Diane's maternal grandfather. The family moved from Dutton to Mellor Brook between April 1890 and July 1891 and then to Great Harwood some time after February 1895 before the birth of George in 1897, where the rest of the children were born.

Lancashire Wills Proved at Richmond

Lancashire wills in the southern part of the county were proved at Chester but those on the eastern side north of the Ribble were proved at Richmond. In the period from 1761 to 1837 there are no obvious Eastham wills proved at Chester relating to the families near Ribchester. Wills from the area around Ribchester and Alston went to Richmond. The following have been identified in the indices held at Lancashire County Record Office and genealogical details from several have been transcribed.

1. Robert Eastham of Alston, Ribchester, yeoman, 17 July 1764, WRW/A. Edmund Eastham and John Blanchard were joint executors. Robert's wife was Ann and three sons are mentioned: Edward, Edmund and Thomas. However, contact with Thomas had been lost. Will was made 8 July 1764 and witnesses were James Parkinson and Jno Graveston

2. Adam Eastham of Preston, yeoman, 8 June 1779. WRW/A. The will was made on 15 May 1779. First grant 1779 and second grant 15 August 1816. This will was challenge 37 years after the first grant. It mentions Adam's daughter Elizabeth then under 21. If she died before inheriting the property went to the children of two unnamed sisters and two unnamed brother of Adam. Executors were Thomas Clayton of Walton, yeoman and Thomas Marsden of Wray Green, brother-in-law and John Whittle of Penwortham, brother-in-law. Witnesses were Willm Aspinall, Elizabeth Aspinall and Margt Parker. Subsequent papers show that the administration of the will was challenged by Thomas Blackburn, son of grandson of Alice Eastham, deceased, intestate widow of Adam Eastham. He claimed the will was wrongfully proved at Lancaster. An administration was produced in which Thomas Blackburn, shopkeeper and Jonathan Lodge of Preston, gentleman and William Ashcroft of Preston, innkeeper were to administer the estate. Adam died in 1779.

3. Henry Eastham of Marton, husbandman, 1783, Admon

4. William Eastham of Goosnargh, husbandman, 2 June 1798. WRW/A. The will made on 9 March 1795 shows that he had a wife Betty, son John and daughter Mary. The will then claims he had six other children but mentions only five viz. Edward, Ann wife of John Seed, Mary Betty wife of William Preston, Peggy wife of Thomas Clarkson and Sally wife of Luke Simpson. Executors were Edward Eastham and John Seed. Witnesses were Thomas Parkinson the elder and Thomas Parkinson the younger.

5. Henry Eastham of Dilworth, weaver, 12 May 1802, WRW/A. The will was made on 9 December 1801. Henry mentions six sons: Richard; John; Thomas; Henry; James; and Joseph. Executors were John Wharton of Dilworth, yeoman and Joshua Walmsley, auctioneer. The witnesses were Thomas Wilcock and Alexander Duxbury. Effects under £100
6. Thomas Eastham of Dilworth, yeoman, 13 August 1821. His wife Mary received freehold messuages and dwelling houses. Two houses were in the occupation of James Goss and Richard Shuttleworth. Two cottages in Dilworth were in the occupation of Thomas Cowell and the testator. Thomas Eastham had sons Richard, Thomas, Edmund, John and William and and a daughter, Betty, the wife of William Hodkinson. The executors were Richard Eccles of Whinney Clough in Goosnargh, yeoman and John Eastham, son of the testator. The will was made on 7 February 1819 when Thomas made his mark and the witnesses were Robert Parkinson and Thos Cowell. Thomas dies on 14 February 1821. Other papers with the will indicate that John Eastham was a "serjeant". Dilworth was in the Parish of Ribchester, County of Lancashire, Archdeaconry of Richmond and Diocese of Chester. When the will was proved the personal property was less than £20.

From these details we can identify Thomas as the one buried at Longridge on 16 Feb. 1821 aged 72 and described as "a papist". The age indicates birth around 1748/49  

7. John Eastham of Dilworth, weaver, 25 September 1826. WRW/A. The will was made on 14 February 1826. John mentions his wife Ellen and his late father, Thomas Eastham. John's mother was still alive. Also mentioned are John the son of his brother Richard and Mary the daughter of my brother Edmund. Executors were Wm. Seed of Dilworth and John Hayhurst of Alston. Witnesses were Robert Parkinson, Robert Watson and Edward Lonsdale. Effects under £20.

8. Edmund Eastham of Alston, Ribchester, yeoman, 18 January 1832. WRW/A. This will was made on 16 April 1831. He mentions four children: John Eastham; George Eastham; Nancy the wife of Peter Jump; Ellen the wife of Thomas Kay. Executors were John Francis Clarkson of Grimsargh and Edmund Sager of Alston. Witnesses were Thomas Wilcock, Ralph Charnley and Joseph Fowler

9. Margaret Eastham of Dilworth, spinster, 14 April 1834. The will was made 22 June 1832 and mentions Margaret's daughter Ann Eastham who was under 21. If Ann died before inheriting at the age of 21 the estate was to go to Margaret's unnamed brothers and sisters. Executors were Richard Parkinson of Longridge, a spirit merchant and Dennis Ormerod of Longridge a grocer. Witnesses were Thomas Eastham and Thomas Wilcock. She died 29 October 1833. Thomas Eastham may have been a brother. Effects under £50.

Footnote 3. Information from Bob Calvert

1861 Census of Ribchester area, at Dutton Lee, Dutton
Preston Sub District 4, Alston. Parish of Dutton, Enum District 8
RG09 Piece 3142: Folio 106; Page 11

Thomas Eastham Head, married 39 (1822) Cotton Weaver Born Dutton
Ann Eastham Wife, married 33 (1828) Cotton Weaver Dutton
William Eastham Son, 9 (1852) Scholar Dutton
Margaret Eastham Daughter 7 (1854) Scholar Bailey
James Eastham Son 6 (1855) Scholar Bailey
Elizabeth Eastham Daughter 3 (1858)   Dutton
Thomas Eastham Son 1 (1860)   Dutton

For the birth records of all the children the mother's maiden name is shown as Hesmonhalgh

1871 census, 36 Princess St, Gt Harwood

Thomas Eastham Head, married 49 Farm labourer Born Dutton Lancashire
Anne Maria Eastham Wife, married 42   Ribchester, Lancashire
William Eastham Son, unmarried 19 Cotton Weaver Dutton
Margaret Eastham Daughter, unmarried 17 Cotton Weaver Bailey, Lancashire
James Eastham Son, unmarried 16 Cotton Weaver Bailey
Thomas Eastham Son 11 Scholar Bailey
John Eastham Son 8 Scholar Bailey
George Eastham Son 5 Scholar Ribchester
Robert Eastham Son 3   Ribchester
Walter Eastham Son 10 months   Gt. Harwood

In 1880, Ann Eastham died and Thomas married again at St. Bartholomew's Church in Great Harwood. He was described as of full age of 150 Queen Street and his father was William Eatham a farmer. He married Mary Jane Weston, widow of full age, the daughter of Richard Bryce a farmer. Witnesses were George Eastham and Margaret Eleanor Moffett. However, from the details given in the 1881 census is seems unlikely that there will be more children.

Census of 1881 at 150 Queen Street, Great Harwood
Source: FHL Film 1342001 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4177 Folio 6 Page 5

Thomas Eastham Head, married 59 Carter Born Dutton Lancashire
Mary J Eastham Wife, Married 47 Housekeeper Montgomery, Wales
Thomas Eastham Son, unmarried 21 Cotton Weaver Dutton
John Eastham Son, unmarried 18 Cotton Weaver Dutton
George Eastham Son 15 Cotton Weaver Ribchester
Robert Eastham Son 13 Cotton Weaver Ribchester
Walther Eastham Son 10 Scholar Gt. Harwood
William Eastham Lodger 50 Farm labourer Dutton


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